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SQL and SQL ORM Frameworks
Solid knowledge of SQL and advanced SQL queries, stored procedures, and indexing staregies. Very familiar with a variety of SQL ORM frameworks.
VIM and Textmate
Comfortable with both Textmate and VIM text editors, and can easily switch between both depending on the pair programmer preference.  
git and SVN
Very familiar with both git and SVN, using git mostly nowadays. Using git with both the gitorious and github web based front-ends.
Developed a web based python application with Django to gain better perspective of Python as a possible web development framework for the VM Player project. 
Objective-C and iOS knowledge for multi-view applications, and core-data implementations. 
Technology Mentor
Enjoy mentoring new developers and honing the skills of intermediate developers. Teaching is the best way that Alberto has kept up his development skill sets.
Ruby on Rails
Solid knowledge and experience in Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Expert developer with intimate knowledge of the most common libraries used in day to day Ruby on Rails projects, including devise for authentication, declarative authorization for user roles management, AASM for finite state machine implementations, rescue for background job management, etc. 



When not at my day job, I am busy teaching programming to kids at my son's computer club ( Have been holding sessions on weekends with kids 12-16 for a couple of years. They have learned to develop games with the Ruby Gosu framework. They have learned NXC in combination with the Lego Mindstorms sets.

This year, we have concentrated on iOS and Objective-C. They have developed single view applications, and got one of them approved and posted in the Apple Store.

When not programming, I enjoy cycling with the local road racing training rides. I also enjoy fast cars and regularly attend track events with my Subaru BRZ.

Work experience

Jan 2013Oct 2014

Senior Director, IT

Riverbed Technology

Riverbed acquired OPNET in December 2012. During his tenure at Riverbed, Alberto headed the integration effort for the OPNET team as member of the Integration Management Office (IMO). Alberto attended all work stream meetings, and dealt with all operational issues regarding integration. Alberto, in cooperation with the Controller at Riverbed would bubble up any issues to the Integration Steering Committee. Alberto's knowledge of the company inner workings, and his broad grasp of technology and business practices were critical in contributing to a successful integration.

Feb 1997Dec 2012


OPNET Technologies, Inc.

Alberto was a member of the executive management at OPNET. Alberto had oversight of all aspects of IT, including infrastructure, security, compliance and business applications. Alberto was also responsible for all facilities (domestic and international locations).

As a member of the executive team at OPNET, Alberto participated and was a leader of some of the most critical projects at the company. 

Despite these responsibilities, Alberto ensured he set time aside for direct involvement in the architecture and development of Ruby on Rails applications. A sampling of recent hands-on projects include the following.

  • Designed and developed a Ruby on Rails VM playing and scheduling system. The system had an admin UI so that instructors could author and clone VMs. From that interface they could schedule the classes; the system would take care of cloning and launching the necessary VMs.
  • Designed and architected a Ruby on Rails system for HR. The key feature of this system was Effective Dating, which required the storage of temporal data across associations. System was extremely easy to use for the end-users, the hard logic was cleanly abstracted and removed from the day to day operations of the users.
  • Programmed automated Financial reports and data mining algorithms to help speed up the closing of the accounting periods. This Ruby on Rails system pulled data from a variety of data sources, including Peoplesoft and MS SQL legacy databases. Reports were easy to run, abstracting the complexity away from the end user.
May 1995Jan 1997

Software Engineer

FGM Inc.

Database developer, worked on consulting software projects for enterprises and government agencies. 

  • Built a point of sale system, with inventory tracking.
  • Designed and developed and invoicing and shipping system with a customer support portal.
Jan 1990Mar 1995

Textile Engineer

Cytec - Fiberite

Worked with the Advanced Textiles Division, using carbon fibers.

  • Designed the manufacturing line for a carbon fiber felt used in aircraft brakes. 
  • Programmed the controllers for the braiding and weaving process of a carbon fiber fin structure for aircraft engines.



Nov 2007Present

Advanced Ruby

The Pragmatic Studio
Mar 2010Present

Mastering Ruby and Rails

Pragmatic Studio
Nov 2011Present

iOS Programming

Pragmatic Studio