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Collaborate with senior leadership to provide systems support, problem solving, and quality improvement initiatives for all aspects of healthcare Facility and Support Services.

Facilitate change, mediate employee conflicts, build team, develop loyalty in staff leading to increases in productivity and quality of service.

Organize and implement processes for TJC continuous readiness.

Support existing leadership as an "extension of their own arm."

Integrate departments for greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Transition hospitals from contract managment to in-house management of any department.

Provide needs assessments, training programs, and accountability.

Conduct engineering assessments, short and long term budgets, and campus modernization planning.

Effectively communicate the mission and vision resulting in a clear direction.

Work experience

Technical Instructor

West Side Institute of Technology

At the age of 25, I was hired by this Junior College in Cleveland Ohio to develop a curriculum and teach classes of 30 previously incarcerated students.  Taught building maintenance, HVAC, electrical, and plumbing courses.  This progarm at this school received special recognition from the president of the United States. 

My students graduated able and competent to work in entry level positions in Facilities across the city. 

I enjoyed working with this population, and marvelled at the tremendous potential within each of us to develop, learn, and act responsibly. 


Environmental Therapy Industries Inc.
Oct 2000Present


Environmental Therapy Industries Inc.

Owner and primary consultant for healthcare facility and support services operations. 

Specialize in "hospitals in need" through facilitating needs assessment and implementing changes while building team, developing loyalty in staff, and managing conflict. 

Highly skilled in all aspects of engineering, project managment, energy utilization, and code compliance.

Greatest passion is working with people, developing authentic community in the workplace, and unfolding a vision resulting in fulfillment and enjoyment.  

Realize customer satisfaction is dependent upon employee satisfaction; therefore, engage with staff using a Participative Leadership style - empowering others while leading by example.

Oct 1997Oct 2000

Director of Support Services

Doctors Hospitals

I was recuited directly by the COO of this healthcare system to facilitate three objectives:

1) Prepare the hospital facilities to be "For Sale" .  This included some major upgrades, aesthetic improvements, and an overall inventory and assessment of all the systems captial assets.  The point here was to enhance the perceived value of the facilties

2) Stabilize the work teams by providing inspirational leadership.  Many employees were demoralized, fearful, and subsequently less productive than their potential.  Some of the leadership was "jumping ship" rather than wait it out.  I built team, provided vision and direction, and we had fun. 

3) Develop a program that would exceed JCAHO requirements, and obtain a high score on the Environment of Care portion of the JCAHO survey.  We did this and received a score of 99% and commendation.   

Sep 1996Nov 1997

Director of Operations

Karrington Health

I was recruited by the executive leadership of this young and growing company to accomplish two objectives:

1) Provide leadership and support as they grew from 4 Assisted Living Facilities to 42 Assisted Living Facilities

2) Establish a centralized and systematic system of operations for each of the Assisted Living Facilties from start-up through continued operations. 

I worked out of the home office in Columbus, Ohio, and traveled as needed to each of their locations around the country, training, implementing, and encouraging employees from the Executive Directors to the Environmental Services Staff. 

I developed operating programs, computerized the scheduled maintenance system, and ensured all codes and regulations were met. 

I had fun, got the job done, and when this company was sold to Sunrise Senior Living, I was recruited to Doctors Hosptials in Columbus Ohio to provide leadership and direction to them. 

May 1990Sep 1996

Director of Facility Services

Began in 1990 as Director of Facility and Engineering for this 1 million square ft. hospital. 

By 1994 assumed responsibility for Environmental Services as well as Engineering, after formulating and implementing a department integration, consisting of 180 employees, developing a zone concept, and building teams of Engineers and Environmental Service employees responsible for each zone.  Improved employee satisfaction and productivity.  Improved custome satisfaction.  Saved a lot of money.  Had a lot of fun.

Every one of the four managers and six supervisors that worked with me throughout this time are presently Directors at hospitals or Facility Management Companies. 

Dec 1987Jan 1990

Director of Support Services

American Samoa Department of Health

I responded to an article I had read regarding the American Samoan's hospital (LBJ Tropical Medical Center).  This was a two year contract directly with the American Samoan government.

They needed to upgrade their facilities and improve their quality of service in order to continue to receive HCFA funding from the U.S.  I was up to this challange, and relocated from Ohio to American Samoa with my family of spouse and three children. 

I  conducted a needs assessment, planned for improvement, built team, communicated vision, fostered enthusiam, and we got the job done.  Met HCFA standards, received funding.



Institute for Advanced Dispute Resolution

This coursework provided training and actual working practice in the most modern methods of conflict mediation.  I was intersted in this because  I have realized that under every busines related, technical related, or customer related problem lies a "people conflict" of some sort.  Conflict from this perspective extends to very small conflicts that might go unnoticed and unresolved, to very large conflicts like workplace violence. 


Process Center of Portland Oregon

This coursework provided training and hands-on practice in facilitating groups of people through the change process, incorporating conflict mediation, allowing full expression of each member, and building consesus within groups. 

certificate program

Feng Shui Institute of America

I studied this field and recieved a certifcate as a professional practitioner of pyramic feng shui because I had directly realized the importance of the environment on a person's sense of well-being.  I was intersted in how adjustments in a healthcare environment might assist a patient or resident in the healing process.  My research is very healthcare related, although my case studies were very diversified, incorporating not only healthcare but also business settings, therapeutic settings, and retail settings.  Through the placement of object in the space, the color, fabric, and shapes we are able to provide positive adjustments. 

AS Associate of Science in Environmental Technology

Attended this college directly out of high school, so I could be prepared to earn a living while continuing my education.  Upon graduating, I was recruited to teach in this college.  It was the teaching which really taught me the necessary principles in Engineering, HVAC system, Boiler Plants, and electrical controls. 

I have continued this field of study througout my life, earning a CPE (Certified Plant Engineer) from the American Institute of Facility Engineers.

My objective was to research the similarities and differences between ancient wisdom as taught in Tibetan Buddhism and Modern Science as taught in Quantum theoretical physics.  Both groups seemed to me to be saying something very similar with different words.  Utlimately, I was interested in how this combined body of knowledge could positively effect our relationships as experienced in family, workplace, and the world at large.  This was a wonderful field of study for me and has equipped me with a lot of understanding on how to experience peace and harmony in diverse and conflicting situations.  Although a personal track, and not one that I "wear on my sleeve" during my work in business settings, it is nonethless very valuable to me.     

BS in Business

David Myers College

Bachelor of Science in Business.  Completed this degree while working full time as an instructor at the Junior College West Side Institute of Technology.  Was able to appy what I was learning directly with my job at the college. 

MSA Masters of Science in Administration

Cental Michigan University

Master of Science degree with an emphasis on Healthcare Management.  Completed this degree by attending evenings and weekends over a four year period while working full time as Director of Support Services for a large hosptial. 

All my papers, and the Masters thesis, were focused on needs the hospital at which I was working communicated to me.  My thesis was developing a new Oncology Service Line at Mount Carmel Hospital.  This was challanged by the diversity of services required by oncology patients, and the then existing DRG's.