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Work History


Special Education Paraprofessional

Conroe ISD

I began my career in Conroe ISD at Wilkerson Intermediate as a Special Education Paraprofessional.  I assisted special education students in the general education classroom and offered support through small group or one on one pull out programs.  I also facilitated the Content Mastery Lab where any student could come and seek assistance with classwork.


Instructional Paraprofessional

Conroe ISD

During my time at Broadway Elementary I had many responsibilities.  I began my time at Broadway implementing the Read Naturally program across the campus.  I was able to pull struggling readers from all grade level and assist them in gaining self confidence, and fluency while increasing their reading level.  I also became the campus RTI Interventionist.  As the interventionist I began working with students that struggled specifically in math and reading.  I planned curriculum and lessons to help these students reach their expected level.  I also served on the RTI committee and helped teachers and administrators determine how to meet the needs of RTI students.  In addition, I served as the campus textbook coordinator.  I ordered, distributed and collected all textbooks, teacher materials and resources campus wide.  I had to resign from my position at Broadway at the end of the 2010-2011 school year to complete my teacher certification program at Sam Houston State University.


Substitute Teacher

Conroe ISD

As a substitute teacher I was responsible for student safety and learning during the absence of the classroom teacher.  I followed predetermined lesson plans and communicated effectively with administrators, faculty and support staff. 


Third and Fourth Grade Teacher

Conroe ISD

As a third grade teacher I am responsible for planning, preparing and teaching grade level appropriate content lessons.  I differentiate instruction to meet a variety of levels and plan instruction that is rigorous and adds value to students.  I also document student progress and needs to plan future instruction or intervention while assessing student growth though formative and summative assessment.  In addition I communicate effectively with parents, students, administrators, faculty and staff.  I am a member of the ELA cadre and am currently helping the district prepare for the upcoming implementation of the genre based study. 


Jan 2015Dec 2016

Master of Educational Leadership

University of St. Thomas Houston

I am currently in my last semester of the Educational Leadership program at the University of St. Thomas Houston campus.  I have worked closely with administrators to prepare myself for leadership positions within the classroom and district.

Jan 2010Dec 2011

Bachelor of Science - Interdisciplinary Studies

Sam Houston State University

I obtained my Bachelor of Science from Sam Houston State University.  I majored in Interdisciplinary Studies and minored in Elementary Education EC-6. 


My name is Melody Saladiner, and I am a graduate of Sam Houston State University. I have a Bachelor of Science specializing in EC-6 General Education.I have wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember, and having the opportunity to introduce myself to you today is a dream come true.

When I was a little girl my Mom and Dad bought me a play kitchen set.However, instead of using the plastic refrigerator to play house, I flipped it over and used it as a desk to play school.There was never any question about what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I come from a family of teachers.Both my Mother and Father are retired teachers.Combined, my parents dedicated over 70 years to education in the state of Texas.My older brother is a teacher assistant at UT Dallas, and my younger brother teaches private violin lessons.

I had my children at a young age, and being a single mother certainly changed my plans.I spent several years working during the day, and taking night classes when possible.Today I am able to see that my hard work and dedication has finally paid off.

I became a paraprofessional in Conroe ISD when my youngest child turned two.I have worked as a special education aide in a self contained classroom, and I have also worked as a general education aide in a variety of settings including specializing in RTI and early interventions.

During my time at Sam Houston State I was able to complete required field coursework on several different CISD campuses.I had the pleasure of learning from numerous teachers at Broadway Elementary ranging in level from pre-kindergarten to fourth grade.I have also been fortunate to work under a second grade teacher at Oak Ridge Elementary, a fourth grade teacher at Giesinger Elementary, and several sixth grade teachers at Mitchell Intermediate.

As the end of my college career drew nearer, I had to resign from my paraprofessional position.However, I did stay active in the district by becoming a substitute teacher until I accepted a teaching position at Milam Elementary.  I then furthered my education by obtaining my Masters Degree from The University of St. Thomas Houston.

I currently live in Conroe, Texas with my two children (Samantha, 14 and Zane, 10) and our two dogs Miley and Bruno.I enjoy watching movies, eating barbeque, and baking during my spare time. I hope to take some cake decorating classes one day.

When my parents retired I heard many people share the impact my Mom and Dad had on the students as well as faculty members.I remember thinking “If I can touch a fraction of the lives they have, I will have a successful career.”I am looking forward to continuing my teaching career, and hope to touch as many lives as my parents touched during their teaching careers.


Kimberly Ramos

Kimberly served as a mentor during my undergraduate studies.  She offered classroom suggestion to help me better my teaching practices.

Emily Wauters

Emily served as my mentor teacher during my student teaching component of my degree.  She allowed me to teach her students and provided feedback for improvement.

Andrea Smith

Andrea served as my principal at Broadway Elementary.

Joan Williams

Joan was a professor and mentor during my student teaching.

Lautrice Nickson

Lautrice served as a mentor during my student teaching. 

Diana Nabors

Diana was not only a mentor during my studies, but invited me to join a grant program to serve early childhood students.


I find myself to be a curious person.  I believe students learn through their curiosity and should be encouraged to ask questions and seek answers.  I love researching topics and ideas I want to learn more about.  I have no problem telling students that I don't know something.  The joy of learning is it is a lifelong process.  There is always something else to learn about!

I also enjoy spending time with my friends and family.  I love to cook  and play board games.   I enjoy going to the beach and collecting shells.  I also love reading fiction books and getting lost in stories.  I enjoy children's books as well and find nothing more exciting than sharing a good book with my students.

During my free time I read, watch movies and simply enjoy talking with friends and family.



It is my goal to teach using differentiated instruction techniques that meet the unique needs of all students.  I believe every child can learn, and it is my personal responsibility as a teacher to find out how my students learn and adjust my teaching to meet their needs.

My objective is to lead students to learning, and watch them grow intellectually and emotionally while ensuring value is added to each individual.


Response to Intervention
I have worked with RTI students and served on an RTI committee.  I have extensive knowledge about the RTI process and purpose.  I know how to plan and implement intervention programs to benefit struggling learners.  I also have a high student success rate upon completion of my intervention programs.
I understand all students learn in different ways, but are required to learn the same content material.  I have researched and practiced implementing differentiated instruction, and feel it is a strength I posess.  I believe differentiation occurs through materials, and environment as well as content.
Technology Integration
I am able to integrate technology into most lessons, and in all content areas.  I believe children today are growing up in a technology based world.  Some students learn best when allowed to use technology during instruction.  I once heard students are "plugged in" and when we ask them to "unplug" at school learning can become difficult.  I try to keep my students "plugged in" as often as possible.


Dec 2011Jun 2017

Texas Educator Certificate

State Board for Educator Certification

EC-6 Generalist Certification with ESL and PPR Endorsements

Dec 2016Jun 2020

Texas Educator Certificate

State Board for Educator Certification

Principal Certification