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Work Philosophy

  • Working as a team helps make the best decisions.
  • The customer and patient always come first in the healthcare.
  • Organizational skills are an important part of being efficient and successful.
  • Being committed to your job will bring the best results.

Corinne's Resume

Corinne's References

Teaching Experiences

Food Preparation

Purpose of My Portfolio

The purpose of my career portfolio is to showcase my academic and work related experiences and to display my skills and qualifications I have acquired and activities I participate in. My portfolio distinguishes who I am and many things that I have accomplished throughout my college career.

5 Year Goals

  • To be completed with a Dietetic Internship
  • To be a Registered Dietitian
  • To be qualified to counsel weight management patients
  • To have experience working with patients of different age groups  

2 Year Goals

  • To be a Dietetic Technician, Registered
  • To develop medical nutrition therapy knowledge and skills
  • To be a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND)
  • To work with patients with diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, and obesity
  • To be a volunteer at a nutritional assistance program
  • To develop communication skills with patients
  • To make diet plans for patients


Corinne Morganti is a senior currently attending Indiana University of Pennsylvania majoring in Nutrition with a concentration in Dietetics. She will be graduating in May of 2013 with a Bachelor of Science degree. She is an active member is the Student Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and has participated in various volunteer experiences in her hometown of Erie, PA and in Indiana, PA. These include helping collect non-perishable food items for the local food bank in Erie, PA and assisting shoppers while they pick out their food and aided in the collecting of donations for the Indiana County Community Action Program.

            Corinne is an academically strong student in the classroom and has a great aptitude for understanding aspects of nutrition. She has had various school projects that have helped her gain knowledge and abilities that will assist her in the workplace. She has taught children and the elderly about the importance of good nutrition and has made lesson plans to guide her through those lessons. She has also gained insight on different cultures and their food preferences all around the world. She is currently learning about medical nutrition therapy and later on will be learning how to counsel patients.  

            Corinne has seven years of food service experience under her belt partly by serving at a The Chef’s Table restaurant in Erie where she gained multitasking skills, customer service skills, as well has additional food service skills. While working at that job, she also worked a second job at a family owned ice cream shop where she gained supervisory experience by training new employees. She gained a lot of leadership experience along with teamwork skills. All of these attributes that Corinne offers, such as multitasking, teamwork, leadership, knowledge, and customer service skills make her a fantastic worker and a successful student. 


Verbal Communication
Verbal communication is considered to be a transferable skill as well. I have developed this skill from taking a Methods of Teaching class at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In this class I learned how to teach different age groups about nutrition and which ways work for the diverse age groups. I taught a group of two and three year olds a lesson where I read them a nutritional book, made a nutrition related craft for them to assemble, and brought a healthy snack for them to consume. I also taught a group of older adults on the importance of calcium in their diet. For this lesson, my partner and I made a Powerpoint presentation about the important information, made handouts to give to the students, made a quiz to test their knowledge on what they learned, and provided a food demo on how to make three calcium rich recipes, which they got to eat. I learned so much on how to act around young children and how to teach older adults the correct way to be the most affective. Having these experiences have made me more aware on how to teach different age groups and the right way to relay information to them. Examples of the two lesson plans are posted to the left under Teaching Experiences  
Leadership is considered to be a transferable skill. I have this skill because I trained new employees at a family owned ice cream shop where I worked for five years. I held a supervisory position when my manger was not there. My manager was completely comfortable leaving me in charge of four or five other girls while he was away. I learned how to delegate tasks to my co-workers and they listened because they respected me. I was a great leader because I was approachable and a good worker at the same time. There was a balance in my personality where I could delegate to my fellow employees what needs to get done and there was a part of me who was a friendly coworker. I learned how to not be power-hungry and I learned how to be a great leader in the workplace. These skills I developed will definitely help me in my future career.  
Food Preparation
Food Preparation in considered a hard skill and it is more practical and useful. I have this skill because I have been working in food service for seven years and I also have food preparation experience by taking two food laboratory classes at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In my seven years of working in food service, I have served food to customers, grilled food and packaged it, made desserts, and  have prepared appetizers including salads and soups. In my two food laboratory classes, I have learned how to use knives properly, have learned how to make baked goods, cook meat, fish, and other major food groups. I have also learned how to use different ingredients and substitutes in foods to make them healthier options. By having all of this experience, I have gained a lot of knowledge and practice in the food preparation area and I believe that will make me qualified to work in a clinical food setting. An example of the food preparation I have completed in my Experimental Foods class at IUP is a section of a research paper I wrote on the experiment I did where I made orange muffins and changed the sugar ingredient and substituted low calorie sweeteners. The section of the methodology of the paper is posted to the left under Food Preparation.  
Multitasking is considered a soft skill, which are broader and have to do with personality and attitude. I have this skill because I worked as a waitress the summer of 2012 at a restaurant. To be a good waitress, I had to be attentive, quick on the feet, quick in the mind, calm, and have a good memory. I took orders, checked up on customers, made their drinks, salads, soups, and desserts, cashed people out, delivered food to tables, and cleaned up the tables. I had to complete all of these tasks correctly with a calm attitude. I learned how to keep tasks in order in my head so I would not forget them all while completing them. Having this job has definitely helped me organize the way I complete tasks because I learned how to do more than one duty at once.