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Work experience

Oct 2007Dec 2007

Installer/duct mech.

Construction Corps.

Duties included Installing fiberglass and sheet metal duct work, setting units, fire dampers, trim work on commercial buildings. Const. corps. is a skill labor temp company. After the job was finish i was laid off. The reason for my laps in employment history is after I was laid off my wife got a good job and I had to become a stay at home dad.

Aug 2006May 2007

Lead installer

Air Martian

Duties Included rough in and trim out new construction, change out work, and service work.Was working piece work and work got slow

Jan 2004Aug 2006

Lead installer/change out tech

Air Mark

Duties included rough in and trim of new construction (residential and commercial) Change out work (duct work and units) Service work. I still do work for Pete when needed.

Aug 2001Dec 2003

service/maintence tech

West Coast Refrigeration

Duties Included maintence of commercial a/c and refrigation equipment, trouble shooting and repair, change out work (referigation and air condition), duct work . I still do work for Theo from time to time when needed


Lead installer/Change out tech.

Air Mark

Duties Included rough in and trim out of residental and commercial new construction. Change out work. I ran the condo project Parker lakes in Ft Myers for two years while taking on many other projects


duct mech./apprentice mech.

Associtated Air Service

installing duct work on commercial jobs, fire dampers, learning and helping with all steps of construction


Metal framer

R & I construction

We traveled all over the east coast building mini storage buildings. We built the buildings from concrete pad to rolling up the doors to store stuff in.

Feb 1992Aug 1995

boatswain mate

U S Navy

I was stationed in Japan after bootcamp and training, was able to travel all over the far east. Love the navy Love the travel


Laborer/finisher/form framer

Garcia Concrete

I worked with my uncle and he taught me work ethic.He was harder on my cousin and I to teach us what a real jobs was about. We learned the old school way. I always look fondly at the lessons I learned while working with my uncle and his crew.



Furr's Supermarket

Was my first job I was a bagger and was proud of myself for working. I learned if I wanted to have things I would have to work for it. I bought my first car with the money I made working here. Great exp.




Caprock High school

Caprock High School

Learned arc, mig, brasing My class won two state championships for a trailer and a commercial BBQ grill we built.


Air Condition Mech.
I started from the bottom and through my hard work and willingness to learn I've become a lead man someone you can count on to get the job done. I am proficent in all facets of duct work, from cutting to sizing to installing. (fiberglass and sheet metal)I can install equipment start to finish. Have worked with all kinds of accessories ie... zone dampers, air filters, uv lights ect... I really enjoy change out work mainly because it's not for everyone and my small size allows me to get in spots others can not. I like the challenges it sometime possess.I'm a hard worker who doesn't need much supervision to get the job done. I'm a self-starter and not much for complaining.I a good trouble shooter. I'm a fast learner and like the challenges of new tasks. I work commercial and residental dont have a preference. I am ready to go to work!


I have been a stay at home dad for the last year and a half. When the construction slowed down my wife went to work, and because we have five kids one of us has had to stay home. Now that I have daycare worked out,I am looking forward to going back to work full time. I believe I would be an asset to any company. I have a never quit attitude, and get the job done. I really like the challenges of change out work, but wont limit myself in any way. I'm a fast learner and enjoy new tasks.I'm a leader with an eye for detail.I work well with others, also have no problem working on my own.I am eager to prove myself.

                                                                                                          Thank you 

                                                                                                             Michael Perez 


My interests are many. Most of my time is spent with my family, I an a father of five. I love extreme sports, some what of a thrill seeker.


My objective is to find a job,work hard, prove my worth through my merit