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Work experience

Aassistant Driver

Assisted the Driver of a Package Car in the delivery of parcels to residences and businesses.Collected payments for C.O.D. deliveries,and obtained necessary Signaturesbefore releasing High Dollar or Sensetive items during the peak Holiday Season....Performed further duties as participant in Nose-Dock Crew that performed loading and unloading of Delivery Aircraft.

Dec 2012Present

Surveillance Role Player


Skilled participant providing  simulated resistance in a training enviornment in order to improve the situational awareness of participants

Sep 2010Dec 2010

Material Handler

Yoh Temporary Services

Responsible for the accurate count , air purging and repacking of automotive fuel lines for Continental Automotive Manufacturing

Sep 2007Jan 2009

Security Officer

Deco Security Services

Provided Armed Security Services to the Yorktown Naval Weapons Station and it's attached Installations in

order to prevent Illegal Trespassing,Sabotage and Acts of Terrorism against persons who worked and

resided therein.

Jul 2007Jul 2007

On Call Employee

Headway Corporate Staffing

An On-Call Employee responsible for the remodeling of the Army and Navy (A&N) Store for Hampton Virginia.Assisting the store employees and management by the relocation of store merchandise, and the necessary restockingof same merchandise after the remodeling work was completed

Apr 2007Jun 2007

Material Handler

Production Support Services

Performed rework duties under contract with Canon Inc. of Virginia on Hewlett-Packard and Pittney-Bowes

mail stamping machines in order for them to be repaired,restored,and redistributed for public sales or

sales to businesses.

Jun 2006Aug 2006

Maintenance Person


Responsible for the Cleanliness and historicl ideal preservation of the Merchants Square and Historical Williamsburg area for the enjoyment of tourists and shoppers visitingand shopping in the City Of Williamsburg over the Summer Months..Also Assisted the Employees of Dyn Marine Services in the Downloading of materials and Supplies necessary to facilitate the construction of a Field-Ready Hospital for the United States Navy

Jan 2004Jan 2006


Responsible for the Cleanliness and Function Ability of Shipyard Grounds and Shop Areas by the removal of trash, maintenance of drainage and sewage lines and proper care of Hazmat/Biological/Radiological Spills.Also maintained proficiency in the use of Forklift/Barrel Dumper equipment,and Steam/Pressure Cleaning Equipment

Apr 2005Oct 2005

Cart Pusher

Responsible for the Supplying of clean, fresh and serviceable shopping carts for customers entering the store for purchases.Also working to aid customers who were elderly, handicapped or had purchased large amounts of products to mload their vehicles,or to aid them in the return of products they deem unserviceable to them.

Oct 2002Jun 2003

Material Handler


Performed the receiving and shipping of Foods,Fashions and Electronic merchandise under a Government Contract for the Department of Defense for Retal Sales stores in Local ,Regional and International areas of Interest.Utilized material handling equipment to preform various tasks to facilitate warehouse mission effectiveness

Jul 2002Oct 2002

Warehouse Employee

Handling the storage and preservation of various pork foodstuffs for distribution from the Smithfield Virginia Pork Processing Facility for shipping to Local, Regional ,and International Destinations.Trained and Managed outside Temporary employees for duties and possible Full-Time Employment.Received short-term Clerical duties.

May 2002Jun 2002

Assistant Janitor

Assisted the Janitorial Staff of William and Mary in their preparations of Dormitories for the Summer School Session

May 2000Dec 2001

Material Handler

Inventoried and recorded medical supplies for Storage and Shipping under Government Contract for Fleet Hospital Support Office (FHSO) of the United States Navy.Assured proper count of medical items and conducted random spot checks on items for service ability.

Feb 2000May 2000

Warehouse Employee

C&F Enterprises

Inventoried and recorded sales products for shipping .Also assisted in the shipping and receiving of sales products from overseas and around the country.

Jun 1996Oct 1999

Armor Crewman

United States Army

Maintained and operated various tracked and wheeled vehicles in accordance with Army Regulations and German Road Laws.Sustained and Supported numerous training exercises to include VIP transport,perimeter security,HAZMAT materials movement and storage, and protection of sensetive materials by mission parameters,

May 1993Jun 1996

Armor Crewman

United States Army

Maintained and Operated a Main Batttle Tank In accordance with Army Regulations.Insured full operational ability by load plans,field exercises,and operational deployments in local regions and global deployments


Mar 2010Jul 2012


ITT Technical Institute

Graduate with  Associates Degree in Criminal Justice with a 3.04 GPA

Jul 2008Aug 2008

Personal Protection Specialist

Security Operations Services

Trained in the discipline of Personal Protection (Bodyguarding) In order to prevent or reduce acts of violence

against persons of interest.

Jun 2007Jun 2007

Criminal Justice and Security Institute of Virginia

Introduction to Private Security,Unarmed Security,Use of Force,Arrest,Firearms Training

Feb 2005Feb 2005

Northrop Gruman Night School

Red Cross First Aid Training, Use of CPR, Use of AED

May 1999May 1999


Hazardous materials training mandated by Army Regulations and Host Government (German) Requirements.

Jul 1998Aug 1998

University of Maryland European Campus

Introduction to Law Enforcement

Apr 1998Jun 1998

Continued Higher Education in the use of Computer Electronics (Internet)

Use of Force,Defensive Tactics for Law Enforcement

Jun 1995Jun 1995

United States Army

U.S.  Army Basic First Aid, Basic Combat Lifesaver Course


Personal Protection Skills
A good agent not only protects but represents his Client, hence a good Agent who represents his client well and protects him with the same element of care and dedication will be both respected by both his peers and his foes.
Light Managerial Skills
Leaders should lead by example and be dedicated mentors to their subordinates.That person who brings out the best in others also brings out the best in himself and the organization he reperesents and makes the labors of all a complete success
Knowledgable in the care,use, and strorage of Hazardous Materials
Material Handler
Trained in the Operation of Forklifts both electric and diesel powered to be able to load and unload various goods safely and efficiently
Security Skills
Former U.S. Army Soldier with a backgrond in Criminal Justice and Private Security
Customer Service
A firm believer in the internal and external customer dynamic in order to provide the best in Customer Service
Light keyboarding Skills


Lester Gordon

Jackson Coleman

Sharard Mizell

Monica Chamberliss

Shawn Cobb

Samuel Choice


Jun 2007Jul 2009

Armed/Unarmed Security Officer

Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS)
Sep 2008Jun 2009

Personal Protection Specialist

Virginia DCJS
Apr 2005May 2006

HAZAMAT Certification

Northrop Grumman Newport News
May 2003May 2005

Material Handling Equipment

Army and Air Force Exchange Service



Highly-Skilled Logistics Specialist for Immediate Hire


World Events,Chess,Travel,Military Events,Electronics and Computers,Cooking,Finance,Weight Lifting,

Fishing,Theater and Movies,Music,Mixed Martial Arts


United States Army