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Work experience

Avis Rent A car UAE 


Marketing Specialist 

  • Ensure that day-to-day operations translated to quality content. 
  • Coordinated with Maintained Product catalog including rich content and images.
  • Ensure compliance of all business activity to customer and industry standards.
  • Promoted the brands through partnerships and digital marketing activities.
  • Coordinating with different channels to ensure the completion of the assigned tasks.
  • Supports in executing marketing research Company Vs Competitors (Online)
  • Involved in developing, marketing plans and strategies;
  • Involved in 2016 Marketing Plan.
  • Online Sales have increased by 24% in 9 months.
  • Handling communications and strategies with partners, domestically & internationally 

ADCP " Abu Dhabi Commercial Properties"


Marketing & Service Excellence officer 

  • Responsible of Marketing Communications (Internal/External)
  • Supporting in the Development of  the company's Website and coordinating with the vendors to get the best quotation and the best layouts (Art-work) to meet the organizational Objectives.
  • Giving insights to programmers to create the best Mobile app for customers
  • Protecting the Group Image by Creating all Ideas To have complied with ADCB Guidelines i.e. ( Logo, Colors and Art works)
  • Updating and translating all the new contents on the existing Website (Arabic & English)
  • Setting Plans to Promote to the company using the internet i.e. (placing advertisements on Property finder Website - Landing Pages on the properties Search Engines).
  • Involved in developing Marketing Ideas to support the business i.e. ( Digital Marketing - Brand Awareness - Brand Image...etc)
  • Designing the processes for new initiatives.
  • Successfully renewed the ISO certification  9001.
  • Create, Translate operations documents and upload them to the website.

ADDC Abu Dhabi Distribution Company 


Digital & Service Excellence officer 

  • Responsible of setting Team KPI
  • Updating the content on the website using Magneto.
  • Developing Customer service Modules to improve the online support.
  • Responsible for replying to all of the online queries. Abu Dhabi Government Queries using Citrix CMS.
  • Supporting the Marketing Team in Creating the Mobile App layout.
  • Setting the Main Layout of the Awareness Campaign with the British Consultant.

Vodafone International Services - UK Account


Acting as Team leader "Technical Queue" 

  • Responsible of handling a team of 18-20 Members, improving their skills and providing the Operation Targets every 3 months for the new comers before they work with the senior Team Members.
  • Assigned to support launching a new operation house in the billing queue.
  • Achieved the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) record Over 25 Teams in the transition Queue
  • Awarded by 2 customer excellence certificates.
  • Monitor Competitors activities and gather all market researches to provide better service 
  • Created Marketing Initiatives, which lead to Yoda's Marketing Campaign.

Vodafone International Services - UK Account 


Acting As L&D officer Billing and Technical Queue

  • Assigned to develop the Technical training materials and deliver it to the newcomers.
  • Coordinate with the Logistics to create the newcomers ID’s/ Credentials/ security awareness sessions & the operation sessions.  
  • Assisting the Quality Team in their Operation Tasks.
  • Created an initiative called (Shine)
  • Highest Net promoter Score for individuals (NPS) over 18 Team Members.
  • High level of contribution with the digital team to provide the analysis of web traffic to increase the Website Traffic.
  • Coordinate with the Logistics department to create the newcomers ID’s/ Credentials/ security awareness sessions & the operation sessions.

Vodafone International Services - UK Account 


Customer Service Officer 

  • Handling High and Ultra High Billing Queries.
  • Joined the IPhone Billing & Technical Queue.
  • Joined the Alpha Team to handle All Technical Queries and Billing Queries at the same time for all segments.
  • Follow-up on assigned escalations.
  • Offer alternative solution if needed 
  • experienced in using Log-me-in admin tool for technical support.
  • assigned by the operations manager to draft internal communication presentations for new products. 


Marketing specialist with proper track record and demonstrated ability in analyzing markets:  building marketing plans, product positioning and sales initiatives in relevant business areas such as finance, IT, health care and retail sales.


Faculty of law Cairo university 




University of Illinois 

Oct 2015

Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals:  Marketing Analytics in Theory 

Google Partners 

Oct 2015

Google AdWords Certification

University of Illinois 

Sep 2015

Marketing in a Digital World

Maryland University 

Sep 2014

Innovation Ideas for new Companies


Planning and project management

Communication Skills

Verbal, Written 

Web statistics interpretation and application

GA, Adobe Omniture



Oracle, Crystal, CarPro

Microsoft Office 

Word, Excel , Powerpoint 

Magento, Citrix

Content Mangement System


  • Music Composer
  • Sports 
  • Freelance Voice Over 
  • Freelance photographer
  • Writing stories
  • Creating Teamwork Activities.
  • IT Activities 
  • Voice Recording.
  • Intermediate video Editing.


Available upon request