• Highly Qualified IT professional with 9+ years of experience in software industry using Microsoft technology and others
  • Extensive experience with project proposals, timeline determination, budget estimation, risk management and staffing plans.
  • Hands on experience in handling business process re-structuring initiatives and implementation of business solutions within preset budget and deadlines.
  • Experienced in identifying & delivering technical solutions to customers; ability to communicate with the appropriate audiences at all levels of an organization.
  • An effective communicator with excellent written and verbal presentation skills. 
  • Ability to create, implement and improve IT Processes, Policies and overall IT strategy.
  • Introduce internal-user-training-workshops to ensure appropriate usage of IT Applications and  equipment.
  • Excellent in Process measurements, improvements and control 


Recent Work

Work experience

Work experience

Team Leader and Senior Developer

Jun 2010 - Present
Emaratech - ERES

Emaratech: Is a semi-government company dedicated to providing software solutions for government entities only like "Immigration Service E-Form, E-Gate, Emirates ID, e-Wallet ... " 

  • OQOOD System: This system is enforced by law to all property developers across Dubai and it performs all procedures required on Off-Plan properties such as "Sell, Sell with Mortgage, Lease ... "
  • DSR System: This system is Dubai Land Department System that is used by developers to submit their procedures to DLD.
  • EJARI System: the is the system where all tenancy certificates and contracts for all Dubai residents are generated, it automates all required processes during management of tenancy contracts, real estate properties management contracts, owners ... .
  • IMS System: or inspection management system: which is the system responsible for tracking off-plan projects progress until they are completed.


  • Organize, direct, and manage activities for building and maintaining all ERES products
  • releases
  • Meet business owners of each product to analyze and plan their new requirements or changes on exiting systems
  • Lead and manage technical team to implement change requests for their promotion to production environment
  • Provide technical support to QC and business unit personnel in executing and managing test processes and establishing the environments used to conduct testing of the final deliverable
  • Conduct code quality control checks and edit work if necessary, identifying and highlighting best practice to ensure they meet quality standards and performance objectives
  • Responsible for the all deployment and packaging in the production environment 
  • Plan and manage applications handover from development to operations team
  • Communicate with different departments such as Call Center, Infrastructure , Development and Quality assurance 

Team Leader and Senior Developer

Jan 2009 - Jun 2010
Tathmeer Holding

Tathmeer Holding is a branch of BE International Group specialized in software development. 

I was managing 4 projects in a mid size web based ERP Solution ( Human Resources - Finance - Media Selling / Buying and Advertising ) written in C# and using MySQL database in backend.All applications above  followed N-Tier Applications architecture, divided into 5 layers (GUI, Data Transportation Layer - Business Logic Layer - Data Access Layer and the Data Store).My Team was 7 people (5 Developers and 2 testing engineers). 

Responsibilities :

  • Analyze, Design and write the architect of above applications.
  • Create, Execute and follow up projects plans.
  • Lead the team during Development and Testing process.
  • Develop complex tasks like the System framework, Security Framework and Communication Framework. 

IT Team Leader

Jul 2006 - Dec 2008

Code-Republic: European company that was outsourcing developers and sell software solutions with source code.


  • Analyze, plan and Develop requirements for windows and web applications as required. 
  • Choose what technology should be used and put approaches for developers on how tasks will be done.
  • Develop systems framework for websites and windows applications in the company. [Setting the architect, write the complex components will be commonly used … ]

My Latest projects at code republic:

  • Momondo Flights Search Engine ( ) : A search engine for flights information communicating to more than 520 websites as primary data source, I've been sent to Copenhagen in a business trip to participate in this engine design. I was the Team Leader responsible of this client 
  • Community website and CVs system.
  • CamGard: A web application that transmits life video streaming from several security cameras installed on many customers sites




Sep 1999 - May 2004
Mansoura University


Jan 2001 - Dec 2003
Info Tech Institue



Computer Programming Skills

ASP.Net 2005 and Ajax framework. Excellent knowledge using several JavaScript frameworks. Like JQuery, Yahoo UI, Prototype And Ajax PHP - MySQL if needed. Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle  very good understanding of web applications security and security threads in applications design

Extensive knowledge in different business areas

  CRM, CMS, HRM, Finance, Point of sales, Stock Management,  ERP, Medicine industry and Real estate   

Communication and Team Management

Strong effective business communication in English and Arabic Strong Team management skills, team problems solving and evaluation 



Mukhtar Ayob Khan

ERES Operations Team Lead, was working with me on support activities in ERES


[email protected]

Hani Mikawai

Senior software engineer, working with me on RERP.


Dr. Walid Owda

Was my Manager at Tatheer Holding