Michael Rose

Michael Rose

Work experience

Work experience
2001 - 2008

Staff Support Specialist/SME


Provided End-User Support for Administration Work Centers (6 work centers with ~100 to 150 Specialized Associates who perform Telephone Number and Line Equipment Administration).

Documentation / Training

·Coordinated the testing and created a new process to meet compressed conversion schedule of new Telephone Number Administration (TNA) system. Provided a spreadsheet to all testers assigning particular screens to each based on their known strengths, resulting in the TN Module being tested well in advance of any other testing model. Entire project won a Verizon Telecom Leaders Circle Award.

·Provided TNA Center training, wrote documentation and standardized information for Nortel Next Generation Succession switches deployment.Included the new Line Gateway MG9000, CS2000 Softswitch and Next Generation Digital Loop Carriers.

·Researched the newest IP technology, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and wrote documentation with diagrams to make complex new technology understandable by non-technical associates.

·Conducted Train the Trainer sessions with local field supervisors either on-site or via Web Video Conferencing tool (IOBI or WEBEX).

End User Support

·Subject matter expertise relating to two main TNA’s, provisioning systems, and other Telcordia based and internal line provisioning systems. Support end-to-end service order testing for new products and service offerings.

·Reduced the trouble ticket load from ~20 to 50 tickets daily for system/service order related issues to ~10 to 15 a month.Identified training needs and increased associate use of the On-Line documentation database by using their suggestions to create an easy search feature and updating documents with easier to understand titles and layout.

·Wrote several work instructions in simple step-by-step ISO 9000 type format for various common error messages or problems they may encounter to increase their productivity.

·Administer Repair type tickets in a Remedy Ticket Referral system.

·Supported NXX Code conversions and line equipment conversions. Developed or assisted with several creative solutions to assist provisioning of new line equipment.

·Provided SME Support for Code Administration in TN provisioning databases.Monitored and

 tracked LERG updates.Supported Local Number Portability (LNP).

1998 - 2001

Team Leader


Administered and provisioned telephone numbers, line equipment and other Network resources. Supervised, trained and motivated several Network Service Coordinators.

·Identified all issues and the impact of border customers during completion of (516) to (631) NPA split conversion job. Established database accuracy for provisioning future service orders with expected results of~100%.

·Created special job aids for an employee with special needs that allowed her to use new TNA system.

·Chosen to mentor and lead the summer interns. Successfully taught one intern enough Visual Basic programming to automate download of a report. Trained another to implement a faster way to locate and resolve discrepancies in a database during another year.

·Wrote a Visual Basic Program which generated a Daily Service report, adding efficiency, standardizing verbiage and reducing errors. Utilized an Excel spreadsheet to capture inputs.

·Administered and maintained TN resources utilizing the associated Telcordia based provisioning databases.Developed automated spreadsheets for various department reports and provided technical support.

1993 - 1998

Engineering Supervisor

Bell Atlantic

Administered and maintained Lucent and Nortel switch line equipment using a Telcordia based Line provisioning database. Supervised Data Entry clerks.

·Participated in company’s first use of an all fiber Digital Loop platform to replace a copper plant based central office. Designed a plan for engineers and represented NAC in Department meetings.

·Facilitated line equipment database work for various switch Dial for Dial replacements.

·Forecasted future exhaust of various switching resources.

·Developed software to mechanize various clerical functions.

1992 - 1993

NOC Supervisor


Supervised, motivated and trained a large group of specialized input clerks.

·Successfully built a relationship with the Technicians in a site with union issues. Motivated them to reduce clearing time on trouble tickets, reduce “No trouble found” tickets, and also reduce some rework.

·Served as liaison to Installation, Maintenance, Provisioning and Repair departments for resolving Customer line and feature translation related service order errors.

·Improved clearing time on line translations repair tickets. Coordinated line translations of several complex service offerings (CENTREX, MADN, ISDN) for major customers in Bronx, Queens and Staten Island.

1988 - 1992

Provisioning Supervisor


Administered and provisioned directory numbers for the Queens and Staten Island areas. Supervised, trained and motivated a large workforce. Wrote the line translations for CENTREX, INTELLIPATH and other complex services.





Business Analysis

Completed "Fundamentals of Business Analysis" course from the University of California - Irvine in August 2010.

Technical Writing

Project Managment

Inventory Management

MS Office