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Who I am, and what I love to do...

Alisha Griswold is an emergency manager who currently serves the communities around the Seattle region. As a nationally recognized trainer and disaster technologist, Ms. Griswold supports the development of federal coursework related to social media use during disasters, founded a national working group on emerging technology, and and most recently contributed to the White House Disaster Innovation initiative in Washington DC. As a public servant, Alisha is a vocal proponent for inclusive preparedness strategies, evidence-based practices, and transparency in government.

Work experience

Mar 2012Jun 2014

Training and Exercise Specialist

Port of Seattle
  • Lead Coordinator / Controller: FAA Triennial Compliance Exercise (Full-Scale / Multi-Agency)
  • Catalyst / Planner: Puget Sound Cyber Security Workshop / Emerald Down III
  • Lead Trainer: FEMA Incident Command System / Nat'l Incident Management System
  • Lead Trainer: Emergency Preparedness Basics for staff and stakeholders
  • Lead Trainer: Community Emergency Response Team "CERT"
  • Co-Chair: Homeland Security Region 6 Training and Exercise Committee
  • Lead Local Controller: 2012 "Evergreen Quake" Regional Functional Exercise
  • Lead Coordinator: 2012 Port of Seattle Emergency Management Summit - Crisis Communication
  • Lead Coordinator: 2013 Port of Seattle Emergency Management Summit - Cyber Security
  • Exercise Planner Cyber Storm IV ->
Jul 2011Present

Founder / Chair Emeritus

IAEM-USA: Emerging Technology Caucus

IAEM-ETC Mission Statement: "Our mission is to research, evaluate, and make recommendations on new and innovative technology as they pertain to emergency management processes and to disseminate best practices to the broader emergency management community.”

Dec 2009Mar 2012

Emergency Planner

Johnson County Health Department
  • Department Administrator: JCHD Respiratory Protection Program;
  • Department Administrator: Workplace Safety Coordinator
  • Department Administrator: CityWatch Emergency Team Notification System
  • State Administrator. KS-TRAIN website via Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment
  • Project Lead: Dispense Assist Prophylaxis Assessment System
  • Liaison: Regional Homeland Security Coordination Committee - Hospitals Subcommittee
  • Liaison: Kansas City Regional Hospital Emergency Preparedness Council
  • Liaison: Johnson County Citizen Corps Council
  • Liaison Officer: State of Kansas Incident Management Team - North East Region
  • Facilitator: KS-Regional Alternate Care Site Planning Team.
  • Department Leader: Trust-Taskforce
  • Department Manager: Continuity of Operations Planning and Revisions Taskforce Lead
  • Regional Coordinator for Federal Center for Domestic Preparedness courses 6/2010
  • Nominee: University of Kansas Emerging Leadership Academy Scholarship - 2010
  • Recipient: 2012 "Model Practice" Award by the National Association of City and County Health Officials
Aug 2005Mar 2012

Executive Committee Vice-Chair + Volunteer

Medical Reserve Corps of Greater Kansas City
  • Liaison: Metropolitan Emergency Managers Committee
  • Coordinated with JoCo Citizen Corps Council to support production of functional needs videos
  • Published Profile in "Changing the World on a Tuesday Night" book by Tammi DeVille - 2010
  • Drafted Volunteer Code of Conduct - 2010
  • Drafted Job Descriptions for Executive Committee Members - 2010
  • Award: Dedication to Leadership and Service - 2010
  • Award: Commitment to Training and Service - 2010
  • Assisted with revision of MRCKC Bylaws - 2009
Aug 2008Dec 2009

Emergency Services Technology Dept.

Mid-America Regional Council
  • Regional Administrator: Metropolitan Emergency Information System
  • Regional Project Manager: Kansas City Metro AED Registry
  • Regional Project Manager: Hospital HAM Radio Project
  • Subject Matter Expert: Regional Hazard Mitigation Plans - Infectious Disease
  • Auxiliary Administrator: Regional Healthcare Team Notification System
  • Tech Trainer / Project Support: Patient Tracking / EMS and Hospitals
  • Systems Tester / Project Support: Regional WebEOC Initiative

Consultant: Community Outreach & Volunteer Services

PACE Analytical Services
  • Met with staff and developed basic concepts for encouraging employees to volunteer
  • Assisted with strategic planning and the formation of Community Outreach Committee
  • Assisted with the drafting of an employee survey to gauge interest in types of volunteering
  • Presented "The Value of Volunteers" to all staff

Specialized Training

Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute

Medical Effects of Ionizing Radiation - 2009

American Red Cross

Health Service Response Workshop - 2010

Shelter Operations and Simulations - 2010

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Strategic National Stockpile Training - 2010

Emergency Use Authorization - 2009

Epidemiology and Prevention of Disease - Session 1 & 2 - 2009

Center for Domestic Preparedness (FEMA/Dept. of Homeland Security)

Pandemic Planning and Preparedness - MGT-900 - 2010

Respiratory Protection: Program Development and Administration - PER-263  - 2010

Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI & CDC)

Academic Biosecurity Workshop - 2011

Joint Criminal and Epidemiological Investigations - 2010

Kansas Department of Emergency Management

Incident Management Team Command and General Staff Functions - 2010

North Carolina Center for Public Health Preparedness

Reportable Disease Surveillance - 2009

Texas Engineering Extension Service (TEEX & FEMA)

Essentials of Community Cyber Security - AWR 136 - 2013

EOC's Role in Cyber Security - MGT 384 - 2013

Bacillus Anthracis / Anthrax - WMD PER305 - 2009

Bioterrorism: Mass Prophylaxis Preparedness & Planning - 2009

Introduction to SNS and Mass Prophylaxis - WMD AWR 200 - 2009

Terrorism Awareness for First Responders - AWR 160 - 2009

Medical Effects of Primary Blast Injuries - WMD PER 304 - 2009

Unified Government of Kansas City

Public Health Disease Investigator Training - 2010

My Personal Mission

To inspire disaster preparedness and crisis resilience through positive engagement.

Certifications / Licenses

Federal Emergency Management Association

Incident Command System Lead Instructor

Federal Emergency Management Association

Community Emergency Response Team Lead Instructor

American Heart Association 

Instructor - Healthcare Provider CPR/AED and First Aid

Federal Communications Commission

Amateur Radio Operator - Technician

Kansas Board of Emergency Medical Services

Emergency Medical Technician (previous)

FEMA Training

Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program / "HSEEP"

Professional Development Series

G-300    Intermediate ICS

G-400    Advanced ICS

IS-100a  Incident Command         

IS -22     Citizen Preparedness

IS-42 Social Media Emergency Mgmt

IS-120   Intro to Exercises     

IS-130   Exercise Eval and Planning

IS-139   Exercise Design

IS-197.EM  Special Needs Planning

IS-200a  ICS for Single Resources

IS-230  Emergency Mgmt IS-235   Emergency Planning

IS-240   Leadership and Influence

IS-241   Decision Making

IS-242  Effective Communications

IS-244   Developing Volunteers

IS-546a Continuity of Operations

IS-547a Intro to Continuity of Ops

IS-548 Continuity Manager

IS-700   Ntnl Incident Mgmt System

IS-800b  Ntnl Response Framework

IS-806   ESF #6 - Mass Care

IS-808  ESF #8 - PH Medical

IS-836   Radiological Incident Annex

Professional Affiliation

International Emergency Managers Association (IAEM)

Govt. Affairs Liaison - Emerging Tech Caucus

Washington State Fusion Center Fusion Liaison Officer

Homeland Security Center of Excellence Advisory Board Member

Dept. of Homeland Security -

Virtual Social Media Working Group


Washington State Emergency Managers Association (WSEMA) Active Member

Dept. of Homeland Security -

First Responders Communities of Practice


Kansas City Terrorism Early Warning Center

Intelligence Liaison Officer (Previous)

FEMA Strategic Foresight Initiative

Sponsored Contributor (Previous)


"Digital Detectives and Virtual Volunteers: Integrating emergent online communities into disaster response operations" Journal of Business Continuity and Emergency Planning - October 2014

“Misinformation Mitigation – Neoteric Techniques Developed During Super-storm Sandy”

IAEM Bulletin - January 2013

“Leveraging Social Media for Biosurveillance”

IAEM Bulletin - November 2012

“Future Tech: Imagining the Emergency Operations Center of Tomorrow”

IAEM Bulletin - June 2012

“A Primer in #SMEM”

IAEM Bulletin - April 2012

“An Introduction to the IAEM Emerging Technology Caucus”

IAEM Bulletin - March 2012

Public Speaking Experience

"Cyber / SCADA Security for Emergency Managers"

Speaking engagement for the Homeland Security Emergency Management Center of Excellence - 6/17/14

"What you Need to Know about Cyber Security"

Speaking engagement for the Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference - 4/23/14

"Digital Detectives and Virtual Volunteers: The Impact of Emergent Online Communities on Homeland Security and Law Enforcement"

Speaking engagement for the Partners in Emergency Preparedness Conference - 4/22/14 

"Social Media as a Tool for Public Health Learning"

Speaking engagement for the National Center for Disaster Medicine and Public Health - 9/17/2013

"Techspectations of Higher-Ed Consumers"

Speaking engagement for the Homeland Security Center of Excellence Educator's Summit - 6/18/2013

"The Future of Emergency Management - Where We Are Headed"

Panel presentation for the Homeland Security Center of Excellence Educator's Summit - 6/17/2013

"What is Emergency Management?"

Speaking engagement for Aviation High School 4-22-13

"Virtual Operations Support Teams: Leveraging Social Media Communities for Response"

Speaking engagement for the Houston / Galveston Regional PIO Network - 3/21/2013

"Virtual Operations Teams: Digital Support for Response and Recovery"

Speaking engagement for the International Association of Emergency Managers - 10/30/2012

"Zoonotics to Zombies: Social Media for Public Health Outreach"

Speaking engagement for the National Emergency Managers Association - 10/6/2012

"Technical Innovation: Creative Solutions for Tight Budgets and Snug Schedules"

Speaking engagement for the Washington State Emergency Managers Association - 9/26/2012

"Cooperative COOP: A Decentralized Approach for Diverse Organizations"

Speaking engagement for the Washington State Emergency Managers Association - 9/26/2012

"Bioterrorism and Zombies: Preparing for the Next Big Disaster"

Speaking engagement for the Science Pioneers - 3/10/2012

"All A'Twitter: Engaging the Public Through Social Media"

Speaking engagement for the International Emergency Managers Association Annual Conference - 11/15/2011

"Technical Innovation and Collaborative Problem Solving"

Moderator / Panel discussion for the Urban Areas Security Initiatives Conference - 6/21/2011

"Social Media and Emergency Management"

Panel discussion for the Urban Areas Security Initiatives Conference - 6/21/2011

"Crisis Communication: Social Media in Disasters"

Panel discussion and interactive demo for the Annual Volunteers Active in Disasters Conference - 5/25/2011

"Bioterrorism: A Brief History"

Speaking engagement for Kansas Citizens for Science - 7/6/2010

 "Regional Homeland Security and You"

Speaking engagement for Community of Reason - 7/4/2010

"The Role of Healthcare Professionals in Bioterror Incidents"

Speaking engagement for Camp Pathological students at the University of Kansas Medical Center - 6/29/10


Jan 2010Dec 2011

Bachelor's of Science

University of Central Missouri

Coursework Completed:

  • Crisis and Disaster Management
  • Disaster Management Technology
  • Technology Applications: System Implementation
  • Community Mitigation and Recovery
  • Catastrophic Planning
  • Disaster and Society
  • Integrated Emergency Management
  • Disaster Research / Research Methods