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Work experience

Aug 2004Present

Third Grade Teacher/ Kindergarten Teacher

District 3 French Elementary
  • Building Leadership Team
  • Reading Intervention
  • PBIS/RTI Team

Fourth Grade Teacher/First Grade Teacher

D11 Ivywild Elementary
  • Dance/Cheer Coach
  • Poetry Club
  • Art Show at Imagination Celebration

Substitute Teacher

District 11

Kindergarten Teacher

Kindercare Learning Center
  • Received 1999 Award in Outstanding Programming

Classroom Lead

CDC and Youth Services

Youth at Risk Drama Teacher

District 11
  • Contract Position
  • Wrote/Directed 13 plays
  • Counseling Programs/ After School Programs

Actor, Teacher, and Director

Children's Awareness Theater



Adams State

Digital-Age Learning


Help online learners achieve their academic goals while integrating promising practices of the face-to-face classroom while maintaining the innovative construct of the online classroom.

Contribute to an online program by creating dynamic standards based learning modules, EdWebs, and Webinars.




Teaching Philosophy

In my classroom all students are seen as individuals. With that individualism comes respect and the inherent right to feel safe and loved in an environment that promotes growth in knowledge about life, ourselves, and the world around us.  The environment that I create is not just a classroom but a community and a family. 

I want my students to embody life skills such as; cooperation, pride, curiosity, perseverance, courage, responsibility, problem solving, and sense of humor. I explicitly teach these life skills and I celebrate my students every time they succeed.  I want them to use life long guidelines such as; being trustworthy, being truthful, being active listeners, and always demonstrating their personal best. In my classroom the students are encouraged to give each other friendly reminders so we can all be successful. I role model healthy communication and give them guided practice so each student's self-esteem can soar to great heights. 

 My students celebrate their differences and know that a mistake is a wonderful chance to learn. They know that they will meet up with challenges if they are reaching beyond their safe intellectual boundaries. When those challenges present themselves they know how to utilize problem solving strategies and keep trying.

 I teach my students with passion and enthusiasm every day.  I sing instruction, dance instruction, and use humor to make my instruction memorable.  My students understand the concept of multiple intelligences and engage in learning that is best for their individual growth. By utilizing Blooms Taxonomy and State Standards I challenge each student to make far more than a years worth of growth.  My students understand what it means to be great citizens and intellectual super stars!

Guest Speaker


  • Girl Scout Wagon Wheel Counsel:  Self Esteem


  • Teacher in Residence Program:  Philosophies in Integrated Thematic Instruction


  • Dr. Danin on Roles and Responsibilities of the Teacher

Instructed Professional Development Courses


  • Using Multi Sensory and the Vowel Circle


  • Classroom Management Redefined: Bringing it all together
  • Spring Multi-Sensory Strategies For Reading Instruction
  • Summer Multi-Sensory Strategies For Reading Instruction


  • Targeted Intervention for Small Group Instruction

"Victoria facilitated one of the most valuable staff development courses that I have taken. She provided information that was interesting, completely and applicable to my classroom, and did so in a was that was engaging and entertaining. I am excited to employ my new tool and learning, and will eagerly register for any courses which she offers in the future! She is undoubtedly devoted to the teaching profession, teachers, and students! How refreshing! Thank you, Victoria!"

- Class Survey 5/4/2009

"Thanks Victoria! I enjoyed your energy and enthusiasm, and although I've been in education a long time, it's always good to be reminded of some principles I know but don't always practice..."

-Educator Email 2/28/09




  • STEP UP to Science
  • Power of the Science Notebook
  • Step Up to Writing & Great Short Answer
  • Investigations to Math
  • Guided Reading
  • Malcolm Baldrige


  • Reading Mastery Plus
  • Brain Gym
  • Creating Rubrics



  • Harry Wong First Days of School
  • Positive Behavior Support



  • Creating Student Goal-Setting Profiles
  • Curriculum Calendar Revisions
  • Everyday Math Training
  • Art Curriculum Alignment
  • Lesson Maps and Templates
  • Literacy Curriculum Alignment
  • Everyday Math
  • Math Curriculum Alignment


  • Literacy Curriculum Alignment
  • Counseling Curriculum Alignment
  • Step Up to Writing



  • French Elementary School Improvement Action Plans
  • Multi-sensory Instruction for Dyslexic Students
  • Houghton Mifflin Journeys
  • Houghton Mifflin Journeys Alignment


Fan Mail

"I had the occasion to have to deal with a woman who works way up north, but lives in our school district. She was delivering something to my home last night. During the course of thinking her for taking the time on her way home to do that...I told her that if was anything I could ever do for her, just let me know.

Her immediate response was that (since I worked in the admin office) if I could possibly do anything to make every teacher in WSD3 is good and wonderful as Mrs. Villescas so her daughter could have teachers like that all throughout her school career, then that would have what she would want most. (smile) I know that can't do that, but what a compliment to that teacher."

-an excerpt from an email 8/31/07

"He speaks so highly of you and I can firmly say you are the best teacher he has had yet. He adores you and I am glad you enjoy having him in your class as well. We have had so many behavior issues with him throughout his school years thus far and this has been the first time that he has not been sent home for bad behavior. You have somehow gotten through to the boy! :)"

-an excerpt form an email 2/11/11

Letters of Recomendation