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Aug 2007May 2011


Indiana University

I experienced a wonderful academic career at IU, which recently came to a close at graduation this May. My interest in advertising led me to the School of Journalism, but I also graduated with a strong background in Business Marketing. In addition, I completed a minor in Sociology which focused on sociology and the media and what attracts different groups (gender, race, ethnic, geographical) to the products they buy and the messages they react to.

I received several honors at Indiana University from the beginning to the end of my time there. I was invited to join two honor fraternities my freshman year, Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Eta Sigma. I received the Jack Scott Journalism scholarship my sophomore year, the Margaret H. Knote Advertising scholarship my junior year, and graduated with distinction my senior year.

My cumulative GPA is 3.7

Work experience

Jun 2011Aug 2011

Account Service Intern


I was an account service intern for three accounts this summer: Shout for S.C. Johnson, MassMutual Financial Group and Olympus Imaging America.

Mullen is a full-service advertising agency that integrates all departments and operates in an unbound fashion.

Responsibilities for all clients included maintaining contact between our internal teams and the client, conducting competitive reports by observing the latest social media and creative advertising trends, gathering and distributing status materials for weekly meetings and more. Between these three clients I was exposed to a wide range of opportunities, mindsets and strategies. In addition to these three clients, I am participated in a separate intern project for CenturyLink to build an awareness campaign pitch that we presented to the highest leadership at Mullen at the end of the internship.

I was also the lead account contact for a community involvement campaign that MassMutual was involved in with the Springfield, MA public school system. Springfield Public Schools wanted to implement a campaign to motivate kids to graduate, and ultimately decrease the dropout rate. Springfield Public Schools looked to my team along with the MassMutual marketing interns to formulate recommendations of affordable but effective campaign options. We presented these ideas to the superintendent of Springfield Public Schools, who confirmed that they would be moving forward with our ideas in the fall.

Aug 2009May 2011


Indiana University Student Media Marketing

I worked 12-20 hours a week managing the Indiana University Student Media Marketing Team. The marketing department serves as an in-house, full-service communications team representing all IU Student Media publications: Indiana Daily Student newspaper, the Arbutus yearbook, Inside magazine, Weekend section, and various special publications.

I gained experience in:

  • advertising copywriting
  • creating and distributing marketing materials for print, online and outdoor
  • media planning
  • account services
  • public relations practices
  • event planning
  • delegating tasks to a team at IU Student Media

Needless to say, it was essential to be a Jack-of-all-trades in this environment.

IU Student Media is a student-learning lab located in the School of Journalism. The organization is self-supported through revenue generated through the sales of advertising space in their publications. The marketing team focuses on discovering new revenue opportunities, as well as put a face to the name of the organization on campus.

The overarching responsibility of the marketing team is to generate and maintain interest in readership of the paper among students and the community, as well as building professional relationships with potential advertisers and supporting student organizations. Additionally, the marketing team works closely with the advertising sales department and the creative design team to produce on-campus events and promotional contests to engage students with the IU Student Media publications.

May 2010Aug 2010

Summer '10 Intern

Winger Marketing

Winger Marketing is a full-service communications firm offering marketing, public relations, advertising and event planning. As an intern at Winger Marketing, I reported to their Director of Advertising, Brooke Gallagher (formerly Brooke Fochler), as well as reported to all other account managers when in need of assistance. This required me to not only be familiar with Mrs. Gallagher's clients, but also the entire company's client roster.

The majority of my experience at Winger revolved around searching and pursuing publicity options for many of their clients. Such opportunities included writing and distributing press releases, creating and assembling press kits for upcoming events, building and sending e-newsletters, drafting media pitches and more.

In addition to coverage from outside sources, I played an active role in preparing and promoting upcoming events. Before events, I assisted in placing insertion orders to run advertisements in local publications, worked on YouTube videos and radio announcements and focused on gaining interest through Facebook prior to events.

May 2010Aug 2010

Summer '10 Intern

Big Thinking By The Hour, Inc.

Big Thinking By The Hour, Inc. produces video content specific for the web to build a strong brand image for their clients, in addition to attracting and retaining visitors to the client's website.

While in the process of relocating and rebranding themselves a bit I participated in a wide-array of tasks at Big Thinking By The Hour.

I was charged with being the production assistant on all video shoots. This included preparing all necessary items for the shoots, and being available at all times to assist any of the videographers, talent, or clients. Videos I helped with included a series of online videos for a Tyson Chicken B2B website, Icelandic Seafood product DVDs and a farewell documentary for retiring pastor Tom Henry at St. Pauls United Church of Christ. Filming B-roll footage for the videos was another task as production assistant.

Big Thinking By The Hour, Inc. was also in the infant stages of launching a product review website with one of their clients. I researched web trends to help with the launch and analyzed the best options for a web developer for the project.

IU Student Media Portfolio


When one of my seventh grade teachers noted aesthetic creativity on one of my history projects, she suggested that I pursue advertising later in life. Finding a career in advertising has been at the forefront of my mind ever since. 

I am recent graduate of the Indiana University School of Journalism and am interested in an entry-level position in account service at an advertising agency or integrated marketing firm. I currently am located in the Boston area as just completed an account service internship for Mullen Advertising.


I truly love seeing people at their happiest.  What is a better route to happiness than entertainment? I personally enjoy attending music concerts in the summer, am somewhat of a movie buff, love some good Chinese take-out and I have a taste for the arts. As a dancer of 11 years, I love watching dance and theater performances, and continue my love through dancing through Zumba fitness!

My fascination with various entertainment forms is a major reason I am interested in advertising. I believe that advertising can be viewed as a type of entertainment-- it is the crossroad in which promoting businesses meets compelling the consumer. For example, I was a part of a generation in which many people solely watched the SuperBowl for the humorous commercials. My theory of advertising as a style of entertainment stems from such obervations.

J420 Advertising Copywriting

J420 Harley-Davidson Direct Mail

Wawasee Flotilla Design

Creative Advertising Examples