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-Three years after becoming an outside sales representative I landed the corporations single biggest customer ever, the local transit authority, surpassing the next closest account by almost three times.

- Later on as Sales manager I lead a four person department on to increasing sales in a climate of diminishing product lines and a souring economy.

Work experience

Sales Manager

Brake Systems Inc.

Brake Systems Incorporated, 20+ years.

- Remanufacturing department - Remanufacturing Tech, pneumatic components.

- Delivery department - Customer delivery expediter.

- Shipping department - Acting Shipping manager. 80 boxes a day.

- Parts department - Customer service representative.

- Warranty department - Warranty administrator.

- Sales department - Outside sales representative. Over 400 accounts. B2B sales.

- Sales Manager.


Sales Manger

Brake Systems Inc.


Oregon State University


Sales management and Marketing
Because of my many years of experience as an outside salesman I developed very good personal selling skills which I honed on a daily basis. I developed an ability to read people very well and also a knack for anticipating objections to sales and overcoming them. My understanding of seller/customer interaction is broad and deep.