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Secure a full time entry level position as a Game Programmer or Tester at a reputable company. I am looking for a place to expand and refine my programming capabilities, learn more about the gaming industry, and take part in the development of the products I have enjoyed so much.

Work experience

Mar 2010Jun 2010


iSports Entertainment

Internship moving a game from the OGRE engine to Unity3d v2.6. Converted asset formats and rewrote code to replicate the original game. I used a modified version of OgreXMLConverter, BlendImport and Blender to translate the 3D models to a format usable by Unity3d. The primary challenge with this internship was rewriting the code and UI from the original game as the format and style of programming for the two engines are very different.

Aug 2008Nov 2008

BETA Tester for Wrath of the Lich King

Blizzard Entertainment

Find and report bugs

Report missing itemsSuggest changes to aid in player fulfillment

Oct 2006Jan 2007

BETA Tester for The Burning Crusade

Blizzard Entertainment

Find and report bugsReport missing itemsSuggest changes to aid in player fulfillment



David Harr

Primary Game and Simulation Programming professor at DeVry Long Beach. Also hired me for my internship at iSports Entertainment.

Ritchard Trimuar



3D Modeling
Blender and 3DsMax
Game Engine
C++, C#, XML, LUA, and Javascript