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Cellular industry pioneer Morrell S. Neely has been in the business of mobile phone sales for more than 30 years and is credited with opening the first licensed cellular phone retail store in Chicago. In addition to consulting and leading several telecommunications companies under the umbrella of Neely Industries, Morrell Steve Neely gives to charity and volunteers his time to public service. His causes include AIDS prevention, help for Africa, homelessness, medicine, and independent film.As founder of the Center for AIDS Prevention, a nonprofit organization for AIDS awareness, Morrell S. Neely has the mission of providing social and health assistance to reduce the effects of HIV and AIDS. The organization’s services include prevention and education programs, clinical research on vaccines and treatments, advocacy, and outreach to people with HIV and AIDS. Additionally, Morrell Steve Neely raises funds to address dehydration, malnutrition, disease, and child exploitation in sub-Saharan Africa.Morrell S. Neely was on the Board of Directors of the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, which has worked to help prevent and reduce homelessness since 1980. The group launches awareness and public policy campaigns and provides assistance with education and jobs. Neely also served on the Board of Directors for Northwestern Memorial Hospital, an academic medical center that was ranked first in the Chicago metropolitan area by U.S. News & World Report. Morrell Steve Neely is a Governing Board Member for Cinema/Chicago, presenter of the International Film Festival, founded in 1964 to support alternatives to Hollywood blockbuster films.Neely Industries, based in Beverly Hills, has been the holding company for SkyNet Communications, Inc., Your Wireless Retailer, Inc, Number 1 Wireless, and SkyWorld, Inc. The organic tea company SereniTea also falls under the Neely Industries umbrella. Steve Neely has worked as a consultant since 2005, offering hundreds of companies best practice advice in accordance with the Telecommunications (Consumer Protection and Service Standards) Act.

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