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Dear Reader,

Thank you for viewing my Digital Portfolio page. As you will see through my work samples, writing samples, resume and cover letter, and my recommendation letter I am a very hard worker with an excellent work ethic. I strive to do my best and give my best in all the work I partake in. It is my goal to always go above and beyond what the requirements are for whatever project or job I complete. I am also a great leader and well trusted by my peers. My ability to work well with other people enhances my portfolio and adds greatly to my work ethic.

Throughout my Digital Portfolio you will see examples of the work I have completed during my time as being the Chief Operations Officer for Mystic Soundz. Such examples include the HR Manual, two different News Articles I wrote for our monthly newsletter, and my section of the Business Plan. Then I will have writing samples from the last 2 years including various essays I have written. Finally, my resume and cover letter will be available to you on my portfolio as well as a recommendation letter I received from my Youth Group Leader of the church I am a part of.

Perhaps within all these samples of my work and my resume and cover letter, you will see my outstanding work ethic and will understand my strong qualities of which would be great benefit to you.


Morgan Borthwick 

Work Samples

Recommendation Letter

Writing Samples