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Work experience


nursing home

one of my most loved jobs in this job you where to make people feel at home meeting there orders every person was not like the other but most where all so sweet in this job I did everyone's cloths as they asked some fold some hung and the lady's had to have no rankles if it wasn't how they asked you got sent back I would expect nothing less I also was a janitor with that you had to learn everyone personally and remember everything as well I took my lunch brake to help cna's with there job as well as read and paint with some of the people there I did my best to bring joey to everyone and I went beyond what I was asked to do  but it was all for the people



making orders in under 3 min and making them right. I was also a cleaner there.


dollar general

talking with everyone that comes in. making shore everyone is finding what they need. I also was helping people with returns.


high school

Morgan county  

high school grad


handling hard jobs

in a time when you need something up to par and in a fast manner I am always her to get the job dun I never like to just reach the limit I believe in over achieving  I am into everything as well If I do not know anything about what it is you have I will learn every thing there is to know there is nothing to small or to big that should be left out when getting to know how a person wants there work to be handled

Text Section

Hello my name is Jessica Montana Stanley I am into everything from hoola hooping and fir breathing to being in a room filled with my dads  business buddies talking about how they should further there chooses and fix there pricing there is nothing I cant do If you give me the chance