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  • Reading.
  • Horse riding.
  • Playing snooker and billiard.
  1. First award of billiard competition held by the Saudi Student Club in Brisbane, Australia-2008,
  2. Several participations in snooker and billiard competitions.

  • Public relationships and networking.

General Information

Date of Birth: 24 November 1978.

Nationality: Saudi.

Marital Status: Married with two kids.

Education Level: Masters

Languages Spoken: Arabic/English


Fadul Ruhaimy

  • Mr.Fadul was my direct manager at Sultanah EST.

Ahmed Badhris

  • Ahmed is a close friend who knows me very well. 

Esam Essa

  • Mr.Esam was my direct manager at Olayan.

Taizan Chan

  • I took a couple of courses with Dr.Taizan while obtaining my postgraduate studies.

Rayan Zahid


  • To utilize my expertise and skills in contributing to the achievements of a company's goals and objectives through a project management or a business analysis and development role.

Work experience and education


After I graduated From King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah as a Biomedical engineer, I was recruited by Arabian Healthcare Supply Company; one of Olayan group as a Sales coordinator. Then, I went to Australia to continue my post-graduate studies where I graduated with two masters degrees, Engineering Management and IT management. During my studies and within a summer vacation, I worked at Sultanah EST. as a project manager assistant. Currently, I am a project manager at Arabic Computer Systems as a contractor with the Ministry of Culture and Information who is responsible about some of the IT projects in the Ministry.

I am looking forward to work in a multi cultural organization that matches  my personality, which will lead to a long term relationship and accordingly good benefit exchanging. 

Most of the people describe me as: honest, practical, fast learner, well organized, patient, a good team player, assertive, accurate, and self disciplined. 




Queensland University of Technology
  • 3rd honors with GPA of 5.25/7 (3.0/4.0).
  • Project Management skills have been enhanced through obtaining academic and hands-on expertise in the field of IT. A high distinction awarded major project was completed which aimed to develop a comprehensive project plan template that guides a project manager to managing projects efficiently and effectively covering all areas of Industry standard Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Another area of expertise developed was around business analysis and modeling. This was greatly reflected by an entrepreneurial project under self-leadership where the team managed to analyze a client's business Idea, model it, create a business plan, and turns around the idea to a real business.


Queensland University of Technology
  • GPA of 4.125/7 (2.35/4.0).
  • Developed the capability of dealing and leading people from diverse ages and cultures.
  • Augmented managerial and leadership skills through the deliberate selection of the courses that had been taken.


Jamiat Al-Malik Abdulaziz
  • GPA of 3/5 (2.4/4.0).
  • “Best student award” in one of the most difficult integration mathematic course.
  • “Best Senior Project” award. The project was about developing a new innovative, safer, and applicable technique for warming up infant incubators. It was also nominated to be in an exhibition held by King Abdulaziz University in presence of the minster of higher education.

Work experience

Nov 2009Present

Project Manager

Arabic Computer Systems LTD.

Responsibilities: ·

  • Assist the PMO manager in setting the department’s policies and procedure and developing the Run-Book for the Project Management Department.
  • Undertake several projects of the Ministry.
  • Involved in implementing Oracle ERP System, and deeply engaged in Oracle Projects Module.
Dec 2007Feb 2008

Project Manager Assistant

Sultanah EST.


To assist the project manager in the undertaken projects, which was a private residence on a 5000 square meter, and forecasted budget of SR 20M by:

  • Periodically evaluating project's overall progress through self-developed work breakdown schedules and project plans which led to completing the project on time and within budget.
  • Resolving all issues pertaining to the progress of the project which led to zero downtime and no errors.
  • Developing a project charter and complete set of project documentation for future reference and lessons learned.

Skills Developed:

  • Ability to interact with different hierarchical level of people professionally.
  • Team leadership.
  • Discipline.


  • Recognized and resolved main causes behind projects delays and found out the suitable solutions accordingly.
  • The ability to create healthy work atmosphere.
  • Stable yet vigorous communication channels have been established with all stakeholders through holding several meetings and workshops to assure that everyone is aligned with project objectives including the project manager himself.
May 2005Mar 2006

Sales Coordinator

Arabian Healthcare Supply Company- (Olayan)


  • As a sales coordinator for the Peritoneal Dialysis division, which is the biggest division in the company, managed and coordinated all logistics related issues between suppliers, clients and buyers (us). Developed and maintained relationships with the clients, evaluated and found potential new market targets, and assisted sales people to achieve their targets through a robust sales cycle.

Skills Developed:

  • Ability to communicate with different stakeholders.
  • Negotiation skills leading to best deals for all parties.
  • Sociability.


  • 50% service quality improvement and customer satisfaction rate at 72% higher. This was achieved through reengineering core business processes and initiating the “home delivery” service to our clients' patients, an initiative that had its business case self-developed and accepted by higher management. In reflection, managed to win the best regional sales team award in terms of sales volume and customer satisfaction. 


Apr 2009Present

Certification course in Business Process Modeling (BPMN)

Queensland University of Technology
Apr 2009Present

Certificate in Business Planning

Courses Direct Distance Education Schools
Mar 2009Present

Certification Course in “Innovative Thinking and Creativity”

Emirates Student Club