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Morgan Fraser-Lindsey



My name is Morgan and I am currently working as a Housekeeper at the Guesthouse Inn & Suites. I enjoy my job, working independently is best for me. I love helping other people. I strive for happiness In The people surrounding me. I'm clean, well kept, and passionate about my work. I believe if you set a goal don't just achieve it, go beyond your own expectations. My personality is very Inviting and when in my inner circle people feel safe and trusting. I am reliable and I always stick to my word. 

Work History

Sep 2015Present


Guesthouse Inn
Jul 2015Sep 2015


7 Eleven

8-14-15— 9-25-15


  • Back up, Cashier, stocking, Sorter
  • This job was all about the heavy lifting
  • Non-stop stocking of all varieties of food, beverages, and product.
  • Stocking the cups for soda, Slurpees, and coffee.
  • Back and forth between the cooler and the back room.
  • Lifting 10- 20 pounds at a time.
  • Organization skills and non stop productivity was required.
  • When the store would get to busy I would help with register.
  • I also changed 19 garbage cans twice a shift and dishes had to be done before I left.
  • Cleaning of restroom and floors of the store.                                                                                                     My reason for leaving:                                                                                                                                              Quit/ I would work an 8 hour shift and was told I could not take a break or lunch. I am a very hard worker and liked the job very much. All I request is a break. 
Sep 2010Dec 2010

Assistant Director

Country Side Living
  • Assistant Director:
  • Serving and cleaning up food after residents.
  • Feeding and interacting socially with residents.
  • Arts and crafts with residents Reading and puzzles with residents
  • Playing games with residents for help with memory and social skills
  • Laundry
  • Custodial work
  • This job really taught me patience and understanding how important it is to have positive people skills along with empathy and sympathy.
Jul 2009Feb 2010


Southgate Cinema


  •  Sold Tickets at front window and at concession along with hot and cold food
  • Took Inventory of all food, Tickets and sales
  • Restocked when shift was over
  • Closed and opened theater daily
  • Custodial work
  • Counted and reported any Issues with register                                                                                          Reason for leaving: Moved across the state


Sep 2006Jun 2010

High school Diploma

Hidden Valley High School