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Mossab Alsadig

Software Developer at Walmart Technology

Work experience

Jan 2016Present

Software Engineer

Walmart Technology

- Tech used: Java, Git, Graph Databases, Cassandra, CCM

Jan 2015Sept 2015

Software Engineer

AddThis Inc.

- Tech used: Java, PHP, SQL, JS, Git
- Main role was to develop the main site, dashboard, and Pro Tools that more than 15 million end users utilize.
- Converted and rewrote a major weekly analytics job from NodeJS to Java. This job sends an email to each of 15 million users informing them of the analytics they’ve had on their site for the previous week. Improved the job's run time from 4.5 hours to 2 hours.
- Patched security vulnerabilities including but not limited to xss prevention and securing sessions
- Completely revamped the payment flow and introduced a new billing system using a tiered pricing model.
- Made major migrations to port old code from PHP to java for server backend; overhaul of the backend.
- Worked with a team to introduce notification settings and create API for users to adjust how often they would like to receive important emails.

May 2014Dec 2014

Software Developer

Fifth Tribe

- Tech used: C# & ASP .NET, WPF, JS
- Worked in a collaborative development environment to create web apps, web sites, and mobile solutions for clients.
- Established and integrated a Selenium Web Testing environment into our software base.
- Worked alongside the CEO of Hult Prize to develop and launch their site,
- Developed work tools: image re-sizing utility, efficient logging program, and email scrapping
- R&D and implementation of web security, including DDoS prevention and mitigation.
- Used WPF to co-create a production level presentation application (much like Powerpoint).
- R&D into Watson technologies and emergence of AI paradigms.

June 2012Aug 2013

Software Engineer

Dequeue Ltd

- Tech/Skills used: Java, JVM Bytecode, PHP, SQL
- Developed an automation platform and framework for the game RuneScape.
- Developed scripts to perform in-game tasks humanly and efficiently.
- Created a site for my scripts and gave end users an ability to monitor and track their progress in real time.
- Created and administered the "Contributor" rank (a rank given to experienced programmers in the developer team) entrance exam.
- Worked alongside other programmers, with 3rd party API, in gathering working knowledge of assembly/machine code, compiler/JVM theory, Java internals, and bytecode.
- Supported side projects such as a parallel execution environment and script production frameworks.
- Made use of data mining and aggregation such as SQL, NoSQL and Excel - as well as advanced-level algorithms and their implementation.


Aug 2012Present

Oracle Certified Professional, Java SE 6 Programmer