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Work experience

May 2009Present

Board of Directors - Audit Committee Chair (2010 - Present) and CFO (2009)

Publicly traded biotech startup with a cardiovascular stem-cell therapy that grows new heart muscle in patients who suffered heart attacks.Lead oversight of financial reporting, accounting practices, legal / regulatory compliance, independent auditor’s qualifications and independence, and management directors’ conflict of interest. Connect management to funding sources—investment bankers and investors.

Chair - Mentor Committee - North Central Region

Cleantech Open

The nation's largest clean technology business competition and entrepreneur incubator. We mentor entrepreneurs on completing and refining their business plan, investor pitch, team, marketing, sales / business development, financial planning, technology, and manufacturing.Partnered with Regional Director to form operating team and start up first-year operation of the North Central Region in this national program.  Seven state region (IA, KS, MN, ND, NE, SD, and WI).First-Year North Central Results: EarthClean was Runner Up for Cleantech Open National Grand Prize and Silicon Solar won National People’s Choice. Three region finalists competed in Nationals out of 16 region semifinalists from 56 contestants (second most in country).Recruit and match leaders to mentor cleantech startups in the Midwest that address today’s most urgent energy and environmental growth opportunities in:• Air, Water & Waste;• Energy Efficiency;• Green Building;• Renewable Energy;• Smart Power, Green Grid, Energy Storage; and• Transportation.


Board of Directors - Finance Committee and Chair - Access Site Task Force

MacPhail Center For Music

MacPhail is one of the nation’s largest and most respected community music schools. A $25 million state-of-the-art music education facility was built in 2007 as a result of a successful capital campaign.Counsel and oversee management, as well as introduce donors and strategic partners to MacPhail.

Developed decision tools to evaluate the success of future music education access sites.


Co-Founder and Principal - CFO Services

3DBD, Inc.

Business development and CFO consultancy to help businesses accelerate strategic growth.

Our passion: As catalysts, we help our clients build value through strategic growth. What we do: Provide corporate development and financial management services to drive growth through the development and execution of strategic initiatives:

  • Business Development Services to drive growth through strategic alliances, joint ventures and other strategic transactions.
  • CFO Services aimed at achievement of corporate finance, strategic growth, profitability, cash-flow, capital-raising, and valuation goals.
  • IP Monetization Services to help clients extract and leverage the value of intellectual assets.

How we serve: As outsourced global corporate development and financial management resources, applying our deep experience to help companies plan, launch and manage growth initiatives.

  • For emerging companies, we serve as part-time corporate development / financial executives, working closely with top executives to drive strategic initiatives.
  • For larger companies, we supplement and complement the capabilities of in-house corporate development / financial staff.
  • For offshore companies, we develop and manage strategic development initiatives for North American markets.

CFO and former Advisory Board Member

As SheerWind's CFO, I provide financial leadership to achieve strategic growth, profitability, cash-flow, capital-raising, and valuation goals.

SheerWind is changing the course of power generation and will revolutionize the wind power industry with breakthrough performance. We capture, accelerate and concentrate wind energy through INVELOX, a unique, patented technology that increases wind speed to improve power output and efficiency. SheerWind is led by a successful serial entrepreneur, Dr. Daryoush Allaei, Founder, CEO and CTO, a strong management team and board of directors, as well as several strategic partners and an esteemed technical advisory board.

INVELOX technology-named for the INcreased VELOcity of wind-produces the first revolutionary change in the wind industry in over 100 years. By using wind as a fluid, we provide hydroelectric economics from accelerated air flow to produce electricity cheaper than natural gas. SheerWind takes the blades and turbines out of the sky and places them at ground level making it environmentally friendly and aesthetically appealing. SheerWind intends to introduce INVELOX products to provide increased power output while significantly reducing capital and maintenance costs, as well as reducing negative impact on the environment, wildlife and the public.

Our value proposition is facilitating inexpensive, efficient wind farm development, maintenance and power generation. SheerWind's INVELOX technology is a game changer that reduces costs of generated electrical power by 16% to 38% with 3x increased performance on 50% shorter towers placed on 90% less acreage and operated/maintained at 40% to 45% lower costs than traditional wind farms. As a result, we have built a great deal of positive energy as we get a wide range of customers, suppliers, strategic partners and investors engaged and received new perspectives on improving SheerWind's business of deploying INVELOX technology.



Technology Startup Companies

Advised four high- and info-tech startups on business plans, management recruiting, and capital raises.

Companies were startups in communications interpretation device, data storage, internet security, and software-as-a-service.

Feb 1998Dec 2008

Corporate Officer, Treasurer and Vice President - Investor Relations

ADC Telecommunications, Inc.

ADC is a global communications equipment leader with 2.8x sales growth in 1997-2000 and 2.7x in 2003-2008 through organic growth initiatives and strategic acquisitions funded by capital raises. Acquired by Tyco Electronics.

Financial Reporting / Compliance

Teamed with CFO, Controller and Legal on reporting / disclosure requirements (SEC, GAAP, FASB). Served on Disclosure Committee to facilitate compliance with SEC, GAAP and FASB disclosure.

Capital Market Achievements

Raised more than $1 billion in convertible notes and bank debt with three oversubscribed offerings at favorable terms in difficult credit markets—proceeds used to fund strategic growth acquisitions. Launched a $150 million share repurchase program on short notice and two-day bank approval. Broadened onwership with two 2-for-1 stock splits and a 1-for-7 reverse stock split. Assessed various bank solutions to monetize ADC’s $1 billion deferred tax asset.

Operating / Cash-Flow Efficiencies

Restructured global treasury operations for operating efficiencies with a ROI of 88%. Improved cash-flow forecasting processes to achieve 97% accuracy. Evaluated working capital improvement / incentive plans to achieve best-practice results in customer-to-cash, procure-to-pay and forecast-to-fulfill cycles.

Board Interactions

Advised the Finance Committee on the full spectrum of financing and capital structure alternatives. Presented to the Audit Committee all earnings releases and guidance prior to public release. Communicated to the Finance Committee cash flow forecasts, investment portfolio performance, foreign exchange management results, and investor changes / perceptions.

Wall Street Credibility

Collaborated with corporate / business units on strategic rationale to Wall Street for 20 acquisitions of public and private companies with a total transaction value of $8 billion and 18 divestitures. Achieved high shareowner approval (78% average voted FOR over six years) on proposals involving ADC’s stock option and restricted stock programs. Defeated a shareholder proposal to cancel ADC’s poison-pill plan (only 35% voted in favor). Changed ADC’s financial guidance practices from quarterly to annual sales / earnings ranges focusing investors on ADC’s long-term strategy. Restructured ADC’s investor relations programs that broadened / increased shareowner base and won numerous awards for investor relations performance and communications.

Talent Development and Mentor

Coached two first-time CFOs on their performance of investor relations. Developed managers resulting in one becoming a Treasurer and one a Vice President of Investor Relations at other companies. Mentored Treasury team members to achieve higher performance resulting in their promotions.

Jun 1991Feb 1998

Vice President - Investor Relations and Director - Financial Analysis

General Instrument Corporation

GI was a global communications equipment leader with 2.9x sales growth in 1991-1996 while transitioning from Forstmann Little private equity to IPO to spinoffs into three new IPO companies. Acquired by Motorola.

Capital Market Achievements

Partnered on team that raised $6.5 billion in nine transactions to transform GI through a leveraged buyout to an IPO to secondary stock and convertible notes offerings to the spin off into three new IPO companies.

Financial Reporting / Compliance

Teamed with CFO, Controller and Legal on reporting / disclosure requirements (SEC, GAAP, FASB).

Wall Street Credibility

Grew the stock price 20% by attracting new growth investors during a 40% change in share ownership. Increased the P/E multiple 20% as a result of discussions with sell-side analysts regarding GI's higher growth rates than its peer group.  Named among the best investor relations officers in Institutional Investor's 1995 survey.

Talent Development and Mentor

Coached two first-time CFOs on investor relations, developed two Vice Presidents of Investor Relations at other companies and recruited two Vice Presidents of Investor Relations for spin-offs.

Operating / Cash-Flow Efficiencies

Served as a leading proponent to change incentive compensation programs to increase shareowner value by managing capital employed efficiently and growing operating earnings.

Jun 1987Jun 1991

Vice President - Financial & Company Analysis

The 10th largest bank in the United States. Eventually acquired by JPMorgan Chase.

Directed competitive and  financial analyses of domestic and foreign companies in 19 industries in manufacturing, service and technology sectors. Industries included aerospace, airline, automobile manufacturers and parts suppliers, broadcast and cable television, cellular communications, computer, defense electronics, forest products, hotel, insurance, magazine and newspaper publishing, motor carrier, petroleum refining, retail, semiconductor and textile.

Determined future industry trends / developments.

Recommended to senior management the business development and planning actions regarding commercial credit products to offer companies in each industry.

Jun 1983Jun 1987

Financial Analysis Manager, Food Processing Machinery Division (1986 - 1987) and Senior Accountant, Corporate Controllers Department (1983 - 1986)

FMC Corporation

A global, diversified machinery and chemicals company with leading positions in agricultural, industrial and consumer markets. Eventually spun off the machinery businesses.

Jun 1980Jun 1983

Audit Senior

One of the world's largest audit, tax and advisory services firms.

Jun 1977Jun 1980

Senior Auditor (1978 - 1980) / Junior Auditor (1977 - 1978)

KPMG (formerly KMG Main Hurdman)

One of the world's largest audit, tax and advisory services firms.


Professional Profile

Strategic, roll-up-the-sleeves Financial Executive and Board Member with a passion for growing companies ranging from startup, private equity, IPO to publicly traded.Forte is helping companies achieve strategic growth, profitability, cash-flow, capital-raising, and valuation goals. Dynamic, value–creating entrepreneurial environments fuel me. Build an exciting growth company by partnering with CEO, CFO and management team.Comprehensive financial competencies enable me to enhance value for a company’s investors, customers, employees, served communities, and board of directors.Understand quickly the needs of all stakeholders and have the ability to reach into all levels of organizations.Assess situations rapidly, find win-win solutions, develop sound guidance, and communicate with multiple teams ensuring strategic, operational and financial objectives are set and met. Bring the best of small-company entrepreneurial passion and larger-company disciplines. In addition to the valuable experience I gained working with entrepreneurs and their startups in 2009 to present, my performance-driven experiences were honed at global NASDAQ- and NYSE-listed companies that three times nearly tripled sales.Raised $7.5 billion in 12 offerings to finance rapid growth and strategic transformations through a leveraged buyout, IPO and secondary equity offerings, convertible note offerings, and exits with spin offs into three new IPO companies of which two were subsequently acquired. Wall Street credibility. My solid reputation comes from my responsive, straight talk—clearly communicating strategy, growth drivers, risks, sales, and profitability—building relationships of trust. Conducted numerous deal and non-deal road shows, analyst meetings, sell-side investor conferences, one-on-ones, broker / bank meetings, and credit rating reviews. Proven leader and developer of talent.MBA with CPA and CFA certifications. 

LinkedIn profile at includes 24 recommendations on my Executive Leadership, Wall Street Credibility and Investment Bank Relations.

Board Member / Audit Committee

Comprehensive Financial Strength

Comprehensive Financial Competencies

Comprehensive financial competencies to grow a company include accounting, auditing, board interactions, capital raising (4 IPOs, 3 secondary offerings, 3 convertible notes, and 2 bank debt), financial planning / analysis, financial reporting (SEC, GAAP, FASB), investor relations, LBOs, management partnering, M&A, operating / cash-flow efficiencies, restructurings, share repurchases / splits, spin offs, strategic planning, treasury, talent development, turnarounds, and Wall Street credibility.


Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) - Bethesda, MD (2005 -2008)

The global resource and advocate for the finance profession, providing certification, products, education and training for treasury and corporate finance.

  • Started the Minneapolis Chapter of Corporate Treasurers' Council (2005 - 2008)
  • Planned Two Annual Conferences as Member of Global Corporate Treasurers' Forum Task Force (2005 and 2006)
  • Nominated by AFP's staff as a 2006 candidate for AFP's Board of Directors.
  • "Mark was the lead influence in building a treasurer's network in the Minneapolis area, and the success of the group is a direct result of his involvement in recruiting and content development efforts. As a skilled executive of global reach, he energetically promoted advancement of the profession by encouraging peer-exchange of leading and best practices while nurturing a collegial network. Mark shared with the group his vast experience, deep understanding of current issues, and sharp thought process as he eagerly sought other views and experiences. I had the great pleasure to witness Mark's team building acumen as he fostered the advancement of his staff through skill development and exposure to his vast network. Based on my experience working with executives across many corporate centers, I strongly recommend Mark to any organization in need to a top-notch finance executive." Kraig Conrad, Director, Association for Financial Professionals 

Corporate Executive Board (CEB) - Washington, DC (2005)

The world's most effective executive network.

Charter Advisor

  • Selected from more than 70 candidates nationwide to join a roundtable of 15 investor relations leaders to counsel the CEB on the launch of its Investor Relations practice.

National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) - Vienna, VA (2005)

The largest professional investor relations association in the world.

Investor Relations Body of Knowledge Ad Hoc Committee

  • Updated NIRI's Investor Relations Body of Knowledge that is used by colleges and universities in defining investor relations curriculum.

First Congregational Church - La Grange, IL  (1989 - 1990)

Founded in 1881, First Congregational Church is the oldest church in La Grange, IL.

Chairperson, Annual Pledge Drive

  • Raised record-breaking contributions in both years.

Independent Advisor (2004)

  • Advised senior management of a small-cap NASDAQ company on unlocking hidden value and targeting investors with high potential to buy the company’s stock.

Training / Leadership Development

  • FEI's Current Financial Reporting Issues Conference and IFRS Workshop, 2009
  • KPMG’s Audit Committee Roundtables, Fall 2003 to 2006, 2009 to 2010 and Spring 2004 to 2006, 2009 to 2010
  • Change Masters’ Executive Leadership Program, 2006
  • General Instrument's Advanced Management Program, 1994
  • Northwestern Mutual Financial Network Internship, 1975-1977


University of St. Thomas College of Business Graduate Programs - St. Paul, MN (2003-2005)

Minnesota’s largest private university.

Adjunct Faculty, 2003 - 2005

  • Developed and taught the “Strategic Shareowner Value Management” (2003) “Strategic Investor Relations” (2005) courses.
  • Received among the highest student evaluation ratings of all instructors.
  • Taught strategic skills used by boards of directors, CEOs and CFOs in managing numerous factors to grow and sustain long-term shareowner value, including best practices in corporate governance and effective boards.

Talent Development and Mentor

  • Coached four first-time CFOs on their performance of investor relations.
  • Developed people resulting in one becoming a Treasurer, two Vice Presidents of Investor Relations and one a Director of Investor Relations at other companies, and recruited two Vice Presidents of Investor Relations for spin-off companies.
  • Coached Treasury team members to achieve higher performance resulting in their promotion to higher pay grades and titles.
  • Mentored a Treasury team member through a development program resulting in a career change from an analyst to a promotion to project manager.
  • Mentored a new undergraduate with an interest in becoming an investment research analyst resulting in his employment at a buyside/private-equity firm.


ADC Telecommunications

  • Won an American Business Award for Best Business Turnaround in 2006 and obtained finalist in 2007 and 2008, as well as obtained finalist for ADC’s CEO in the award categories of Best Executive in 2003 to 2008 and Best Turnaround Executive in 2005 to 2008 with nominations composed from ADC’s 2002 to 2007 letters to shareowners.
  • BetterInvesting awarded ADC a National Winner for its 2005 annual report and Best in Industry of Telecommunications for its 1999, 2000, 2002 to 2004 annual reports.
  • CFO magazine named ADC the 1999 winner and a 2000 finalist of the CFO Excellence Award in managing external stakeholders.
  • Investor Relations magazine in 1999 ranked ADC among the best companies for most improved investor relations and best communications with the retail market.
  • Fortune named ADC one of America’s Most Admired Companies in 2000 to 2002.
  • Standard & Poor’s selected ADC for its PowerPicks 2000 Portfolio, which represents the best collective ideas from S&P’s equity research staff.
  • SmartMoney picked ADC for The Ultimate Tech Portfolio for 2000.

General Instrument

  • Named among the best investor relations officers in Institutional Investor's 1995 survey of its All-America Research Team.
  • Achieved a ninth place ranking for GI out of 1,000 public companies in Financial World's 1995 Hidden Value Index based on a survey of 1,200 analysts.


  • “Investor Speak: Investor Relations Skills Needed to Move Up to C-Suite, Profile: Mark Borman, Treasurer, ADC Telecommunications,” AFP Exchange, November 2008
  • “Investor Relations: Strategic Presence Across the Entire Capital Market,” Speaker, Association for Financial Professionals Annual Conference in Los Angeles, CA, October 20, 2008
  • “Investor Relations – Opening New Doors,” Speaker, EuroFinance Conference in Vienna, Austria, September 19, 2007. Received among the highest ratings for content and presentation compared to all speakers.
  • “Investor Relations – Building External Bridges,” Speaker, EuroFinance Conference in Miami, FL, April; 17, 2007. Received among the highest ratings for content and presentation compared to all speakers.
  • “Investor Relations: Who's the Boss?,” Panelist, AFP Global Corporate Treasurers Forum in Washington, D.C., May 7, 2007. Recruited influential moderator and sell-side panelist.
  • “Developing Optimal Earnings Guidance Policies,” Panelist, Corporate Executive Board Roundtable teleconference, October 17, 2005



Certified Public Accountant

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Chartered Financial Analyst

CFA Institute