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Regional Marketing specialist with proper track record and demonstrated ability in analyzing markets:  building marketing plans, product positioning and sales initiatives in relevant business areas. 

Work experience


Regional Digital Marketing Assistant

INFINITI Middle East
  • Helios Project Lead - Migrating 21 website to Adobe Experience Manager 
  • Project Lead Migrating INFINITI Middle East Press website according to New brand VI guidelines
  • Project Lead - Implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud to INFINITI Middle East Markets.
  • Project Lead - Implementing Adobe Campaign to INFINITI Middle East Markets.
  • Project Lead - Implementing Tableau as data visualization to link all
  • Project Lead - SEO Lifestyle landing Pages.
  • Project Lead - Implementing INFINITI Certified Digital Solution.
  • Project Support - Implementing I-Car for INFINITI Showrooms.
  • marketing activities in terms of paid and organic to measure the impact on Sales channels.
  • Website Maintenance, reports, User experience optimization and user journey mapping based on product, demographics, psychographics
  • Campaign Support, setting digital road map, digital initiatives, aligning with media agency to measure campaigns effectiveness.  
  • Paid Media Support, Search, social , display (Programmatic)
  • Arabic Support to Brochures, Social, Website content, Campaign Content.
  • Support in setting Digital Road Map to INFINITI ME
  • Creating contention for Digital Session in the Regional Marketing conference.
  • Managing Agencies for implementation and evaluation

Marketing Specialist

Avis Rent A car UAE
  • Ensure that day-to-day operations translated to quality content. 
  • Coordinated with Maintained Product catalog including rich content and images.
  • Ensure compliance of all business activity to customer and industry standards.
  • Promoted the brands through partnerships and digital marketing activities.
  • Coordinating with different channels to ensure the completion of the assigned tasks.
  • Supports in executing marketing research Company Vs Competitors (Online)
  • Involved in developing, marketing plans and strategies;
  • Involved in 2016 Marketing Plan.
  • Online Sales have increased by 24% in 9 months.
  • Handling communications and strategies with partners, domestically & internationally 

Marketing & Service Excellence officer 

ADCP " Abu Dhabi Commercial Properties"

  • Responsible of Marketing Communications (Internal/External)
  • Supporting in the Development of  the company's Website and coordinating with the vendors to get the best quotation and the best layouts (Art-work) to meet the organizational Objectives.
  • Giving insights to programmers to create the best Mobile app for customers
  • Protecting the Group Image by Creating all Ideas To have complied with ADCB Guidelines i.e. ( Logo, Colors and Art works)
  • Updating and translating all the new contents on the existing Website (Arabic & English)
  • Setting Plans to Promote to the company using the internet i.e. (placing advertisements on Property finder Website - Landing Pages on the properties Search Engines).
  • Involved in developing Marketing Ideas to support the business i.e. ( Digital Marketing - Brand Awareness - Brand Image...etc)
  • Designing the processes for new initiatives.
  • Successfully renewed the ISO certification  9001.
  • Create, Translate operations documents and upload them to the website.

Digital & Service Excellence officer 

ADDC Abu Dhabi Distribution Company 
  • Responsible of setting Team KPI
  • Updating the content on the website using Magneto.
  • Developing Customer service Modules to improve the online support.
  • Responsible for replying to all of the online queries. Abu Dhabi Government Queries using Citrix CMS.
  • Supporting the Marketing Team in Creating the Mobile App layout.
  • Setting the Main Layout of the Awareness Campaign with the British Consultant.

Acting as Team leader "Technical Queue" 

Vodafone International Services - UK Account
  • Responsible of handling a team of 18-20 Members, improving their skills and providing the Operation Targets every 3 months for the new comers before they work with the senior Team Members.
  • Assigned to support launching a new operation house in the billing queue.
  • Achieved the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) record Over 25 Teams in the transition Queue
  • Awarded by 2 customer excellence certificates.
  • Monitor Competitors activities and gather all market researches to provide better service 
  • Created Marketing Initiatives, which lead to Yoda's Marketing Campaign.

Acting As L&D officer Billing and Technical Queue

Vodafone International Services - UK Account 
  • Assigned to develop the Technical training materials and deliver it to the newcomers.
  • Coordinate with the Logistics to create the newcomers ID’s/ Credentials/ security awareness sessions & the operation sessions.  
  • Assisting the Quality Team in their Operation Tasks.
  • Created an initiative called (Shine)
  • Highest Net promoter Score for individuals (NPS) over 18 Team Members.
  • High level of contribution with the digital team to provide the analysis of web traffic to increase the Website Traffic.
  • Coordinate with the Logistics department to create the newcomers ID’s/ Credentials/ security awareness sessions & the operation sessions.

Customer Service Officer 

Vodafone International Services - UK Account 
  • Handling High and Ultra High Billing Queries.
  • Joined the IPhone Billing & Technical Queue.
  • Joined the Alpha Team to handle All Technical Queries and Billing Queries at the same time for all segments.
  • Follow-up on assigned escalations.
  • Offer alternative solution if needed 
  • experienced in using Log-me-in admin tool for technical support.
  • assigned by the operations manager to draft internal communication presentations for new products. 




Faculty of law Cairo university 


Oct 2015

Digital Analytics for Marketing Professionals:  Marketing Analytics in Theory 

University of Illinois 
Oct 2015

Google AdWords Certification

Google Partners 
Sep 2015

Marketing in a Digital World

University of Illinois 
Sep 2014

Innovation Ideas for new Companies

Maryland University 


  • Music Composer
  • Sports 
  • Freelance Voice Over 
  • Freelance photographer
  • Writing stories
  • Creating Teamwork Activities.
  • IT Activities 
  • Voice Recording.
  • Intermediate video Editing.


Available upon request