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Work experience

The Assistant Director of Admissions

The Art Institute of California - San Diego

Recruit and select qualified applicants for admissions to the Art Institutes. Manage time and inquiry resources to achieve as many productive candidate contacts as possible. Responsiblities also include completing appropriate follow-up to assure successful matriculation. Accurately forecasts projected new students on a periodic basis for the Director of Admissions.

Apr 2009Jun 2009

Marketing/Public Relations Liaison

Marketing Excellence Inc.,

Through research created a situational analysis including a profile of the consumer segment. Identified the competition and generated an awareness Marketing/Public Relations (MPR) campaign to establish brand positioning. Completed and presented a plan that determined the communication opportunities and outlined advertising messages, social media objectives and strategies for July 2009 to July 2010.

Jan 2009May 2009

Marketing/Public Relations Intern

A-List International

A-LIST INTERNATIONAL is a unique bi-monthly Lifestyle& Fashion magazine targeted to the affluent Hispanic market in Southern California. Edited in both English and Spanish, A-LIST INTERNATIONAL covers everything from fashion, beauty and entertainment to art & culture, socials, high-end profiles, and travel.In a full color, premium glossy magazine, A-LIST INTERNATIONAL captures the perfect balance of intellect,beauty, and luxury. We truly are the new source of SOPHISTICATION for high-end Hispanics.

  • Managed and increased the distribution by 60% in the San Diego Hispanic centre locations
  • Worked to increase awareness of the bilingual fashion magazine
  • Provided leads for advertising 
  • Provided assistance in increasing subscriptions
  • Provided assistance in website production
  • Managed and constructed a marketing analysis
Aug 2008May 2009

Editor-in-Chief/ Marketing Director

The Envoy Magazine

The Envoy Magazine is a monthly student-run publication for Alliant International University. A campus magazine targeted to the international students of Alliant International University in Southern California. 

While overseeing all editing operations of the university-wide student magazine, The Envoy, operated within an approved budget. The magazine's direction was defined after appropriately aligning it to its international readers to ensure increase of readership. Strategically bilingual articles added quality to the written submissions and created a buzz for the student publication on the network sites; Facebook & MySpace. With consumer comments through the social networks, attractive cover concepts were developed and approved to be more appealing to the target college market. The Envoy was made accessible by uploading it to which allowed readers to download the whole magazine throughout all California and Mexico City based schools.

Feb 2009Apr 2009

Marketing/Public Relations Liaison

SAMPLE U (Try Before You Buy Center)

This CAPSTONE program uses the counseling firm/agency format. In this experience I gain hands-on knowledge of the client consulting process and work with the client through the planning and proposal process.Sample U, is the first product research center of its kind in the nation. Sample U will opens its doors to the media at Alliant International University on Wednesday, February 25, 2009. With the current trend of consumers wanting to try before they buy, and the need for different product research techniques, Sample U will open to house a variety of new products for the trysumers to offer their feedback in exchange for free new products.

Provided public relations assistance in the opening of the new facility with creative material and feedback for media event. Upon further request created all informational material with experience in graphic design for the media event; media alerts, e-mail invitations and VIP invitations. Through the outreach campaign the attendance of three major news broadcasting stations was reached; CBS, Fox6 and NBC. The success of the media event was accounted for through articles in the Asian Journal, The Envoy, NBC on-line, media coverage and the over-all number of consumers that participated during the trial period from June to August 2009.


Jan 2008May 2009

Bachelors of Arts in Communication

Alliant International University-San Diego Scripps Ranch
Jun 2003May 2006



Certified Graphic Designer
Mastered Adobe Photo Shop, Freehand, InDesign and Publisher.
Proficient in MS Suite
Strong Ability to work on both Macintosh and PC Platforms.
Bilingual Spanish and English


Miles Beauchamp

Professor Beauchamp was the adviser for The Envoy. He can attest for my creative production of the bimonthly publication, marketing direction and editorial experience.

Emilio Vargas II

I worked closely with Mr. Vargas on research for a marketing campaigntargeting local lupus patients and families in need of resources. Mr. Vargas can attest to my strategy oriented marketing, keen understanding of marketing trends and ability to present all material to the client in a comprehensible and concise manner.


Offering more than five years flourishing experience in the marketing field combined with a four-year degree. Constantly thriving in development and implementation of branding and positioning plans in accordance to the current market. Strategy oriented with strong international prospective and ability to use contemporary diverse technology.


•Fluent in Spanish and English•Microsoft Suite: Word, Excel, Power Point•Graphic Designer : Mastered Adobe Photo Shop, Freehand, InDesign and Publisher



I love anything and everything that allows me to be creative. Problem solving in the Marketing/ Public Relations Field challenge, motive and most importantly interest me. I also enjoy the outdoors, drawing and music.


May 2003Present

Certified Graphic Designer

Metro Tech, OKC