Amanda Herzberg

Amanda Herzberg

Work experience

Work experience


Overcoming Andrew -LAFS thesis


Elotero -LAFS thesis

Boom Operator/Grip & Lighting

Vampire Black: Trail of the Dead (Light Source Films)

A two day filming as boom operator and doubled at grip/gaffer to set up lights for the cinematographer.

May 2008 - Aug 2008

PA Office Assistant - Intern

Solvent Dreams Production Co.

Handled necessary runs for pick-ups/drop off's in the Los Angeles area, answered phone calls, take on assignment to organize producer’s office. Assigned ever other week to write coverage on scripts.

May 2008 - Jul 2008

PA/Production Coordinator

The John Kerwin Show (2 episodes)

Taken care of catering needs and show set-up properly and ready for a live studio audience. Variety of communication posting's, calls and listings for actor's and audience member recruitment to attend the show every month for a rehearsal, and show night.