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"The most important knowledge is knowledge of one's own ignorance. I am looking for a position with a stable organization in which I may utilize the skills that I have obtained over the years to everyone’s benefit."

Work experience

Sep 2009Present

Help Desk Analyst

America's Choice, Inc.
  • Designed, wrote, and developed a custom software application that automated the enrollment process for the company’s flagship web-based educational solution software (Blackboard Learn) which streamlined the entire process, substantially reducing enrollment processing time. Exposed enrollment security hole; recommended and ultimately implemented a fix.
  • Assigned to create documentation for existing, and newly established systems (managed and hosted) including but not limited to technical documentation with accompanying flowcharts (Visio), drawings, vendor manuals. etc. This is an ongoing process. Also created an internal website for end-users containing video tutorials, step-by-step how-to documents.
  • Delegated as lead technical expert for Adobe Connect Pro web-conferencing solution. Saved money by brokering a deal to replace the audio-conferencing provider with a fully integrated Adobe Connect Pro audio-conferencing solution.
  • Delegated to manage and assume duties as lead technical expert for Web Help Desk software; learning how to best utilize the software’s capabilities (ongoing), while overseeing the planning, execution, and closing of help desk tickets.
  • Provide on-site and remote IT technical support for local and nationwide staff utilizing a mixed network environment, i.e. OSX Leopard Servers, and OSX Clients, Windows 2003 Servers, and Windows 2003 workstations, printers, etc.
Jun 2010Present

Senior Help Desk Technician

BAE Systems, Inc.

Brought on to provide technical expertise for newly implemented Adobe Connect Pro web-conferencing solution branded as USA Meeting Center. Converted and enhanced older-style command-file script to VBScript. Provide level 1 and 2 helpdesk support to over seven hundred end-users. Serve as the primary customer interface performing first-line problem analysis and resolution to support the overall microcomputer, and telecommunications functions comprised of applications and network communications. Provide high quality technical advice and product support in a Help Desk environment, including advice and support for installed software and hardware products to end users. Identify and resolve complex LAN/WAN issues; install software, and other advanced technical problems to customers' satisfaction. Identify, isolate, and recommend solutions for software problem patterns and trends until resolution. Provide desktop assistance if needed. Provide orientation training to each new support desk candidate. Enter all new calls into Remedy trouble call database. Proactively follow up on open trouble reports. Modify users' account setting within Active Directory. Troubleshoot Blackberry data and voice problems encountered by users. Apply and continually refine interpersonal skills necessary to resolve complex customer problems.

Jun 2009Sep 2009

Service Desk Analyst

America’s Remote Help Desk (ARHD)
  • International Resources Group (IRG) - Provided on-site IT technical support for a staff based in the Washington, DC headquarters of an organization supporting international development emphasizing Incident Control and Communication throughout the lifecycle of a technical issue while providing real-time quality support solutions.
    • Responded to incidents by offering broad and in-depth technical expertise, making myself immediately available with effective at-your-side or phone support with the ability to escalate problems when required.
    • Readied laptops/desktops for deployment into the domain.
      • Performed Windows XP Pro initial configuration per company guidelines; join domain, added drive mappings, established VPN connection, initiated updates and hot-fixes. ? Installation of productivity and ancillary software/hardware; Microsoft Office Enterprise 2007, Adobe Acrobat, TrendMicro Anti-Virus, Skype VoIP and Polycom Communicator.
    • Decommissioned laptops/desktops based on replacement cycle guidelines.
      • Removed and destroyed hard-drives and other media to prepare for recycling. Occasionally reformatted and performed clean Windows XP setup, installed drivers, software and redeployed salvageable machines in less critical roles.
        • Rapid target machine rebuilds - automated the XP redeployment process by configuring a Symantec Ghost 11.2x Server; deployed remote ghost client, created-run-task inc/Sysprep for image source.
    • Diagnosed and repaired connectivity issues; promptly attended to and restored wired and wireless network access, networked printer access, and Exchange and Exchange webmail access problems, VPN, and VoIP connectivity issues.
Sep 2008May 2009

IT Consultant

Self Employed

Worked as a Freelance IT Support Contractor/Consultant

  • Setup and configure network, router/firewall, and surveillance system for a Rockville daycare center.
  • Performed and full-scale upgrade of domain servers, exchange servers for a Bethesda based recruiter.
Sep 2005Sep 2008

Director of Data Processing / IT

RMS Direct, Inc.

At the forefront of IT Support executing a broad range of technical tasks including hardware and software procurement, budgeting, etc.

  • Management and Leadership of the IT Department and Support
    • Managed the data center relocation.  Ordered new T1 circuits and computer room equipment.
    • Supervised, trained and directed four junior Data Processing engineers.
    • With assistance from the Director of Finance, I prepared the annual IT department budget.
    • Responsible for the purchasing of new software packages, including but not limited to our primary multi-seated publishing suite, USPS certified postal software suite, etc., and for negotiating, procuring and monitoring the terms of all service contracts with respect to the enterprise software and hardware vendors.
    • Actively campaigned for several key upgrades/additions hardware and software-wise. This involved extensive research, gathering figures, technical specs, etc., resulting in a cost-benefit analysis that was presented to the Vice President of the company which ultimately led to receiving the upgrades and improved departmental performance.
  • Network Server Support
    • Deploying these key Microsoft technologies
      • Server 2003 SBS & WE, Exchange Server 2003, SQL Server 2005, Windows XP, 2K, 98.
    • Supporting these key Microsoft technologies
      • Active Directory + GPO Editor Created and Managed User and Computer accounts, Network User and Computer Groups, Email Distribution lists, User shares and security rights, Password Policy Settings, Remote Access accounts.
      • DHCP Manager - Created and Managed IP address scopes, pools, leases and reservations, permanent/static IP address reservations w/MAC for peripherals.
      • Exchange System Manager - Created and Managed policies for message age and size limits, shared managers calendars, custom internal/client address lists, active-sync partnership for PDA users, performed offline database functions incl. store defragmentation and integrity checking.
      • Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager - Installed patches for company's new Business Management Solution software, Performance tuning of ASP web-based Business Management Solution.
      • SQL Server Management Studio - Database Tuning Advisor / Evaluate and Apply tuning, Created and Managed maintenance plan for Business Management Solution databases, monitored, optimized tempdb and BMS databases and transaction file log sizes, designed script for calculating optimal database and transaction file log sizes.
    • Deploying these key other technologies
      • VMware Server, Citrix Clients, Symantec Backup Exec, TrendMicro OfficeScan, Diskeeper.
    • Supported these key other technologies
      • VMware Server - Deployed and Managed virtual 32-bit machine on 64-bit host, Integrated Bus. Mgmt. Software on virtual machine with host SQL Server.
      • Citrix Access Gateway & Clients - Managed external remote user access accounts and user remote access.
      • Veritas/Symantec Backup Exec - Designed, deployed, maintained vaulting style backup plan, maintained rotating full and differential backup plans
      • TrendMicro OfficeScan Client/Server - Proactive monitoring of threats using Control Manager console, Manual cleanup of tough/pesky malware/viruses
      • Diskeeper Professional Client/Server - Deployed and Managed Diskeeper defrag settings for RAID and client drives.
      • AutumnTECH Anti-Spam - Configured per-user quarantine accounts, configured Outlook IMAP access to user quarantine folders, Maintained Black/White/Grey list entries.
      • HP Print Server Appliance - Administered companywide Print Shares in conjunction with DHCP Manager.
      • SonicWall Firewall - Managed external user remote access, Installed client remote access software.
  • Enterprise IT Support
    • The primary support contact providing immediate help and troubleshooting 24/7 (open 24 hours during heavy times).
    • Obtained, prepped, configured and deployed new desktops and laptops.
    • Maintained and repaired user hardware including workstations, laptops , printers and hand-held devices.
    • Created and maintained IT support knowledge database using Access.
  • Enterprise Help Desk Support
    • Maximized operational efficiency by providing expert application support, providing advanced MS Office assistance including but not limited to PowerPoint presentations, mail merge, Access queries, etc.
    • Applied extensive knowledge to address emergency hardware situations.
    • Transferred knowledge teaching users to solve application issues within their scope.
  • Custom Software (written in PowerBASIC and the Windows API)
    • Designed a user-friendly file analysis application providing the end-user with instant Excel spreadsheet reports.
    • Created a pre-sort algorithm adhering to the France Post Guidelines allowing deep postage discounts from La Poste.
    • Designed an application for files received via FTP; daemon detected data uploads, processed received file(s), generated dynamic HTML email(s) sending to end-user automatically. (part of ongoing BPA project goals)
Oct 1993Aug 2005

Vice President of Information Technology

Capital Mailing Services, Inc.

Vice President and minority owner for this multi-million dollar privately held direct-mail company with 400+ employees.  Provided fast in-depth IT knowledge and support for over a decade. Involved in all aspects of the company with the greatest emphasis on the Information Technology side of the business. Hired as a junior programmer—promoted to Information Technology Manager, I accepted part-ownership in the company after six years of employment. Struggling with ways in which technology had altered their business model; I developed a strategy to swiftly move the company forward in the coming decade by performing an extensive reengineering of company servers including DHCP, DNS and WINS services to allow for high availability and more efficient network operation. Using my software development skills, I developed our own fully functional Print on Demand application. This software allowed us to compete with the larger direct-mail firms; landing large accounts while saving thousands of dollars in software licensing and support revenues.

  • Management and Leadership of the IT and Print Production Departments
    • Supervised and trained five junior programmers and eight print operators.
    • Extensive Account Management and Customer Service skills gained while interfacing with clients.
    • Took the lead role of educating all employees in IT Security.
    • Extensive communication skills utilized in technical liaison role.
  • Network Server Support
    • Deploying these key Microsoft technologies
      • NT Server 3.51, 4.0, 2000, Microsoft Mail, Windows Workstation 2000/98/95.
      • Service Packs, Hot-Fixes and monitoring of Security Bulletins.
    • Supported these key Microsoft technologies.
      • Created and managed new user and group accounts (user manager for domains).
      • Setup/Created/Maintained MS Mail Post Office.
    • Supported these key other Enterprise technologies
      • Seagate Backup Exec - Designed, deployed, maintained vaulting style backup plan.
  • Enterprise IT Support
    • Primary support contact providing immediate help and troubleshooting 24/7.
    • Priced, obtained, prepped, configured and deployed new desktops and laptops.
    • Priced, obtained and maintained external technical support contracts.
    • Maintained and repaired user hardware including workstations, laptops and printers.
  • Enterprise Help Desk Support
    • Maximized operational efficiency by providing expert application support.
    • Provided expert typesetting assistance with Adobe InDesign and Illustrator.
    • Transferred knowledge by teaching users to solve problems within their scope.
    • Custom Software (written in Microsoft BASIC Professional Development System)
    • Developed the company's own fully functional, Print-on-Demand application.
Oct 1992Oct 1993

Junior Software Developer

Custom Computing, Inc.

Entry level programmer for this small custom software firm that developed proprietary order entry software applications written in C on a UNIX platform for various small businesses including; Auto Repair Shops, Automotive Parts Stores among many others.

  • Server, Terminal, Hardware Support

oDeployed these key technologies

·BSD UNIX OS, Ohio Scientific Servers, Terminals, OKIDATA Printers


IT and Network Support Specialist
For over 12 years I' ve been supporting IT Departments in a variety of capacities and have displayed the experience and versatility to deal with the diversity of environments typical of small business information networks.   I specialized in providing my employers with enterprise-class network support with small-company IT budgets. Tight budgets mandated that I develop a support system that included a low-overhead with a tightly connected office infrastructure, remote troubleshooting technology and a broad knowledge of IT disciplines.   I also provided a Help Desk model that maximized responsiveness and ensured follow-through in company culture focused on solving technical problems in the shortest time and at the least cost.
Windows Application Developer
JOBLOG is a time management/cost tracking software system designed for the Direct Mail industry. Software allows line by line job status updates including completion time and duration of task.  Each job generates a total for the amount of time expended to complete a task which when combined with the number of pieces yields information to determine if the job is priced correctly.Reports can be generated based on active and completed jobs for the purpose of scheduling production work.    DAT-CONVERTER provided a way to CONVERT Mail.dat®  files into XML for importing into the PRO-MAIL System. Architect and Lead for this time-saving Windows application that allowed users to save hours by exporting postage information directly to Project Management Software (PROMAIL). Development involved converting data to XML. A daemon monitored the XML folder and the postage presort information was then pumped into the PRO-MAIL server database. Prior to transit, perform scrubbing and minor manipulation. Utilizing a pre-defined ODBC connection to the enterprise Project Management System (PRO-MAIL), users select destination job and exported postage information. This project became obsolete when the company purchased commercial WindowBook software. LASER-PRINT print on demand system; Architect and Lead Developer of the company's first POD application. Developed using VB 6.0, native PCL code and 3rd party libraries, the app provided a way to quickly set up complex print jobs with hundreds of data variables, multiple documents, and font typefaces. The design provided complete control over the entire document lifecycle and approval process, and allowed data integration from multiple sources. Business Automation Utilities; developed fast, tight code; single EXE, with no run-times nor dependencies; multiple apps aiding in daily task automation such as a user-friendly file analysis app providing the account management team with instant file analysis, a mail-piece postal pre-sort algorithm adhering to the France Post Guidelines allowing deep postage discounts from La Poste, a Service for detecting and processing files received via FTP, generating dynamic HTML email with detailed analysis including Excel charts.

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