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Fitness, podcasting, and World of Warcraft.


Professional services engineer with over 15 years of networking, programming, and systems development experience in both large enterprise and small to medium organizations. Experience working in many industries such as financial, entertainment/media, critical infrastructure, telecommunications, development and retail.

Work experience

Jul 2005Present

Solutions Engineer

Training, installation, configuration, custom scripting, integrations, etc.

Mar 2006Present


GeekFit is a health and fitness podcast–mostly. Steve and Jason team up to talk about their individual struggles with staying fit all while having “geeky” professions that leave them shackled to a computer more often than not. They review websites, gadgets, and anything else one could use to help motivate someone trying to lower or maintain their weight. Steve Klassen is a solutions engineer for a software company based in Austin, TX but lives in the Great Northwest. At the beginning of his weight loss journey he weighed over 400 lbs and has since lost over 100 lbs with a combination of diet & exercise. His wife Ivy’s constant encouragement and the thought of growing old with her while staying healthy keeps him going. Jason Tucker also hosts the show; more details on his site:

Apr 2004Present


Xinu dot Org

Custom programming & database development in PHP, python, ruby, shell script, javascript, C, and several SQL procedural languages. That, and various feats of technical wizardry.



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