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Work experience

Feb 20052012

Acting Extra, All rounder

A&K Management

Acting Extra with A&K Management

Sound desk operator for variety show,  Imperial Center Gosford.

In store promotions, character suit preormer - promotions and stage shows


Stage and Set Creator

Wow Factor

Set up staging with lights,

lighting and visual effects opperator,stage hand

Shows to date :  monthly variety show, club,

club events and shows

Central Coast Country Music Festival, staging set design and creation.



Tafe Nsw,Newcastle


common sence in creating
Crafts and creativity is my passion and hobby, which is now known as a skill.  I produce and create plans and concepts from start to finish, utilising a number of tools required from hardware to hand / power tools, and have the appropriated skills and safety knowledge to use them for construction. Some examples of this are staging with rigging lighting/ gaffing, camera assist/operation, dolly and crane construction, stage assembly and dismantling, house and car repairs and improvements, Diy and construction - in short I'm a hands on man.
Prop and Set design

Again with assessments (teacher Mrs Gabby O'Connor)  i made a 1/10 th scale model  raft from form a film frame and then we had to shoot footage with story board and edit and produce footage

basic final cut pro (mac)
I have a basic understanding in final cut pro.  Throughout my TAFE crouse I saw 8 projects from conception to post production, including  scripting, pre production and story boards, directing shots, shooting, creating shot lists and editing.


Wow Factor Entetainment

Peter L:ee

Chris King

Sound and Stage assistant.

Robyn Edmonds-king

My Acting agent for extras and promotional work



My interests are all outdoor and social activities.  The world is my home - my home is not my world.

I participate in health and fitness  studying personal training (cert 3 fitness instructor)and a registered Zumba Instructor.  I continually create props and sets via arts and craft from painting to recycled art pieces. I love to create and plan out ideas and concepts for films and television shows and seek advice from friends, colleagues and the general public on their ideas, when refining my own concepts with the view to creating a basic pilot and see where it leads.  I am a chef by trade so i love and enjoy cooking and entertaining.  Being a father is also a buzz as for i have 3 children/ teenagers.  I enjoy watching them grow up and seeing them grow into their own form of their role models. I love to act as an extra and desire to take this further. I enjoy building and getting my hands dirty and most of all I enjoy living my life and discovering the possibilities out there.


welcome to the imagination of Mark Johnston

I love to create in any way shape or form, from arts, craft, film, Television, Stage,, photrography and paint and food. I seek the skills to launch me in to a dream career  in the entertainment industry, from film to music to television and arts and craft, My past was Hospitality as a chef and i still love to create with food and to entertain.

But my heart, passions and dedications are now fixed in producing, directing, acting  and filming as well as events.

In this industry i desire to start with production and seek a good old fashioned passionate employer who is willing to educate and pass their successful producing skills on to me, so I may role model them and follow in their foot steps. I am up front and honest. This is my direction and i am 100% committed to achieving  my directive.


To succeed in all areas in my life and endevours;  to be the best i can be, both in my life adventures

and in my career.  I am determined to be a successful actor, producer and director in my own production and events management company, nationally and internationally; to have 2 fully funded films and 3 funded tv shows and set up as franchises within 10 years.

My prime objective at this point of my career is to secure employment with a successful production company to both share my acquired skill set and to gain further experience to acheive my life goals.