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Jose Cancela

“VIctor is a great human being and a true professional. It does not get any better.”

Carlos Rom Jr.

“Victor has the uncanny ability to correctly balance the strategic and the tactical – the long-term decisions and the short-term ones. He recognizes that the strategic depends on the tactical, that a direction must be established, while making particular and specific decisions along the way, thus making the established direction unfold correctly. Add to this, his passion for excellence, for doing things right from the get-go and I can think of no other combination of managerial traits as crucial to the future success of the organization as this.” November 10, 2009

Paula Kerger

“Through his work at Puerto Rico Public Broadcasting, Victor has made a significant contribution to the community. The station is engaged in important community outreach and produces programming of the highest quality. His leadership has been important for the station as well as the national public television system.”

Jonathan Garcia

I have known Victor over fifteen years and he has always impressed me as an over achiever. Victor is detail oriented and whatever goal is put in front of him he will do everything in his power to attain it. I would recommend Victor for any management possition in our industry.” August 26, 2008

Jorge Martel

“I have known Victor for over 20 years and have witnessed how his strong work ethic, "laser focus determination" and strong values have resulted in numerous achievements and becoming one of the top professionals in the TV and Production Industry. Victor's leadership skills have been instrumental in taking WIPR TUTV to a new level in overall quality production and efficiency.”

Vanessa Toledo-Vickers

“I have known Victor for many years and he has always been an effective leader that gets things done. He takes charge and leads people to perform at their best to get the results that positively impact the bottom line. He has great vision and knows how to build strong relationship with key stakeholders.”

Work experience

Vice President - Puerto Rico

National Academy of Arts and Sciences, Suncoast Chapter

(Professional Association; Broadcast Media industry)

2001 – 2006 (5 years)

First Puerto Rican Vice President. Actively lobbied and made it possible for Puerto Rico to join the Suncoast Chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and participate in the Emmy AwardsResponsible for processing all Emmy Award entries from Puerto Rico. Coordinate judging for Los Angeles, Texas, Chicago and San Francisco. Produce yearly Silver Circle Award Ceremony in Puerto Rico.

Jul 2010Present

Executive Vice President

Casiano Communications

Established in 1973, Casiano Communications (CCI) is a publishing company that produces well-positioned, quality niche publications (periodicals and magazines). The company's 105,000-square-foot corporate headquarters in Santurce, Puerto Rico, features full in-house research, editorial and production facilities including photography studios, electronic pre-press capabilities and state-of-the-art desktop publishing and design. Clients can also take advantage of CCI's fulfillment, specialized target marketing and direct mail capabilities as well as its telemarketing and website design services.

Feb 2009Jun 2010


More than Media

More than Media's caters media-related business as well as a non-media companies offering the competitive edge they're looking for when launching and managing media-related businesses, both in traditional and newer digital media as well as maximizing media investment and increasing media presence. To assist clients, we offer clients a variety of services to launch, operate and grow in media-related businesses such as:- Business strategy development - Feasibility plan creation, including financial projections to determine investment requirements. - Assistance in deal negotiation - Financial planning and budgeting - Television and film distribution in US and Latin America markets - Identifying oportunities in Hispanic and Diverse markets - Partner identification and relationship structuring - Operational and launch assistance - Operational management



Puerto Rico Public Broadcasting Corporation

(Public Company; 201-500 employees; Broadcast Media industry)

2005 – Present (3 years)

Provide executive leadership for multi-million government owned media with two television stations, two radio stations, an Internet portal and self-generated sales of +$2 million.Lead operations and offer content and strategic direction. Responsible for bottom-line factors including long-range management, programming development and programming export processes. Provide cross-functional management; direct 7 Vice Presidents and oversight 260 full time employees and contractors in excess of 100. Redefine organizational structure; oversee major budgetary decisions and perform regular evaluations of corporation’s results while completing total digitalization process.


Executive Producer

Puerto Rico Public Broadcasting Corporation

(Public Company; 201-500 employees; Broadcast Media industry)

2003 – 2005 (2 years)

Executive Producer for live, daily daytime show En Todas.Fully responsible for all aspects of production: including, but not limited to, budgeting, booking, talent contracts, advertising sales, etc. Negotiate trade-outs to multiply show’s resources while minimizing production costs. Supervise all studio technicians and engineers, as well as production staff.


Partner/Executive Producer

Estudio Vortice

(Privately Held Production Company; Entertainment Industry)

Executive producer for studio and post-production’s facility’s productions.  Fully responsible for the general administration of the production/graphic studio. Aid in the design and implementation of graphics and animation packages for clients.  In charge of general administration.  Clients included, but are not limited to Telemundo, Deportes 13, GA Life, WIPR, and DIRECTV.

Generated sales that exceeded projections by 150%.

Creator and executive producer for Salud TV, first health program designed entirely for hospital closed circuit television.


President/Executive Producer

Montilla Television Group

(Privately Held Production Company; Entertainment Industry)

Created and produced original programming with pioneering elements and superior content.

Created broadcast, commercial programming for leading commercial television stations.  Solely responsible for show’s advertising, promotion, sales of product integration’s and product placement.  Directly supervised show’s booking and ticketing.  In charge of budgeting, contracts between station and advertisers. Supervise all studio technicians and engineers, as well as production staff.

Created and produced first Spanish speaking animated television sitcom “Los Del Barrio”.  Show rated first in its programming hour, and among the top ten shows in the month the show aired.  Show had the full backup and support from the advertising industry.

Created and produced the late-night talk show “En Casa de Luis Raúl”.  Show rated among the top shows during its programming hour.  First show in the island to integrate internet technology to promote television audience interaction and participation.  Host prompted participation generated about 600 emails per hour.  Show generated $5 million in sales during its first year, 500% the total budget of 500k.           


General Producer

Cordero Teleproducciones

(Privately Held Production Company; Entertainment industry)

1992 – 1999 (7 years)

Directly responsible for over 14 hours of weekly television programming. General Producer for all six of company’s television shows. Shows included, but not limited to “Show de las Doce” – daily midday variety show, “Wilson Wilson”, “Mi Familia” weekly sitcoms, “La Comay X-Clusivo” – weekly gossip show, “Musicomedia”, “Sábado a las Doce” weekly variety shows, and other television productions. Supervised all studio technicians and engineers, as well as production staff. Accountable for all aspects of production: including, booking, talent contracts, and advertising sales.


Victor Montilla is Executive Vice President for Casiano Communications, the largest, most experienced Hispanic publisher of periodicals and magazines in the United States.

Born in 1970, Montilla graduated from high school in 1988 from Colegio Maristas, in Guaynabo. In 1992 he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts, with a concentration in broadcast production, from Loyola University in New Orleans.

An avid media enthusiast and key player, former television producer, station president, consultant and entrepreneur, Montillabegan his career working at Cordero Teleproducciones with television pioneer, Paquito Cordero, one of the most important producers in Puerto Rico.

The experience accumulated alongside Cordero opened the door to new challenges and opportunities.In the year 2000, Montilla founded Montilla Television Group, where he created and produced the first animated situation comedy, Los del Barrio. The show attracted the attention and support of the advertising industry and conquered the audience in its scheduled time. Later on he created and produced En Casa de Luis Raúl, a “late night talk show” that marked the return to the local screen of the well loved comedian and integrated the use of the Internet, achieving a new level of interaction with the audience.

That same year, Montilla joined the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, Suncoast Chapter.In joining this important organization he hoped to find new opportunities for the development of local production, as well as the internationalization and recognition of Puerto Rican production.His efforts have been lauded by his Puerto Rican colleagues, as well as by the Academy – he was unanimously elected as Vice-president of the Chapter for Puerto Rico and re-elected in the years 2005 and 2009.

In 2003 he accepted Linda Hernández' challenge to join the Puerto Rico Public Broadcasting Corporation as executive producer of the, En Todas. and was able to successfully position the show as an information and entertainment magazine for women.

After a successful run as a television producer, Víctor Montilla was named President of the Puerto Rico Public Broadcasting Corporation in 2005, heading two television stations,two radio stations and an Internet portal.He immediately set important goals that became the center of his tenure: the pursuit of excellence and the exportation of Puerto Rican productions.With a clear intention of maintaining and further expanding and developing the Corporation’s production area while establishing a way to financial independence for the institution, which, up until that time, had heavily depended on legislative funding.

His legacy at the Corporation includes the establishment of a Fundraising Department, as well as a record-breaking sales department. He negotiated broadcasting licensing agreements reaching audiences in different viewing segments, generating additional income for TUTV. He also managed to increase audience levels of the Corporation’s radio stations thanks to a restructuring of facilities and programming that begun in October of 2005.

Montilla negotiated an unprecedented agreement with Televicentro-WAPAmerica to broadcast TUTV’s shows in key Hispanic markets throughout the United States, as well as negotiating a distribution contract with HITN to reach Puerto Ricans in the mainland.

In December 2006 he became the first Puerto Rican to receive the Governor s Award, the highest honor bestowed by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS), for his tireless efforts and work on behalf of the Puerto Rican television industry, and successfully organizing the petition that resulted in Puerto Rico becoming part of the NATAS Suncoast Chapter and being allowed to compete in the annual Emmy Award Ceremony. He was also named Television Executive of the Year by the local advertising and marketing publication,

On July 2008, at a press conference held at TUTV’s Hato Rey headquarters, and coinciding with the celebration of the station’s fiftieth anniversary, Montilla announced the station’s evolution to high definition digital production, with the inauguration of modern, state-of-the-art facilities, making TUTV the first television station of the island to be able to produce and broadcast in high definition.

He left the Corporation in February 2009.Upon his departure, and following the same principles he so eagerly bound to as President of CPRDP, he established, More than Media, to provide consulting services to companies seeking to maximize media investments, tap into the ever growing new diverse markets, export programming, and successfully launch and operate media related businesses.

As Executive Vice President for CCI, Montilla hopes to maintain CCI's leadership position, in sales and readership, as well as taking advantage of all the new technology available through digital media, social media and interactive applications.

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  • National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences - Chairperson Marketing Committee
  • Corporation for Public Broadcasting Public Awareness Initiative Board
  • Sales and Marketing Executives Association of Puerto Rico
  • Puerto Rico Chamber of Commerce
  • Puerto Rico Convention Bureau
  • National Association of Television Programming Executives
  • National Association of Broadcasters
  • Puerto Rican Association of Radio Broadcasters
  • Public Broadcasters Management Association