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I am a self motivated, goal oriented field engineer.  I've been working for Verizon Business for the past nine years implementing the SONET/LAN and DWDM systems.

Work experience

Jun 1999Present

Field Engineer

I work as a field engineer for the National Network Construction group.  I travel around the United States implementing all of the long distance fiber optic backbone circuits and ultra long haul DWDM systems for Verizon Business.  I am directly responsible for the commissioning, provisioning, and link testing for these circuits.  As a project leader, I am required to make sure projects remain on schedule and communicate any issues to project, engineering, and planning managers on a regular basis.  Another daily challenge is managing manpower efficiency over large geographic areas.  This usually requires balancing project delays and other scheduled projects while minimizing travel time and cost.  The last major obsticles we cross on a daily basis are mistakes that have been made the various design groups.  We are responsible for addressing any discrepencies we find that violate the vendors equipment specifications or Verizon Business internal standards.

Proficient on the following SONET/DWDM equipment and test sets:

Nortel: OME6500, Optera5200, OpteraDX, OpteraLH, OC192, OC48, and MOR DWDM's

Siemens: HiT7500 Ultra Long Haul, Transexpress Infinity DWDM's.

Fujitsu: Flashwave4500

Ciena: On-Line Metro, Coredirector

Agilent: SONET, LAN BER Testing

Digital Lightwave: SONET BER Testing

T-Bird: SONET, LAN BER Testing

EXFO: Chromatic Dispersion, PMD, OTDR, Optical Spectrum Analyzer



Jan 1995May 1999