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I am an enthusiastic and innovative geoscientist with strong analytical skills and 13 years of experience in exploration and integrated development planning teams. I have strong technical skills in geoscience. My experience is in a wide variety of projects in different geological and commercial settings with various levels of data density and quality. I have worked through different rules in two of the major JV Companies between the governmental parities and number of major multi-national oil companies (Shell, BP and ENI). I have occupied several rules throughout my professional career history (senior reservoir geoscientist and geo-modeler,  regional exploration studies geologist and well site / operations geologist, regional exploration studies geologist) in addition to other rules / responsibilities, which have sharpen my skills and given me the ability to deliver high quality work products. I have acquired the master’s degree in petroleum geoscience “reservoir characterization of a tight gas sand reservoir”.

I am holding Master’s Degree from Faculty of Science - Cairo University, in  Petroleum Geoscience. I have been working in the oil & gas industry for 13 years. Currently I’m working as senior  development / reservoir geologist in the Pharaonic Petroleum Company (BP/ENI JV Company) which is operating several Concessions offshore the East Mediterranean Sea. I have joined the Subsurface team early 2010 as a Development / Reservoir Geologist, my role include leading the processes of building, updating and reviewing the subsurface static description and reservoir models in order to provide support for the reservoir management activities, depletion planning and the resource reviews via integrating Geological, Geophysical, Petrophysical and Reservoir Engineering data. My role also includes assessment of the near field appraisal / exploration opportunities, well planning, location optimization, support and documentation of the drilled well activities / results.

Previously I was working for the Badr Petroleum company (Shell JV company) which is one of the major companies operating in the Western Desert of Egypt since 2004 till 2010 in the Exploration department as Regional Studeis Geologist, Operations Geologist, Well site Geologist & Data Management team member; in this company for a period of time made me gain a very good experience in managing well operations, well sitting operations, post well documentation, data management, sedimentological studies core and reservoir description in addition to reservoir mapping / modeling skills.

My career path in both companies has improved my geological backgrounds that enhanced my technical capabilities and interpersonal skills that makes me fits a position in your company as I am actively seeking a new challenge and opportunity.

 Kindly find herewith attached my detailed resume. I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss it further with you.

 Thank you for your consideration and time.

Key Technical Skills

Reservoir Geoscience, Development Geology, Prospect Generation, Integrated Reservoir Characterization, New Well Delivery, 3D Reservoir Modeling, Regional and Field scale geological studies, Sedimentological studies, Reservoir Petrophysics , Reservoir Mapping, Operations Geology, Well Site Geology, Data and Contracts Management skills.

Work experience


Snr. Reservoir Geologist

  • Reservoir Geoscience
    • Interpretation of the different geological and geophysical datasets including sedimentological core description and interpretation, conceptual model building, seismic data interpretation and well log petrophysical evaluation.
    • Integration and interpretation of the different geological and geophysical datasets to assist reservoir management team to define appraisal strategies, field development plans, by-passed hydrocarbon pay, reserve updates and infill well targets.
    • Integrated Reservoir Characterization and preparation of inputs to the 3D models.
    • Build integrated 3D reservoir models to support GIIP reviews, reservoir simulation studies and production forecasting.
    • Identify areas where the acquisition of additional reservoir data would reduce uncertainties (reservoir geology data acquisition programs).
  • Prospect Generation
    • Identify and evaluate the near field exploration prospects, appraisal well targets and feed into the exploration prospect portfolio.
    • Provide integrated prospect risk assessment for the different exploration / appraisal prospects.
  • New Well Delivery
    • Set development and appraisal well targets, Well planning and location optimization.
    • Support geological well operations throughout the drilling of new wells and provide pre- and post-well analysis / documentation.

Studies Geologist

  • Build and update the conceptual depositional models on both field and basing scales for several reservoirs of different ages and depositional regimes via integrating sedimentological data from cores, petrography, image logs, electric logs in addition to geophysical and production data.
  • Sedimentological Core logging, Building structural and stratigraphic correlations, log interpretation, cross sections.

Operations Geologist

  • Working as Operation geologist:
    • Leading / coaching the young wellsite geologists, pre- and post- drilling reporting (e.g, final well reports, correlations, cross-sections quick look evaluations) and distribution of the well data to the different shareholders.
    • Interfacing with the different disciplines involved in well delivery.
    • Contracts preparation and evaluation.
  • Working as Data Management team member responsible for maintaining, managing and cleaning all the well data types in the Openworks database (well logs, directional surveys, core data, pressure data etc.).
  • Working as Wellsite geologist responsible for delivery of quality description for different lithological intervals, oil and gas shows, set coring and casing points, supervision of the different mud logging / LWD activities.



Master's Degree in Petroleum Geoscience.

Faculty of Science Cairo University

Master's Degree in Petroleum Geoscience.

Thesis title: Hydrocarbon Potentiality and Reservoir Characterization of the Obayied Field, Matruh Basin, North Western Desert, Egypt

The Thesis provides an integrated reservoir characterization from sedimnentological, petrophysical and hydraulic properties for the complicated Jurassic tight gas sand main producing reservoir in the Obaiyed field.


Bachelor of Science Geology Major

Faculty of Science Cairo University

Software Skills

    • Skillful using Landmark package Openworks Stratworks, Seisworks, Zmap+ with good skills in using Petroworks and fair skills using the Geoprobe.
    • Skillful using Landmark Descision Space Geoscience and well bore planner.
    • Skillful using RMS as a 3D reservoir modeling tool.
    • Moderately skill using Petrel 3D reservoir modeling tool.
    • Moderately skilled for using Arc GIS.
    • Moderately skilled for using Crystal ball.
    • Skillful using all Microsoft office applications.

Technical Training

  • Attended LandMark course (Open Works for interpreters & Data Management).
  • Attended EREX course (Depositional Systems of Clastic Reservoirs).
  • Attend Shell course ( Basin Oriented Geology ) which aims to orient the young explorers for thinking on basin scale to expect & analyze the different components & controls of hydrocarbon leads & plays in the basin. This course was including field trip to SE Spain and class room in Shell Learning Center in Netherlands.
  • Attended ( Advanced Structural Geology For Petroleum Exploration ) Course by Kenn McClay (Royal Holloway University of London).
  • Attended ( Geostatistics and Advanced Property Modeling ) Course by Prof. Ashly Francis (Earthworks Environment & Resources Ltd).
  • Attended ( Volumetrics & Risk Assessment ) Course by Shell.
  • Attenedend ( RMS 3D Reservoir Modelling ) Course by Roxar.
  • Attended ( Basic Seismic Exploration ) Course by OGS.
  • Attended ( Seismic Interpretation Fundamentals ) Course by BP.
  • Attended ( Pore Pressure Principles ) Course by BP.
  • Attended ( Petroleum Systems ) Course by BP.
  • Attended ( Sequence Stratigraphy Applications Using Logs & Seismic Data ) Course by EREX (Prof. Ryadh Rahmani).
  • Attended ( Facies Modeling for Simulation ) Course by EREX (Prof. M.Darwish)
  • Attended ( Techlog Introduction ) Course by Schlumberger.
  • Attended ( Seismic Facies and Sequence analysis ) Course by EREX (Prof. Bradford Macurda).
  • Attended ( DecisionSpace Geosciences & Integrated Interpretation and Mapping Using Dynamic Framework to Fill ) Software Course by Halliburton –Landmark.

Interpersonal Skills

  • Leadership skills
  • Good Communication skills
  • Very efficient Team working skills.
  • Multi-task handling.


  • Arabic : Mother tongue
  • English: Excellent
  • German: Fair.

Personal Details

  • Marital status: Married
  • Nationality: Egyptian
  • Age: 35
  • Military Service: Fully Exempted

Sample Work Projects

  • Reservoir Geology
    • Integrated geological reservoir study of the Shallow Marine Pleistocene main producing reservoirs for GIIP review and identification of infill well positions and remaining GIP drainage points, Hapy field, Offshore Nile Delta.
    • Led an Integrated 3D reservoir modeling for Hapy main reservoir and quantitative facies modeling using seismic inversion products for well location studies.
    • Contributed to the Reservoir Characterization of the Pleistocene Reservoirs, Taurt Gas field, offshore Nile Delta.
    • Contributed to the Integrated geological reservoir study of the Shallow Marine Pleistocene main producing reservoirs for GIIP review and identification of infill well positions and remaining GIP drainage points, Taurt field, Offshore Nile Delta.
    • Led 3D Reservoir modeling for the S50 Reservoir for evaluation of the early water break through, evaluate the remaining GIP and well proposal Taurt Gas field, offshore Nile Delta.
    • Led an integrated 3D reservoir modeling, water break through Vs well location study for S30 reservoir, Taurt Gas field, offshore Nile Delta.
    • Leading an integrated 3D Reservoir modeling for the Deep Marine Oligocene reservoirs to support water break through, production forecasting, well interference study and viability of phase-II development plan, Atoll Field “New Field”, Offshore Nile Delta.
  • Prospect Generation
    • Contributed to Pleistocene prospectivity evaluation and portfolio updates for Ras El-Bar Concession, Offshore Nile Delta (3 successful prospects already drilled).
    • Contributed to Oligocene prospectivity evaluation and portfolio updates for Ras El-Bar Concession, Offshore Nile Delta.
  • Sedimentological Studies
    • Contributed to an integrated Regional Conceptual Model for the Cenomanian Bahariya & AR G reservoirs in Abu El-Gharadig (AG) Rift Basin, Western Desert (WD) Egypt.
    • Led the revision and update of the Conceptual & Sedimentological model of the Cenomanian Bahariya Reservoir for secondary recovery project purpose – BED-1 field, AG basin, WD, Egypt.
    • Contributed to an integrated sedimentological Study of the Jurassic Lower Safa Reservoir, Matruh Basin, North WD, Egypt.
    • Build the conceptual model for the Turonian Abu Roash G reservoir in Sitra field, AG basin, WD, Egypt.
    • Contributed to early phase of evaluating the unconventional carbonate play potentiality for Apollonia and Abu Roash F reservoisr, AG basin, WD, Egypt.
  • Operations and New Well Delivery
    • Experienced in drilling and delivery of more than 40 on-shore wells in the western desert of Egypt.
    • Provided Support the New Well Delivery / location optimization of several development / Appraisal wells offshore Nile Delta (e.g H12, H13, H15, H16, T6, T7, T7ST, T6ST).