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Personal Vitae

Date of Birth:                                  

12th January 1992

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Mailing Address:           

8 , Shri Samart appt,

Opp Shikhrewadi Playground,




Patient Rights: Demonstrates knowledge and practice of:
  • Patient Rights and Responsibilities.
  • Confidentiality Policy .
  • Ethical Issue Resolution.
  • Organizational Ethics Policy.
  • Restraint Policy & procedure, alternatives to restraints.
Environment of Care: Demonstrates knowledge and practice o
  • Safety - Department specific and hospital wide safety risks .
  • Security – Processes for minimizing security risks.
  • Haz Mat/Waste - Procedures for spills/MSDS.
  • Emergency Preparedness – Role in emergency codes.
  • Fire Safety – Role/response in Code Red actual/drill.
  • Medical Equipment – Safe operation of equipment.
  • Utility Systems – Emergency procedures for utility failures

Infection Control: Demonstrates knowledge and practice of:
  • Department specific policies and procedures.
  • Hospital-wide policies and procedures .
  • Location/use of personal protective equipment.
  • Hand Washing Guidelines.
Patient Safety
  • Non-punitive medical/healthcare reporting.
  • National patient safety goals.
  • Fall prevention measures in cath lab .
  • Radiation safety Verification procedure for correct patient, site and procedure.
  • Verbal orders repeated and verified during procedure.
  • Transfer procedure if emergency intervention indicated.
  • Medication safety
    1. Conscious sedation monitoring
    2. Safe storage and use of paralytics
    3. Safe storage and use of narcotics
    4. Look alike, sound alike medications
    5. Dangerous abbreviations list
    6. Transferring medication from nonsterile field to sterile field

Work experience

2016-03March 2017

Team Leader

Asian heart institute and research center, Mumbaital
  •   Provide leadership that facilitates professional decision making and effective team working.
  • Demonstrate clinical expertise.
  • Raise incidence reports.
  • Supervise the staff. Assign the staff with daily roles.
  • Maintain stock as required.
  • Provide in-service education to the staff.
  • Maintain documents of the inventory, SOP's, Payment guarantee, indent, Stock retun, pruchase requisition, biomedical preventive maintenance, material safety and data sheet, narcotics, crash cart.
  • Contribute to and influence practice development within the clinical area.
  • Undertake clinical audit, ensuring that systems are in place that are implemented and evaluated.
  • Ensure adherence to the JCI guidelines for the safe handling, administration, storage and custody of medicinal products.
  • Ensure that there is a communication strategy between staff and relatives to assist in their understanding of care, treatment and progress of the patient.
  • Maintain own personal and professional development of professional conduct and within the scope of professional practice.
  • Participate effectively as part of the multi-professional team providing an expert nursing perspective.
  • Communicate effectively with all members of the multi-professional team to ensure that all patients' needs are met.
  • Ensure staffs are aware of and work in line with Trust policies.-
  • Assist with the investigation of facts in adverse incidents.

Staff NuStaff Nurse(Cardiac operation theatre)

Asian heart institute and research center, Mumbai
  •   Ensure all surgical equipment are sterilized before the operations
  • Sterilize operation room to prevent infections
  • Run required tests and prepare patients for the surgery
  • Give emotional support to patients and families before the surgery
  • Inform about all the operation procedures to patients
  • Discard injections, cotton, gauzes, and other disposal items after surgery
  • Monitor patient after the surgery and arrange to transport her to the unit
  • Planned and implemented appropriate nursing care to patients on surgery
  • Worked with physicians in scheduling surgery for patients
  • Ensured patients are on proper medications and in better mental status before the surgery
  • Sterilized equipments and the operating room to stop infection
  • Assisted surgeons in the operating room and passed them surgical instruments
  • Maintained sterility of sensitive contents of packs used in the operation procedures 

Staff Nurse

Apollo Gleneagles Hospital
  • Greet the patient when they first come into the cath lab.
  • Answer questions and educate the patient about what is planned.
  • Identify cardiac rhythms and abnormal ranges and appropriate intervention.
  • Perform and store cardiac outputs in Specific Physiologic Recorder with appropriate information for calculation.
  • Identify normal procedure waveforms in pressure monitoring.
  • Collect Samples and record proper waveforms using Specific Physiologic Recorder.
  • Set up dual pressure lines for simultaneous readings/samples.
  • Work with competency with sedation analgesia.
  • Follow established standards and practices under the direction of a credentialed invasive cardiologist.
  • Assist in cardiac catheterization as well as vascular and interventional procedures.
  • Perform emergency procedures associated with catheterization procedure such as IABP and temporary pacemaker insertion.

Trainee Nurse

Apollo Gleneagles Hospital
Trainee Nurse(Cath Lab), Kolkata


Apollo Gleneagles Hospital
Internship, Kolkata



B.Sc Nursing

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences


Fravashi Academy, Nasik


St. Philomena Convent High School, Nasik


Jan 2015 Jan 2017


American Heart Association
Jan 2015 - Jan 2017


American Heart Association
Feb 2014

Ranked 9th in 1st Year Bsc Nursing Karnataka

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences,

Feb 2014

Ranked 6th in 2nd Year Bsc Nursing

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka

Feb 2014

Ranked 3rd in 3rd Year Bsc Nursing

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka


  • Rewarded as Cream of Garden City College, Bangalore
  • Overall Performance Award at Garden City College, Bangalore
  • Core member of JCI at Apollo Gleneagles hospital


Mrs Periadurachi


Garden City College of Nursing, Bangalore


Prof. (Dr)Rabin Chakraborty 

Director & Head of  Cardiology

Cathlab  , Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals


DR .Aftab Khan

Senior Consultant interventional Cardiologist & Electrophysiologist

Cathlab , Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, Kolkata.


Mrs.Lakshmi Bhattacharya

Director Of Nursing .
Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals,Kolkata.

Dr. Pradyot Kumar Rath

Cardio Vascular Thoracic Surgeon

Asian heart institute and research center, Mumbai.

Dr. Tilak Suvarna

Senior Interventional Cardiologist

Head Department of Cardiology

Asian heart institute and research center, Mumbai

Dr. Nilesh Gautam

Interventional Cardiologist

Asian heart institute and research center, Mumbai