I have a very god social skill that enables me to communicate, understand and interact with people well.

Decision Making

A life long skill that determines the past, present and future of the person is decision making.


"True art is characterised by an irresistable urgein a creative artist."                                                     Albert Einstein

Analytical thinking

Analytical and practical thinking is a nust in this world of competition. I am beginner in this field but i possess a keen interest in this skill and would enhance it over a period of time.


The art of understanding others is a life long skill that resides in me. I am a certified counselor.

A good Writer

I love writing poems, stanzas, stories, blogs or any form of writings in that case. I am grooming myself better in this field. Over a span of time I will master this field as well.

Great Grasping Power

I can learn new things very quickly and it takes little effprts to be an expert in that field.

Great Actor

The only two words that describe this skill is "Feverish Passion". Acting will always be my life.

A Good Orator

"A person in fact is eloquent who can discuss commonplace matters simply, lofty subjects impressively, and topics raging between in a tempered style."   Being a good orator runs in my blood. i have taken part in various public speaking programmes in school and hosted a music show at district level. The passion of speaking to the crowd will never die for me.

Team work

It is always fruitful working with the group and collaborating well with them. This is how the world of business works. It is the art where unity becomes the major strength resulting in awe-inspiring outcomes. I have inculcated this quality in myself for my future endeavours.   A good team work leads to great work.


Effective leadership creates a paramount entrepreneur. This is the most impoertant quality for the one who wants to establish their own business or become the part of the management in amy company.   The effort of being good leader is on going. i have been in the school's prefect council in grade seven and eight amd in many activities held in school.   I aspire to be at a great position and walk with people in order to achieve success in common goals.

Communicating skills

Communicating skill becomes the most essential part of this competitive world. I have the art of communicating with people in a way that draws their attention and force them to hear what I say.   In order to get work done, we may need to communicate with multiple departments in the organization. This can come in handy when we need to get something expedited for a customer, or if you need to understand how a function or process works. We will also need to effectively communicate with customers and vendors. An effective communicator is often a good motivator, which means we can get others to do their jobs.


I have always been a confident person. I am always ready for any stage performances and would give a hand in new things. Being social and extrovert runs in my blood, I am open to opportunities discovering new talents that are led out because of my attitude which would otherwise be hidden.


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence is not an act but a habit."

The main objective of my life is to become a good human being and become successful through my profession.

I don't want to merely exist but create a history of myself which would last for another thousand years. 

I want to help people in all ways I can and make this place a better world in small or big ways i can, especially for women. This would certainly be my self actualisation point.


I have several hobbies and interests. They are as follows:

1. Acting

2. Debating

3.Public Speaking

4. Performing arts

5. Playing sports

6. Gymming

7. Reading and Writing

8. Travelling

9. Management

10. Social Service

11. Meditation

12. Drawing and Arts

13. Adventures

14. Learning new things

15. Doing small business ventures

Work experience

Work experience

"I am no bird; and no net ensnares me; I am free human being with an independent will."

                                                                                                                                                  -Charlotte Bronte

Since I was a child, being independent like my sister always inspired me. I strongly believe that being independent in life always helps. I belong to an Indian family where part time jobs are rare among st the teenagers. Therefore, to at least  be independent in small ways I can, I started earning in small ways which made me familiar with the difficulties one faces to earn their living in a developing country like India.

At the age of  ten I made small diaries and bookmarks which I sold to my classmates making a profit of Rs. 100. That was my first earning. Gradually in grade 9, I played football Mahakumbh where I earned Rs. 2700. Gradually I developed an interest in the field of business and commerce.

I became an agent of a cosmetic company called Oriflame at the age of 15. I learnt the art of personalized selling, communicating and convincing the buyers to buy the product I was selling. At the end of my examinations, in summer vacations I searched employment opportunities and found one job in a hobby center called Pooja Hobby Center and earned Rs. 5600 in a month. I had a job of a teacher and taught pre-primary students. For the first time, I realized that i have teaching skills hidden in myself. I started working at Talwalkars as a Customer Service Officer that is a CSO. I was promoted in a month to the post of Membership Adviser that is MA. Gradually due to  lack of time I left the job and started taking tuition classes which I also did before for three years.

This led me opening my own tuition classes and I teach pre-primary students and students of grade 1 to grade 7.



12th graduate


S.N.Kansagra is one of the best institution for schooling. It offers a kind od education that caters to the overall developement of students.

It has provided me with many opportunities and helped me become a kind of student I am today. I will always be thankful to my parents who gave me such education and nevertheless my school, all my teachers, principal and all those people who made me an excellent human being.



Certificate of Appreciation

Asset EI

Certificate of Elementary Examination

Government of India

Certificate of Intermediate Examination

Government of India

Certificate for Chess Championship


Certificate of All India Inter School Drama Fesrival

British Council
2010 - Present

Certificate of the Green Olympiad

Ministry of Environmental and Forest Government of India
Aug 2011 - Present

Certificate of All India Inter School Drama Fesrival

British Council
Sep 2008 - Present

Certificate of Under 14 Basketball competition

Gujarat State Government
Sep 2008 - Present

Certificate of state basketball tournament

Gujarat State Government
Feb 2009 - Present

Certificate of Basketbal tournament

Government of India
Mar 2009 - Present

Certificate of Open TGES Baskerball Championship

S.N.Kansagra School
Aug 2006 - Present

Certificate of Participation

Mar 2009 - Present

Paryavaran Ratna Award

Indian Centre For Wildlife And Environment Srudies In South Asian Region
Jan 2009 - Present

Medal for Chess Competition

Dynamic Chess Academy
Dec 2006 - Present

Bronze Medal for English Recitation

S.N.Kansagra School
2009 - Present

Certificate of Active User

Mindspark, S.N.Kansagra
Jan 2012 - Present

Certificate of Special Recognition

S.N.Kansagra School
2012 - Present

Certificate of Socially Useful Product Innovation

Bijal Madam
Nov 2012 - Present

Certificate of Completion

Rohit Chadotara, Educational Psychologist