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Best Work

Personal Initiative

This semester I tried to take more of a leadership position with the art department. My job consisted of making sure that every story that needed a photograph or graphic was taken care of. Speaking with the writer about what type of image would best fit with their story. We would keep our pictures true, meaning that we wouldn't have people pose or fake the picture. One thing that I brought to the staff's attention was that we should have a "What You've Missed Between Issues" column. It's for those irrelevant stories that we can't put into the paper. We found a way to let our readers know what was going on without going into depth with a full story. 


My skills have expanded this semester. I took photography class so that my pictures for talisman would increase in quality. I feel that they have indeed gotten better. I've learned how to take better action shots which are my favorite. I've improved on my picture taking angles, capturing images from different angles can sometimes give the image a different perspective. 


I've played basketball for 7 years. I've played for our school for 3 years now. I'm the starting point guard for Jv averaging 10 points a game. I am considered our team leader for Jv, they all depend on me to lead our team to success. I also swing, meaning that I play on two teams. I play a guard for varsity.

Goals for 2nd Semester

My goals for second semester consist of taking more pictures. I take pictures however since I play basketball it is hard to find time to take pictures for everything. I am going to prioritize so that I can have time for both and still take good pictures. I will give more ideas for ladder so that our paper can be more interesting and have something to do with the community since we don't cover that topic as much. I also am going to sell an ad. That is my main goal for second semester, I must sell an ad. I will continue to do my best in trying to be editor and help out wherever I can.

Staff Improvements

I think we as a staff should staff more focus and on task especially during the first few days of a new issue. We tend to goof off and that makes us slack. Our goal is to be the best and to be the best we need to work hard. Another way that we can improve is to have better communication about what art we want for the stories. For the most part we are fine on that but a little more communication couldn't hurt. We can also Talk more about the community, we do it but not as much as we should. Our stories are well written and go into depth when needed which is good. That will help us when we go to OSMA. 

My Highlights

The best moment in Talisman was I walked into the room during tenth period and found Eric and Seth sleeping under the computers. I didn't know that they were underneath there until I heard snoring (eric) and I started laughing. It was the funniest thing ever and I will never forget it.