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"There is nothing you can’t do, if you set your mind to it. Anything is possible."  Rick Hansen

Education is in a time of change. To move forward we must be able to answer the question of “why”. So often we are focused on “what”, however in a world where “what” changes frequently we must have a solid grounding to guide us. The future will be creative, collaborative and challenge us to think critically. We are now in a global era, to be successful we must become a digital citizen. In doing so we strengthen our connection with others leaving behind a footprint that is evident to all, stating who we are. I strive to create an environment that calls others to engage and collaborate as leaders in the world.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

What should the environment of education look like? Never before has it been so crucial to build strong community partners. There are more stakeholders in education today than ever before, as a result, it is imperative to be able to communicate through traditional, social and digital media.

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original.” Ken Robinson

The road ahead for education is an exciting one, we have opportunities today that we did not even dream of years ago. To embark down this road we must be willing to forge new ground, while assessing and redirecting the path we create so as to make sure we end up at our desired goals. In order to execute this education must have strong leadership and a deliberate plan. This plan must answer these three questions. Why are we doing this? How will it happen? What will we do?

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.” Wayne Gretzky

By creating an environment that allows all stakeholders to engage in a meaningful, collaborative process, while at the same time reducing the anxieties associated with the implementation of change, the system of education moves forward. Having a supportive environment that validates all who are in it will foster and grow support for the mission of education.


5+ Years Experience
  • Published seven yearbooks and several children's books.
  • Co-published Children's books with my students to the iBooks Store


Andre Poisson

Assistant Principal 

St  Joeseph High School

[email protected]

1-(306) 222-2786

Jay Wilson

Department Head 

Educational Technology and Design

University of Saskatchewan

[email protected]

1-(306) 222-3186



The following sections show a sampling of the wide variety of skills, certifications and qualifications that I have.

Keynote Speaker

5 Years Experience

Deliver sessions at conferences about technology and education. 

Website Development

10+ Years Experience
  • Dreamweaver
  • iWeb
  • Google Sites
  • Blogs
  • RSS
  • html coding
  • Moodle
  • Web CT


5+ Years Experience

2D animation.

  • Stop Motion
  • Cell Frame Animation
  • Key-frame Animation
  • Motion Graphics

3D animation.

  • 3D wire-frame based modeling and animating
  • 3D environment creation


10+ Years Experience

Teach many different levels of digital photography and related skills.

  • Point and shoot cameras
  • DSLR's
  • Lighting
  • Posing the Model
  • Composition
  • Sharing media

Video Editing

10+ Years Experience

Apple Certified Editor since 2008

Teach many different levels and skills associated with digital video.
  • How to use cameras
  • Transferring media
  • Editing video and audio
  • Exporting
  • Sharing media

iTunes U Developer and Reviewer

2 Years Experience

I develop and review other educators courses for delivery on iTunes U.

Social Media

10+ Years Experience

Use and embrace many different forms of social media. Some of these are.

  • Twitter
  • facebook
  • blogs
  • Google+
  • websites
  • Flickr
  • Texting
  • Skype
  • FaceTime
  • iMessage
  • email

Festival Organizer

4 Years Experience Created the Bethlehem Independent Film Festival so that my students and others from around the world would have a venue to display and receive recognition for their work.
  • Organize sponsors
  • Design and set up the evening
  • Have local media cover the event
  • Radio pre-promotion
  • Design and order trophies

Professional Development Trainer

3 Years Experience
  • Apple Certified Professional Development Trainer since 2011.
  • Facilitated local Professional Development sessions within my own school division.
  • Delivered Professional Development to educators around Canada.
  • Facilitated other yearbook advisers Photoshop training session around Canada.

Team Leader

10+ Years Experience

Technology and Professional Development Learning Leader

  • Provide my staff technology leadership.
    • Guide best practices.
    • Provide thought leadership.
    • Help teachers integrate new technologies into their classroom.
  • Guide and develop new strategies to deliver staff PD.

As a Multimedia Teacher I have run my own area for many years, and in multiple schools.

  • Started up two multimedia programs in two different high schools.
  • Budget Manager
    • Oversee six different budgets for my school.
  • Act as an unofficial department head in my area of Practical and Applied Arts, as areas operate separately. There are three teachers including myself that I guide in the direction our program is heading.This can be witnessed through:
    • example
    • sharing my units, lessons and knowledge
    • collaborating with staff in my building and abroad
    • lining up professional growth opportunities for myself and fellow staff
  • Many staff members frequently seek my advice on technology based questions and initiatives that they have in their own teaching.
  • Lead professional development sessions in our division when asked to do so.

School Technology Representative. (2011-Present)

  • This group discusses new initiatives, looks at what is working well at the school level and also makes recommendations for what can be improved upon.

Educational Technology Advisory Committee. (2011-Present)

  • This committee's mandate is to guide and develop the path that our division is on in regards to technology.

Organized a group of four teachers and ten students that won a $20 000 Best Buy Grant.

  • Wrote the script and oversaw the production of our grant application video.

Professional Learning Network

10+ Years Experience

Developed an extensive professional network of educators from around Canada and the World.

Apple Distinguished Educator class of 2009

  • This has allowed me to create a close network of educators on a global scale.
  • Presented several workshops at a national conference level.

Apple Distinguished Educator Board Of Directors 2010-Present

  • Member of the Board of Directors which has ten educators from across Canada.
  • Organized a National Conference.
  • Sat on two sub committees.
    • External Keynote Speaker
    • Conference Workshops

Apple Distinguished Educator International Board Of Directors 2012-2013

  • Member of the International Board of Directors
    • Planned an international conference for educators in Cork Ireland in July, 2012.

    • Planning a conference in Austin Texas for educators in July, 2013.


10+ Years Experience

Teach daily in my classes.

Work experience

Aug 2007Present

Multi Media Teacher

Bethlehem Catholic High School
  • On staff for the opening of the school.  We had students in grade nine and ten, and our building was not fully completed.

  • Along with the building finishing and the student body growing I was able to adapt and change the learning environment of my class to suit my students.

  • Taught grade nine English and Social Studies as there were only two grade ten graphics classes in the first year.

  • Started up a Multimedia program.

  • Run a Mac lab with 30 iMacs.

  • Implemented a 1-1 iPad environment to replace the 1-1 iMac environment.
  • Teach a variety of assignments that have a real world professional end quality to them.

  • Digital Media classes have now flourished to almost support two full time equivalent teachers.

  • Developed into a technology leader for the school.

  • This has led to many formal and informal learning and teaching sessions with and for my peers.
  • Have been the Head Coach of the Junior and then Senior Boys Volleyball team, ran a Rubics Cube club the first year when we had no gym for intramurals.
  • Currently Head Yearbook Adviser and Photographer
  • Created, organize and run a High School Film Festival BIFF
Aug 2010Present

Video, Animation Teacher and Program Developer

Saskatoon Catholic Cyber School
  •       Developed a grade 10 Digital Citizen curriculum and online course.
  •       Developed a grade 11 Digital Citizenship curriculum and online course focusing on personal branding online.
  •       I teach grade 10 Animation and Communication Media 20.
  •       I have taught grade 10 Information Processing.
  • Experience in multiple learning management systems.

  • Gained a new perspective on how content is delivered, viewed, and understood by students.

  • Migrated courses over from Web CT to Moodle has reinforced the instructional design process.

Apr 2011Present

Apple Acknowledged Trainer

Apple Canada

As an Apple Acknowledged Trainer I deliver professional development to classes, schools, or divisions. The training covers topics such as best practices for using and deploying computers or mobile devices, how to create and publish educational material, to making all learning material accessible for all learners.

Aug 2000Jun 2007


E. D. Feehan Catholic High School
  • Developed what technology and my programs should look like and how they should evolve.
  • Looked at developing professional certification in video editing for the students.
  • Started up a Graphic Arts Program for the school.
  • Purchased all materials and resources to start and run the program.

  • Created a one computer to three student ratio.

  • Designed Graphics courses to have three modules so that students were able to learn all aspects of the course.

  • Oversaw the budget for the Graphic Arts program.

  • Taught a variety of English, Christian Ethics and Visual Arts Classes
  • Had a very involved role in extra curricular activities.
    • Head Coach Senior Boys Volleyball
    • Throws Coach for Track and Field
    • Ran an Art Club
    • Helped painting sets
Aug 2005Jun 2006


Opening Doors Program
  • This is program for students who have been in the judicial system, have mental health issues, or have been out of school for a period of six months or greater.

  • Taught English, Math, Science and Art.


Sep 2012Jun 2014

Masters in Educational Technology and Design

University Of Saskatchewan

I am currently taking my Masters at the University of Saskatchewan in Education Technology & Design. I am focusing my study and research on the best practices for the education provider, to support and develop a sustainable technology based environment that enhances and increases student achievement. This includes hardware, software, staff training, and the necessary change to instructional practices that are needed to support the increasing integration of technology in learning.