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Hard-working and determined IT professional with 3 plus  years of experience in Web frontend development. Varied experience of web technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery, BootStrap, Wordpress, Magento, AngularJS, Angular Material. Strong demonstrated experience  in Responsive Web Design and development.


Web Development

HTML5, CSS3, SASS,  Bootstrap, Responsive Web Design, Google Material Design.

Javascript Frameworks

JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, Angular Material.

CMS Frameworks

WordPress, Squarespace, Magento.

Programming skills

C, C++, Core Java, MySql.


GIT, SVN, Gulp, NPM, Bower, Cross-browser compatibility development.

Work experience

E-commerce website
  • This is an e-Commerce platform for marketing gourmet Indian coffee blends.
  • This website was built using Magento. It maximised my experience of an e-commerce based CMS and working with PHP. Also strengthened my CSS3 repertoire especially in a CMS environment.
  •  My role included developing a responsive web app which translated comfortably on major viewports, creating pixel-perfect web pages according to the design an optimizing the images and content.
Aug 2015Feb 2018

Web Developer

LeftRightMind LLC.

As a lead UI developer, my responsibilities included:

  • Requirement analysis and documentation
  • Client coordination
  • Defining and implementing coding standards
  • Mentoring and training new team members

As a web developer, I had the opportunity of working on varied projects, each with its own particular set of challenges.

  • is an e-Commerce platform for marketing gourmet Indian coffee blends. This website was built using Magento. 
    • It maximised my experience of an e-commerce based CMS and working with PHP. Also strengthened my CSS3 repertoire especially in a CMS environment.
    • My role included developing a responsive web app which translated comfortably on major viewports.
  • is a website for students to pitch ideas and / or new business ventures. The project upload process comprises of filling in details, monetary gains, adding research documents, etc.
    • AngularJS along with BootStrap was the core technology stack for this project. The goal was to build a thick client so that all the pitch-based calculations would be independent of API calls.
    • I also implemented Sprite payment gateway for managing membership fees in this project.
  • PIN HR Solutions:This is an internal system developed for an organisation located in San Francisco. This solution is being used by the HR team and facilitates weekly or monthly performance review of the employees.
    • The system provides facilities like rating an employee, approving of given rating, scheduling meetings, being notified of pending actions. It also involved creating a dashboard for the user. 
    • This webapp was built using AngularJS. My role was to design application workflows, develop responsive web pages according to the design, build interactions and consume and manipulate API data.
  • BNP Paribas insurance calculator : BNP Paribas is a large financial institution head quartered in Paris, France, with presence in 74 countries. The insurance calculator web app is used by the BNP Paribas India sales / marketing individuals  to calculate real-time insurance premium based on the type of insurance chosen.
    • The app is built using BootStrap and AngularJS.M y role was to build functions that use real-time data and calculate based on every input and create a responsive web solution.
  • KPIT India: KPIT is a global technology consulting firm head quartered in Pune, India. This project involved developing an internal ticketing app for KPIT India. 
    • The technology stack included BootStrap, SASS and Angular material. My role was to create responsive web app, develop dynamic forms, consume and manipulate API data. I improved  code modularity by implementing a ReactJS type of code structure in Angular Material. 
  •  www.shriramlife.comImplemented a WordPress  website for a leading insurance provider in India.
    • I lead the UI side of the project which involved client coordination, team management, mentoring, requirement gathering and analysis along with the technical aspects of the project.
Jul 2014Jul 2015

Project Intern

Xpanxion UST Global Group

I interned at Xpanxion and was introduced to web frontend development. During my internship, I contributed to a couple of enterprise-level web development projects as below:

  • is a web application developed for people to know more about Nebraska-based venture capital groups.
    • My responsibilities in this project were to develop a responsive web app using CSS3 and BootStrap.
    • I also had to take up page optimisation, image optimisation and reduce page size.
  • is a car title based lending business in USA. This project helped me to gain an experience of WordPress.
    • My role included requirement gathering and analysis, coding, unit testing and deployment.



Masters of Computer Applications

University of Pune

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science

University of Pune