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Are you looking for a volunteer teachers assistant who is hard-working and driven, if so I would love to meet you and discuss my resume further. I am eager to continue my education at East Carolina University. Throughout my school and community I am well known. They would tell you I am one of the most caring persons and I have always had a passion to help others. When I want something, I set out to achieve it. Since I was little I said I wanted to be an elementary teacher. I know I would be a positive addition to your team.

Work experience

Aug 2006Present


Island Convience

I was hired as a part time cashier. I have been working there for about four years now. I have been responsible for opening and closing up the store by myself and stocking. Some responsibilites that come with these duties is making sure everyone is out of the store before locking up, counting all of the money, running reports, getting gas tickets, stocking counter, and making sure the store is clean. I come in whenever my help is needed. Working at Island Convince has given me a positive work ethic.  


East Carolina University

I plan to attend East Carolina University and recieve my bachelors of Science degree in Elementary teaching. East Carolina University has a wonderful teaching program that would give me many oppurtunities to get more experience. After I get my Bachelors degree I want to go back for my Masters of Arts degree.

Cape Hatteras Secondary School

I am currently enrolled at Cape Hatteras Secondary School. I have been taking chemistry honors and English Honors during my years at high school. During my junior year I was given the English 11 Honors award and Peer Power award.



Island Convenience                                                                                                             - I have built the confidence to talk to people and be comfortable around them.                                                                             
Team Player
Cape Hatteras Secondary Varsity Cheer leading  - When working with others you have to make decisions that will be better for the whole team and not just yourself.