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Work experience

Nov 2009Jul 2010

Quality Control Field Office Operations Supervisor

Detroit Regional Census Center
  • Assisted in the management of office functions required to support field operation
  •   Supervised 6 clerks and oversaw printing operations, assignment preparation, quality checks, data entry, and shipment activities.
  • ·Assigned work to subordinates and ensured accuracy and completeness. 
  • ·Maintained the flow and quality of completed work, making adjustments to expedite production.
  • ·Recommended corrective action to keep operations on schedule and in proper sequence, including    recommending shifting personnel from one operation to another as priorities changed.
  • ·Collaborated with other supervisors to select qualified individuals to be  field operations clerks.
  • ·Supervised  crew leaders, each of whom led a team of fifteen enumerators, during field operations.
  • ·Conducted individual and group training sessions using verbatim training guides in field operation procedures, and in supervisory and administrative responsibilities.
  • ·Submitted requests for replacement workers, assessed trainees, and determined job placement, ensuring operations were staffed to maintain an uninterrupted workflow.
  •   Monitored the progress and performance of census field operations, collected and reviewed completed work assignments, and ensured assignments were delivered on schedule.
  • · Provided instructions to crew leaders for improving production and performance to meet deadlines and quality standards.
  • Assessed employee performance and recommendedtermination of substandard performingemployees.
  • ·Trained and supervised recruiting assistants and clerks, administered the employment test to applicants, reviewed application forms.
  • Applied Equal Employment Opportunity principles in hiring practices, training, and employee development.
Mar 2007Nov 2009

Traveling Notary Public

Traveling Notary Public
  • Coordinates closing transactions for real estate, mortgage and title companies.
  • Review closing documents to determine accuracy of information and need for additional documents.
  • Contact courthouse personnel, buyer and seller, and other real estate personnel to obtain additional information.
  • Confer with legal counsel regarding legal aspects of closing transactions.
  • Calculates pro-rated balances on mortgages, taxes, and fire insurance premiums, as of closing date, and records balances on closing statement form to provide both parties with accurate and complete financial and legal information regarding property ownership transfer transaction.
  • Reviews contract between buyer and seller to ensure seller can convey acceptable property title to prospective buyer.
  • Compile figures to determine closing cost of final transaction, including loan, title, appraisal, and other fees included in sale of property.
  • ·Schedule appointments to complete closing process and to answer any questions regarding procedures.
  • Presides over closing meeting, reviews and explains contract documents and terms of transaction to buyer and seller, and obtains and notarizes signatures that ensure acceptance of agreement.
  • Collect down payment from buyer for deposit in trust fund account.
  • Disburse funds, based on final statement, to pay seller's debts against property, such as liens, taxes, and assessments.
  • Review documents to determine that they have been executed according to regulations and are ready to be recorded.
  • Disburses completed documents to concerned parties to effect transfer of property ownership.
  • Prepare work assignments and complete closing work schedules to maintain efficient work flow.
  • Compile statistical reports and keep daily log on closing activities.
Jul 2006Nov 2009

Licensed Residential Building Contractor

Licensed Residential Building Contractor
  • Contract to perform specified construction work in accordance with architect's plans, blueprints, codes, and other specifications.
  • Estimate cost of materials, labor, and use of equipment required to fulfill provisions of contract and prepares bids.
  •  Confer with clients to negotiate terms of contract. Subcontract specialized craft work, such as electrical, structural steel, concrete, and plumbing.
  •  Purchase material for construction.
  • Supervise workers directly or through subordinate supervisors.
Mar 2009Jul 2009

Quality Control Enumerator

Detroit Regional Census Center
  • Planned work by reviewing assignment area to determine organization of neighborhoods and locate households for conducting interviews.
  • Conducted interviews with residents in assigned areas by following stringent guidelines and confidentiality laws.
  • Explained the purpose of the census interview, answered residents' questions, elicited information following a script, and recorded census data on forms.
  • Assessed quality control levels on selected addresses, determined which samples passed or failed, and maintained records for quality control verification.
  • Complied with accuracy standards while maintaining high production rates. Maintained records of hours worked, units produced, miles driven, quality control results, and expenses incurred in the performance of duties.
  • Met daily with supervisor to review and submit work, and receive additional instructions.



Data Gathering and Analyze
Experienced gathering, organizing and analyzing data and information from  a wide variety of sources including computer data and information sites, periodicals, radio and television.
Microsoft Office application series
Have been using MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint , Publisher, and Outlook on routine basis since Microsoft first started producing business related software.
Virtual Project Contributor
Experienced working in five, ten and twenty-five person virtual short term project teams with individuals of different skills to achieve specific goals.


Short Term Project Specialist with a variety of managerial and supervisory experience who has education in supply chain management and skills in logistics, purchasing and operations. Extensive computer experience in Microsoft based applications and operating systems. Experience dealing with complex mathematical modeling and input based research that is able to be very adaptable in a multitude of situations. Input driven individual that excels at learning new things and developing new ideas from this new information who also takes on a high degree of responsibility for all operations and projects that are undertaken.


Reading, working out with kettlebells, Chess, Go, gaming, gourmet cooking hiking.


Looking to make an immediate impact experienced supervisor with purchasing, operations, logistics and leaderships skills that excels at short term projects.


Nov 2010Nov 2011

National Career Readiness Certificate