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EDAT 6229 Infusing 21st Technology Across the Content Areas


This course provided me with various ways to incorporate technology into my lesson plans. I learned that ‘technology’ is not just computers and machines, but it is a way of teaching and accomplishing goals. Technology can be used to engage the students, can provide assistance to students with special needs, and it can be a necessary component in teaching. I believe there is a place for technology in every classroom, but teachers must use it effectively.Teachers should always consider learning objectives, students’ needs, and pedagogy.

The two artifacts that I am including are a website and a YouTube video. This course forced me to create things that were out of my comfort zone. The website was an online lesson plan, but it gave me the opportunity to learn how to build a website.I hope to use this knowledge to eventually have a class website that students and parents can interact with.The video is linked to my website, but going through all the steps to create and publish this video on YouTube was a learning experience. I had never done this before.Now that I have, I can use this to ability to create videos that are relevant to what I am teaching and also to show students what they are doing.


Each individual assignment had a specific purpose. Sometimes it was reading to learn new information, but most assignments required learning how to use technology in yet a different way. Using Web 2.0 tools, working in on-line groups, creating YouTube videos, creating technology infused lesson plans, creating a thematic unit, and designing a website were some of the specific things I learned how to do.


The most relevant change that occurred to me during this course was that in the beginning, I had no confidence in my ability to use some of the Web 2.0 tools. This course required me to use many different tools. Upon completion of this course, my confidence in using technology has been boosted.I now know that I should not limit myself.If I do not know how to use one of the tools, I can learn how to use them.


The quality of the assignments in the course has helped me to become a more proficient teacher. There were a wide array of different skills to be learned, not just one or two things that I already knew. A strength for me during this course was learning how to use different Web 2.0 tools. I learned to use them quickly and efficiently. Collaborating with on-line workgroups was a weak area for me. It requires team work and it makes you dependent on others. When it is all on-line, it takes a lot of planning and compromising.

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