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Sep 2014Aug 2018

Computer Science

Wentworth Institute of Technology

As a student in Computer Science (BCOS) you'll gain valuable skills in software design, computer architecture, and  programming in high-level computer languages such as C, C++, and JAVA. Related courses including database management, graphics, networking, and operating systems are also integral courses in this program. Courses are also available in computer game development and bioinformatics (Perl). You are required to successfully complete two co-op work semesters beginning junior year.

Work experience

Mar 2014Present

Android Application Developer

Rhode Island Public Transit Authority
  • Android Application Developer Creating an Android application for the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority to parse bus schedule data and use Google Maps V2 for Android to display bus stops and routes
  • Technologies used: Java, XML, JSON, and Appengine Java
  • Designing the user interface using Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Illustrator
Jul 2014Jul 2014

Google Computer Science Summer Institute

  • Learned HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python from Google Experts
  • Learned server-side programming using Python for Appengine
  • Worked in a group of three to create a web application on the Appengine platform called Clique. I wrote part of the front end in HTML/CSS and the backend
  • Clique is a social media platform that find five users that you interact with the most and add them to your Clique. Link: Clique
Mar 2014May 2014

DriveSafe (Beta) for Android

Personal Project
  • Created and published an Android Application to help prevent texting and phone calls while you are driving.
  • First Runner Up Prize STEM Competition
  • Example Demonstration: Video, Application Link: Google Play Store
Apr 2013Jun 2013

Android Application Developer/teacher

VIPS Inspriting Minds
  • Taught high school students basic Android development using Java and XML
  • Created 2 basic Android application that calculated math equations and expressions
  • Created an Android application for Inspiring Minds Website


Adobe (Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition)
Java Script
Android Development