Work experience

Work experience
May 2015 - Present

Android Trainer

RR Foundation Training Institute
In RRFTI i'm working as Android Trainer. Creating Android Developers is my main job.
Apr 2015 - Present

Founder & Blogger

Android Lime
Please visit, . It's founded to for the learner of Android & Java.
Jan 2014 - Present

National Android Trainer

Sep 2013 - Present

Web Programmer
Working As Team leader and Web Programmer at I've also area of expertness and love for Android Application Development.
Nov 2011 - Present

Founder And CEO is an English language based blogging site containing four sub domains. It was started on November 5 of 2011 with the slogan “…think Creative!” And It’s Your Passionate Online Professional And Smart Life Technology Guide! Because we are trying to do something different and creative with the help of our community knowledge and limited resources. Everybody is free to write here any kind of article in English. But the article should be qualified.