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Community Leadership & Involvement

  • Academy of Global Citizenship, Chicago Charter School, Board Finance & Development teams 2012-Present
  • International Society of Sustainability Professionals - Member 2008-Present
  • Thought Leader Gathering - Member of the Leaders Circle 2002-Present
  • International Coach Federation - Ethics & Standards Committee, Investigator, Member 2002-2009
  • Apollo Male Chorus - Board Member 2007
  • Global Minded Professionals - Milwaukee - Founder, President, Board Member 1996-2001
  • Boy Scouts of America - Eagle Scout, Order of the Arrow 1987

Publishing and Social Media

  • Twitter @mrochte – Top 10 #CSR tweeter & Top 25 #Sustainability tweeter – 2000 followers (5/2012)
  • 18 years of website development and optimization: SEO, content management systems, blogs, wikis
  • Writings rebroadcast and syndicated on leading industry websites
  • Blogging since 2002
  • Position Paper: "Trust & Corporate Social Responsibility: Framing the Discussion"
  • White Paper: "Opportunities In Sustainability: Enter at the Exit"


  • Walking, rowing, choral singing, writing
  • Vision videos - micro-movie making
  • Conversation circles and cafés
  • Exploring people, places, ideas, & cultures.   
  • Toronto International Film Festival Attendee
  • SCUBA - Open Water Certified
  • NetImpact, USGBC, Bioneers
  • Eco Tuesday, Green Drinks   

Resumes Available


Additional Professional Development

  • Green Energy Summit - Milwaukee, WI 
  • Green Festival - Chicago, IL 
  • Corporate Responsibility Officer Summit - Chicago, IL
  • Northern Energy Expo - Steven's Point, WI 
  • Opportunity Green Conference - Los Angeles, CA
  • Corporate Responsibility Officer (CRO) Summits- Chicago, IL 

Public Speaking

Small Group Presentations & Roundtables:

  • Wisconsin Business & Conservation Leaders Roundtable 2009 - Lt. Governor’s Council - Madison
  • Green Jobs Roundtable 2009- Milwaukee Jobs Camp
  • Strategic Planning and Implementation 2008 - Business Incubation Center - Minneapolis
  • Attitudes and Perspectives 2007 & 2008 - Mutual of Omaha and four other Minnesota companies
  • Masterful Coaching: Ethics and Right Action 2005 - Minnesota Coaches Association

Conference Presentations:

  • Making The World Round Again - New Busines Paradigms - Northland Bioneers Conference 2006, Minneapolis  
  • Co-Creating the Next Frontier - Conversation Cafe - rated best program - ICF Conference 2004, Quebec


Director, Sustainability / Corporate Responsibility (CSR) Triple-bottom-line operations experience with a commitment to growing sales through progressive business management and communication


Experienced sustainability and corporate social responsibility executive; driven by integrity and strong ethical principles. A confident leader with a passion for smart business improvement. A consistent commitment to integrating environmental and social impacts for growth and profitability. Cleanly communicates and reframes complex issues. Effective in orchestrating change using systems thinking. Strong team player and leader; inspires and challenges others to achieve their potential.Areas of expertise:

  • Sustainability
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Communications
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Strategic Planning and Integration
  • Board and Team Leadership
  • Business Ethics
  • Systems Thinking


Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility

  • Facilitated sustainability and CSR strategic planning for small to large, national and international brands.
  • Consulted on the environmental sustainability platforms at both McDonald's USA and McDonald's Corp.
  • Managed sustainability reporting, data collection, and GRI indexing.
  • Project managed McDonald's Corporation's 2011 Global Sustainability Scorecard Report.
  • Developed, tracked, and documented corporate "best practices" programs in waste, energy, supply chain accountability, communication, and stakeholder engagement.
  • Embedded sustainability and CSR into the cultures of manufacturing to service firms.
  • Seven years of hands-on operations experience in a triple-bottom-line manufacturing firm.
  • Ethics: Led international teams in Code of Ethics reviews; taught ethics; served as ethics investigator.


  • Experienced organizational spokesperson.
  • Facilitated NGO and multi-stakeholder roundtable discussions at client locations and in Washington DC.
  • Developed and implemented the redesign of the new sustainability site.
  • Writings on CSR and Sustainability featured/ syndicated on,,
  • Led, developed, and implemented corporate branding efforts.
  • Social media savvy, 2000 twitter followers - recognized as #CSR and #Sustainability leader.
  • 18 years of website development and optimization: SEO, content management systems, blogs, wikis.
  • Integrated thinker - can synthesize diverse information and communicate common threads.

Business Leadership Operations

  • Established strong working relationships using a collaborative leadership style of listening and discerning values and strengths; shares ownership.
  • Experienced in both matrix and traditional work environments.
  • Effectively led and managed boards, staff, and R&D teams.
  • Implemented lean manufacturing and continuous improvement practices.
  • Created and launched start-up businesses and organizations.
  • Proven experience in developing and implementing effective strategic plans.
  • Experienced in managing budgets and P&L.
  • Strong, calm coaching and leadership demeanor.

Work experience



Opportunity Sustainability

Worked with corporate leadership and teams to develop, implement, and communicate corporate sustainability and social responsibility efforts. Work ranged from integrated strategic planning to project management, strategic communication, and training: employee and stakeholder engagement, supply chain, waste, energy, and facilities.

  • Sustainability / CSR strategy planning for small to large national and multinational brands.
  • Consulted on the environmental sustainability platforms at both McDonald's USA and McDonald's Corp.
  • Project managed McDonald's Corporation's 2011 Global Sustainability Scorecard Report.
  • Developed and implemented the redesign of the new sustainability site.
  • Facilitated multi-stakeholder and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) roundtable discussions.
  • Best practices (company and supply chain) research and documentation.
  • Employee and stakeholder communication: intranet, social media, and traditional media.
  • Ethics: Led global teams in international Code of Ethics reviews; taught ethics; ethics investigator.
  • Nearly 20 years of consulting/coaching experience, domestic and international, traditional and matrix firms.
  • Client industries included: manufacturing, food service, construction, commercial real estate, education, banking/ insurance, law, biomedical, non-profits, 3PL, HR, recruiting, restaurants, medical, and consulting.
Nov 2002Dec 2006

President & Chairman (20-30hrs/wk), Board Member

Minnesota Coaches Association

World's second largest regional coaching organization. Led organizational turn-around from collapse to national leader.  Became a model for coaching associations.

  • Re-energized the organization's volunteer board by reinventing the leadership team, tapping into their individual strengths, and connecting the work to their values.
  • Tripled membership roles in two years from 80 to 250 members.
  • Instituted financial planning and expanded budget - results: cash reserves and a yearly positive carry-over.
  • Established a sustainable leadership infrastructure for minimal disruptions during annual rotations.


Life Coach Alliance, LLC

Hired to create and manage a national coaching company to provide pay-by-the-minute life coaching through a telephone call center. CSR was embedded into the value system and operations of the company.

  • Set vision, strategic plan, and tactical plan for company.
  • Managed 19 staff and R&D team members and recruited 50 subcontracted coaches.
  • Created guidelines and structures for qualifying and supervising coaches and training call center staff.
  • Utilized nationwide marketing media: radio, television, print, and web.
May 1994Sep 2000

OPERATIONS DIRECTOR (including CSR, Sustainability, Supply Chain functions) | PARTNER

Advanced Liquid Handling, Inc.

An aggressive international start-up manufacturer specializing in precision liquid handling technology for the clinical chemistry industry. Strong focus on corporate social responsibility, sustainability, and triple-bottom-line (Economic/Social/Environmental) management practices. Acquired by Innovadyne Technologies, LLC in 2000.

  • Developed and implemented socially responsible management practices,
  • Formulated and promoted the corporate triple-bottom-line culture and vision.
  • Continuously evaluated environmental and fiscal impact of processes and procurement: supply chain engagement; managed waste stream; energy and environmental facilities management; redesigned shipping containers; repurposed unused materials and equipment; discovered eco-friendly solvents/cleaners.
  • Coached team members on connecting the corporate vision to their own vision and strengths.
  • Led lean manufacturing and continuous improvement efforts.



Escuela Madre Tierra

Business & social proficiency (currently dormant)


Graduate Class of 2000

Future Milwaukee

now a division of Marquet University

EatYourElephant: an O.S. Project