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Mechanical And Energy Engineer "Thermal And Energy Engineering"

Work experience

Jan 2014Oct 2014

Mechanical and Energy Engineer

Hydro-Projets Est, Constantine, Algérie


  • Electromechanical Studies Engineer of Drilling and Water Pumping Stations, Realized Projects:

      Oued El Bared (Sétif), Sidi Kalifa (Mila), Ain Abid(Constantine), Hamma                   Bouziane(Constantine), Nouvelle Ville UV19- UV20 (Constantine), Drilling station and water pumping Station of Ain Abid (Constantine), Zighoud Youcef (Constantine), Ain Fakroune (Oum Bouaghi), Oued Zenati (Guelma), Shaffia's station (Taraf).

  • Maintenance Management: Burners and heating Systems, Air Conditioning Systems, Heavy and Light vihecules. •Maintenance of Geology and Geophysics laboratory tools.

Apr 2013Dec 2013

Studies and Development Engineer

Industries Thermiques Algériennes (ITA DZ)
•Design and Construction of Burners and heat tanks, Central heating Devices. •Design and Construction of Aluminum Radiators •Design and Construction Hot Water Generations. •Design and Construction of Heat Exchangers and under pressure Aluminum Melting.
Jan 2013Mar 2013

Technical Adviser

S.A.R.L Benameur Auto (Volkswagen Unite)

• Vehicules Diagnostic.
• Vehicules maintenance: Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Porche, Skoda.
• Work Estimations and Planification

Dec 2012Jan 2013

Maintenance Engineer

Algerian-Turkish Company of Industrial biscuit

• Maintenance and periodic revision of machines.
• Implementation plans for the manufacture of spare parts.
• Maintenance of energetic Systems: Steam generation installations, Heat tanks, stream generators, burners, Condensers,

Oct 2012Nov 2012

Technical Director


• Identifying needs and purchase the necessary equipment for a factory of metal construction and
Manufacturing of portable Saharan cabins and refrigeration Cabins (Factory area: 8000 m²)
• Manufacture of chassis for trucks (Volvo, KIA ... etc...).
• Installation of Refrigeration circuits.
• Manufacture of portable cabins (cabins Sahara, cold rooms).
• Manufacture and maintenance of cabins and refrigeration equipments.
• Metal construction.

Apr 2012Sep 2012

Studies and Development Engineer

GERMAN SPA: Construction Company of forklifts and Spare Parts for heavy Moving Engines

  • Completed Projects:
  • Design, construction and development of the 10 Tons Forklift (Clark)
  • Design, construction and development of the 12 Tons Forklift (Clark)
  • Study, design and definition of the hydraulic system for the 20 tons Forklift
  • Development of electrical and thermal
  • Internal training  in:  Cutting,  Steel  Construction,  Montage,  Control,  Methods,  Planning,  IT,  Purchasing, Organization, Sales, Sover (manufacturer of jacks).



Master's Degree

Université Mentouri de Constantine
End of Studies Project: Parameters optimization of a Cylindro-Parabolic Panel, Mention: Excellent. Studied Modules: Gas Turbines, Steam Turbines, Reactors, viscous fluid dynamics, gas dynamics, two-phase flow, Heat Transfer (Conductive, convective, Radiative), Cryogenics, transportation and storage of gas, Method and Measurement Instrumentation, Digital Methods and Programming, Propulsion,Compressible fluids,Turbomachinery,Combustion,turbulence modeling (Finite volumes), Works on study and initiation, Compact heat exchangers, solar thermal,thermomechanical Behavior, Thermal Systems optimization.

Bachelor's Degree

Université Mentouri de Constantine
End of Studies Project: Cooling of a Super calculator with Fins .... Mention: Excellent Studied Modules: Cryogenics and gas liquefaction, Energy Storage and Conversion, Heat Exchanger, Internal Combustion Engines, Turbomachinery, Combustion and Fuels, Renewable Energy, Simulation and Thermo-fluids (Finite Elements, Finite Volumes) , Propulsion Systems, Hydraulic Systems .

High School

Technicum Ziadia

Mechanical And Energy Engineering




Dec 2014Dec 2014

Fundamentals of Using Six Sigma in Supply Chains

Alison Diploma

Full Course in English Language
Studied Modules:
Six Sigma, Chain Supplly Managment; Six Sigma in Supply Chain Managment

Nov 2014Nov 2014

Project Managent Diploma  


Full Course in English Language

Studier Modules: 
Project management methodology, Project management toolset; Project management documentation; System development life cyclec, The planning phaseThe analysis phase, The design phaseThe implementation phase, The use/evaluation phaseProject management case study, Information Technology case studyToolset case study; GANTT charts case study, Documentation case study, System development life cycle case study, The planning phase case study, Feasibility study case studyThe planning phase case study, The analysis phase case study, The analysis phase case study 2, The design phase case study, Implementation phase case study 1Implementation phasen, case study 2; Evaluation phase case study; Implementation phase case study

Nov 2014Nov 2014

Alison Diploma

Full Course in English Language

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An enthusiastic Mechanical and Energy Engineer with over 2 years of experience, Performed engineering duties in planning and designing tools, mechanisms, vehicles, engines,Heat and cooling systems, machines, and other mechanically functioning equipment. Overseas installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of equipment such as Light and heavy vehicles, centralized heat, gas, water, steam systems and electromechanical studies for Drilling stations and water pumps stations and equipments.


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