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Lived and worked in: The United States, Brazil, Germany, the Netherlands, and Dutch Caribbean.

Languages: Dutch (Native), English, German, and Portuguese (Fluent), Spanish (proficient), French and Italian (working knowledge).

Founding-partner of project to enable holidays for mentally disabled children.

Interests include coaching of boat-race teams and skiing.



Twenty years of international business management experience in the Oil and Gas sector and Capital Equipment Manufactruing Industries with responsibility for: Strategy, Sales and Business development, Operations Management, Quality Control, Industrial and Product Engineering, Technological Development, Purchasing and Manufacturing. Leading acquisition processes and negotiations, establishment of Joint Ventures and international divisions. Experience with the turn-key supply of equipment.  

Work experience



Brastec Technologies SA

  • Report: CEO / Owner
  • Responsible for: Sales for Oil and Gas / Wire and Cable and Customer Service divisions. Business Development responsibilities include acquisitions, entry in the offshore equipment market, and development of new products and technologies.Corporate revenue growth from R$36MM when assumed position at the company, to R$300MM for 1012 with over R$190 MM backlog for 2013
  • Development of next generation products.Applied for a patent for a newly developed technology.
  • Joint Responsible for Development of Corporate Strategy with CEO
  • Established an international sales and engineering office in Canada and Rio de Janeiro.
  • Development of Acquisitions, and JV’s: Responsible for identification of acquisition targets. Negotiated 2 acquisitions - price and contracts.Definition of integration strategies for the new acquisitions.Creating of a world-wide revenue for 2012 for the Brastec group to over R$300MM for 2012
  • Joint responsible for the sale of minority share of the company to a private equity fund and R$70MM capital injection.
  • Restructured of the company, creation of business units, hiring of middle and upper management.
  • Management of all productive areas resulting in reduction in delivery delays and improvement of quality of delivered products.
  • Implementation of ERP, 3D CAD, and finite element analysis systems. Restructuring of engineering department.
  • As General and Operations Manager responsible for all productive areas, including Engineering, Procurement, Planning, Manufacturing, and Service departments.Team: 5 managers and 95 indirect employees.
May 2008Apr 2009

Operations Director

Heller Maquinas Operatrizes Ind. e Com. LtdA

- Report: CEO

- Team: 4 managers and 175 indirect employees.

- Responsible for Product Engineering, Production Planning, Purchasing, Import and Export, Manufacturing, and Assembly.

- Introduced a continuous improvement system resulting in a 20% reduction of systematic quality problems in 3 month time period.

- Managed of the planning, purchasing and import teams. Reduced the number of missing components time of production start by 20% within a 4 month timeframe.

- Planned a flow assembly line, demonstrating a possible reduction of 20% in assembly time.

- Eliminated hour banks and overtime of the operational employees. Reduced of personnel cost by 22% in all operational areas to adjust the factory’s capacity to the reduced demand due to external economical influences.

- Reduced operations cost and effectiveness by utilizing management tools such as Lean Manufacturing, TQM and Six Sigma


Nagel Group

Nagel Precision Inc. / TBT-USA

Ann Arbor, MIchigan, EUA

Technical and Business Development Director (2001- 2008)

TBT Tiefbohrtechnik GmbH.

Dettingen/Erms, Germany

Sales Manager for North America (2000)

Nagel Brasil Máquinas e Ferr. Ltda.

Salto, SP, Brazil

Industrial Manager Pittler Máquinas (1999 - 2000)

Operacions Manager (1998 - 2000)

Assembly Manager (1997 – 1998)

Tooling Manager (1996 – 1998)

Nagel Maschinen und Wergzeugfabrik GmbH

Nürtingen, Germany

Management Trainee (1995)

Apr 2008Jan 2001


Business Development and Technical Director TBT-USA

Responsible for start up of new corporate division (TBT-USA) and introduction of new product line (deephole drilling) to North American market.

  • Achieved 10%-15% sales growth for 7 consecutive years resulting in 30% market share.
  • Developed new product line of machinery for North American market.
  • Expanded target market from automotive to include medical, aerospace, and oil exploration clients.
  • Full P&L responsibility for TBT-USA.
  • Established nation-wide sales network of representation agencies.Monitored their performance and coached them in improving their sales efforts.
  • Developed pricing, marketing, and market-entry strategies.
  • Managed sales, engineering, project, and assembly teams.
  • Performed market analysis and technology valuation.
  • Executed financial and operational analyses of potential corporate acquisition targets.
  • Set-up a new facility for tooling manufacturing and developed unique manufacturing processes.
May 2000Dec 2000


Sales Manager for North America

  • Managed sales projects for North American clients.
  • Preparation for start-up of new TBT-USA corporate division at Nagel Precision Inc.
Sep 1995Apr 2000


Plant Manager of Pittler Máquinas Ltda.

Responsible for daily management of newly acquired subsidiary.

  • Managed corporate restructuring, which resulted in 80% increase of revenues while reducing personnel levels by 45%.
  • Increased market share from 5% to 20%.
  • Developed line of self-loading, vertical turning machines.
  • Overhauled manufacturing technologies and manufacturing capabilities.

Operations Manager

Responsible for tool rooms, machine assembly, and production department.

  • Achieved three consecutive years of highest net-earnings and employee efficiency.
  • Reduced warrantee claims by 15%.
  • Achieved record revenues of $37M during a period of devaluation of the local currency.
  • Led weekly meetings communicating schedules and technical specifications to engineering and assembly departments.
  • Eliminated 3 month delivery delays to achieve 97% on-time delivery.
  • Developed project planning for all sold machinery.
  • Reached 50% reduction in inventory cost with “common platform” design and improvement of purchasing strategies.

Assembly Manager

Responsible for machine assembly department.

  • Provided leadership and direction for a team of 40 assembly employees and 4 assembly foremen.
  • Achieved ship-to-commit goals and manufacturing production targets.
  • Managed several large projects (GM, VW, Ford, Fiat, and Mercedes) to solve machinery and productivity problems.

Tool room manager

Responsible for honing tool and gundrill manufacturing departments.

  • Increased monthly production rates by 300%.
  • Achieved 20% reduction of labor cost of tools departments.
  • Optimized manufacturing processes and materials-flow.
  • Managed teams of 2 foremen and 25 hourly workers.



Bachelor of Science

  • Concentration on Civil Engineering and Organization Management.
Jun 2009Aug 2009

Executive Education Certification

Fundação Dom Cabral / Kellogg Business School

STC - Skills, Tools & Competencies for Executives.

Joint program between Fundação Dom Cabral (Brazil) / Kellogg Business School (USA)



The Amos Tuck School of Business Administration / Dartmouth College
  • Emphases in General and Operations Management, Cost Accounting, Value Chain Analysis, Inventory Control, and TQM.
  • Extensive research on modeling and simulation of sequencing and dispatching rules for flowshop environments