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Work experience

May 2010Present

Front Desk/Yard Employee

Economy Cashway Lumber

I have worked at this current occupation for 7 months. I have been trained to run the businesses forklift, and delivery truck. My occupation involves me to work at the front desk, where I help customers within the store, and I also work outside in the yard where I help load the customers lumber that they have purchased.

Jul 2006Oct 2009

Maitenance Crew

Fort Macleod Golf Course

I was in charge of the grounds crew for the golf course. I cut greens, cut rough, cut tee-boxes, and maintained other areas of the golf course.

Jun 2005Aug 2005

Cashier/Kitchen Crew

A and W Restaurant

I worked in both sections of the restaurant. I started as a kitchen worker, where I prepared food for the customers and made sure the area was clean at all times. After a few weeks, I got trained in the front as a cashier, where I took the customers order and prepared their meals to be served to them.


Jan 2010Present

Criminal Justice Degree

Letbridge College



Skifty Borthwick

Skifty was my employer at the Fort Macleod Golf Course for 3 years. He was the superintendant in charge of all duties relating to the maitenance crew

Tayler Sankovic

Tayler is the current supervisor at Sentry Security in Lethbridge, Alberta

Ron Kingston

Ron is currently my employer at Economy Cashway Lumber


Hard Independent Worker and Team Worker
When given a certain task on my own, I will complete that task twice as fast as I would if someone was helping me. This is my greatest asset. I do not need other employees to be standing beside me telling me what to do. I can do my job properly without them there. I can also do teamwork as well. I can get with several employees or peers and accomplish tasks. I make sure that we do the task correctly and to the best of my ability. This is where my leadership skills come in again, I try to correct my peers or employees to the best of my ability to allow for the best outcome.
Adaptability is a major skill that is ultized on a daily basis. It allows for me to become comfortable at my job when I first start out. I can adapt to the environment and learn new tasks and skills within that job in no time at all. This allows for my empolyer to realize that I work very hard and try to achieve what is needed of me.
I use my leadership skills on a daily basis. I use them for different aspects of my life. Leadership was a major factor for me in the sport of hockey. I utilized this skill when I was the captain of my team. My teammates looked up to me and always came to me for advice. They looked for me in times of trouble when our team was struggling. I would bring the team together and talk about our weaknesses. This would help our team become better and be more successful.



My objective is to achieve a municipal policing position which will enable me to utilize my interpersonal skills and tactics to better help serve and protect my community.  


Some of my interests are hunting, fishing, dirtbiking, snowmobiling, snowboarding, hockey, football, basketball, rugby, and golfing. These interests are the hobbies that I like to do in my spare time. They allow me to have some fun with the activities that I like to do whenever I can


Dec 2007Present

Class 5 Drivers License

Currently have Drivers License
Jul 2010Present

Watercraft License

Currently Hold Watercraft License
Oct 2010Oct 2012

Firearms Acqusation License

Currently hold FAC License