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Founded in 2008 by Richard L. Rutledge and Daniel A. Gumbert, serves as the online branch of Avenue Book & Company in Fort Wayne, Indiana. focuses on purchasing used textbooks from customers. Together, Mr. Gumbert and Mr. Rutledge started Surplus Towne, LLC, the parent company of Avenue Book & Company and Previously, Mr. Gumbert served as an experienced independent book wholesaler and managed an investment portfolio. Mr. Rutledge formerly served as the owner of a regional home remodeling company, Rutledge Construction. Both men have shaped as a premier book retailer. The process through which customers can sell their books to harnesses the efficiency and expanse of the online retail world. Clients who access the website can arrange to have a quote prepared for them by entering the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) for the books they wish to sell. Once they are satisfied with the price, customers can enclose their books and ship them for free through the United States Postal Service. also offers free shipping via FedEx for orders of $40 or more. Once receives a package, a certified inspector will assess the condition of the books and ensure the correct titles, editions, and ISBN numbers. Following the completion of the inspection, will issue a check or electronic payment through the online PayPal system. Customers will usually receive funds about 15 days from the date that the package was sent. During its first three years in operation, has provided service to over 200,000 customers and seen at least a 100 percent increase in revenue each year. Although Mr. Gumbert has passed away, Mr. Rutledge continues to oversee His responsibilities include managing the operations and facilities, procuring inventory and investments, developing vendor and supplier relationships, overseeing public relations and marketing, managing accounts, and handling human resources issues.

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