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Work History

Chief Operations Officer/Owner

Skeena Financial Services Ltd dba Speedy Cash Payroll Advances
Jun 2004Sep 2011

Kamloops, British Columbia CANADA

As 50% owner of this chain of Finance Companies, I helped grow it from one store to nine stores over a 5-year period. In my position of Chief Operations Officer, I was responsible for all new and existing offices. Not only did I create the companies Policy & Procedures Manuals, Employee Guidebooks and the Monthly Newsletters, I had to ensure that all locations were operating in compliance with company policies and procedures.

I was also responsible for directing and coordinating the training of Branch Managers at existing locations and of the Branch Managers and CSRs at new locations.

Some of my other duties in this position were as follows:

  • Ensure that adequate staffing levels were maintained at all locations.
  • Review and approve monthly schedules and timesheets as submitted by Branch Managers.
  • Review Security Open/Close Report for all locations.
  • Provide support to Branch Managers regarding all staff management.
  • Track length of service to ensure that salary reviews were conducted on time.
  • Conduct performance appraisals for Branch Managers.
  • Review and approve CSR performance appraisals as submitted by Branch Managers.
  • Assist with the ongoing development of training programs for Branch Managers and CSRs.
  • Conduct personal visits to each location across Western Canada at least twice per calendar year.
  • Respond to customer complaint escalations at all location in a timely and professional manner.
  • Assist Branch Managers with their annual office budgets.
  • Provide feedback to Branch Managers regarding Monthly Reporting statistics.
  • Review and approve bonus incentives as submitted by Branch Managers.
  • Review and approve quarterly bonus targets at all locations.
  • Review and respond to the receipt of monthly staff meeting minutes.
  • Perform random audits of collections activity on overdue files at all locations.
  • Approve all written off accounts at all locations.
  • Approve all files sent to Third Party Collections.
  • Review the financial statements every month, for each location.

I gained a lot of experience in my position with Skeena. It provided me with the business and financial background to help me to build my brand with Soul Touch Sun & Spa. My


Soul Touch Sun & Spa Kamloops, British Columbia CANADA
Feb 2009Oct 2013

I bought my Spa in 2009, taking on a multitude of roles. Interior decorator, website developer and an expert in spa research & development. I took it from being just a tanning salon into a full service, award-winning spa. I helped grow my team by immersing them in different online courses and attending seminars. Two years running we all attended one of the top Tanning Expo's in the USA. An Expo that is held each year in Las Vegas that hosts 3 days of seminars and booths marketing different brands of spa/tanning products and new and upcoming equipment. At the seminars we were certified in different areas ranging from sales to health and wellness. For the first 3 years I groomed one of my receptionists into being an amazing Spa Manager. I wanted to get it to the point where I could work on the business and not in the business. This also gave me the freedom to travel and experience new things as I continued to monitor things over the Internet. I conducted weekly conference calls with my Spa Manager. During the weekly calls we would review sales targets and go over various reports.

Some of my other duties in this position were:

  • Ensure that adequate staffing levels are maintained.
  • Conducting promotional campaigns & fundraisers.
  • Maintaining inventory.
  • Managing labor costs.
  • Payroll management.
  • Hiring, training, monthly work schedules.
  • Ensure the quality of the treatments and products used.
  • Ensure that the guests are getting the best customer service every single time they visit in order to create raving fans. 
  • Maintaining a clean, relaxed and peaceful space for the team and the guests to enjoy.
  • Motivate and encourage staff, creating recognition and incentives.
  • Provide constant feedback on job performance.
  • Conduct performance appraisals for Spa Manager.
  • Review and approve spa staff performance appraisals as submitted by the Spa Manager. 
  • Provide & encourage professional/development programs to my team.
  • Review monthly financials with my bookkeeper.


    I gained a lot of valuable experience when I owned and operated my Spa. I still feel in my core that my strongest attribute is the ability to provide solid leadership, as a servant leader, and bring out the best in my team. In all of my years in business I have had little to no issues with staffing concerns. I treated my team with respect and love and they always gave the same back. I became remarkably knowledgeable, creative and skillful in the Spa/Wellness Industry.



Solo World Traveller 


I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel extensively, all over the World, throughout the past 15 years. Sometimes for work, sometimes for study and sometimes for personal joy but every experience was a chance to learn & grow.        


In September 2011, I embarked on what would become my greatest journey …or so I thought. For one year I would travel alone through, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and then Costa Rica.


One year went by in a blink of an eye and now I am into my 5th year! Travelling became such a part of who I am that I sold my businesses, my home and donated most of my belongings so that I could continue to travel. I have grown so much as a person, as a student and as a teacher in many different modalities.


Since 2011, I have traveled solo to 36 Countries and 6 Continents and have lived in three Countries. Mostly splitting my time between Central America and South East Asia.

I put travel in the Education section because I strongly believe that travel is the best education.


It has given me the ability to adapt to new environments, confidence to make decisions in risky situations and improve my ability to take on new projects. It has helped me understand people from other cultures and given me the gift of understanding my own strengths and weaknesses. Through travel I have become more confident, more independent and more assertive.

During my travels, I made Costa Rica my home base for a couple years, which afforded me the experience of being surrounded with a new language. Although I am not fluent in Spanish I did take classes and immersed myself amongst the locals. I continue to learn the language when I can.


Just as with any Country that I am traveling in, especially for months at a time, I am always learning the basics. So although I am not a Master in any other languages yet, over the years I have learned the basics to communicate in many Countries. Over the past year I have spent a lot of time in Bali and am slowly learning Bahasa Indonesian. I know enough to have a basic conversation at this time.


I believe that broadening my international experiences will give me that extra edge I need in this global society.


During the last four+ years of traveling I have not only immersed myself in other cultures, I have continued to expand my education. In 2015 alone, I completed the Marie Forleo Business School online, became a Certified Zumba Instructor and a Hoopyogini Instructor. I have gone to several retreats/seminars on Health and Wellness.


In September of 2014, in Sanur, Bali, I attended a 30-day retreat/course called Heal Thyself held by top Health Expert Tyler Tolman. During the 30 days I completed a course in Health and Wellness, in addition to completing a 21 day fast that consisted of 7 days on fresh juice and 14 days of just water. The last week was spent taking a raw food preparation course. During this process I learned so much about the healing process of the body and how strong I really am.


In my first solo trip to Bali in 2011, I became a Certified Level 1 Reiki Instructor and attended several retreats throughout South East Asia learning new yoga and meditation techniques,


Over the last four+ years of travel, I have researched, wrote articles and stayed at a variety of different places and in different Countries. From well known Luxury Resorts to small boutique hotels, to renting private villas and apartments. In doing so, I have picked up on many tips and tricks in the travel industry and have thought many times of starting my own online travel site as I am an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for the hospitality, spa/wellness and travel industry.


I am a very driven person and I am always learning and growing. In exchange, I am always inspiring change & teaching others and doing my own part to change the World for the better.

Hmmmm, what else has my travel experience has given me you ask? 

I have been become an amazing active listener while abroad. This has given me the ability to learn and pick up at least 20 or 30 words in every country I go to visit, 

I have gained economic and geographic knowledge of the world that I probably would not have had I not become a traveller. I am also more aware of the  political and social forces that make up this great planet we all live in. 

I have learned how to cope and adapt to new situations and new environments. Like a Boss! 

My internet research skills are second to none. Ask me to find you an address of a restaurant in Bali, or book you an amazingly affordable accommodation in Spain and I am on it. 

I already had a strong business background, people & leadership skills before travelling but 

Writing and analytical skills. Demonstrate these skills outside of course work by participating in a research project, writing a brochure, publishing an article in a magazine, or writing for a website.
Computer skills. Acquire strong word processing skills (can you produce a table of contents, section breaks, footnotes, or use styles?); be comfortable using spreadsheets (can you produce a budget or sort a table of data?); be familiar with databases (can you explain the difference between a flat file and a relational database?); try to develop exceptional Internet research skills (can you find the phone number of a cheap Paris hotel in five minutes? What about the CIA country profile for Bhutan?).
Business skills. The most sought-after employees are those with multidisciplinary backgrounds, especially business backgrounds that include strong people skills. Employers seek scientists who can understand market research, engineers who can manage research teams and help commercialize products, and political scientists who can work in trade promotion. There is a need to assess the business aspect of almost every field, such as strategic planning, financial management, and systems analysis.
Other management skills. These include project management, accounting, training, research, report writing, evaluating.
Soft Skills

Organizing, people, and leadership skills. Demonstrate these through work and volunteer experience, preferably with an international group, organizing an event, or as an executive member of a committee.
Intercultural communications abilities. Demonstrate these by being conversant in describing patterns of behavior in cross-cultural work and social environments. Learn to professionally describe these real-life experiences.
Coping and adapting abilities. Demonstrate these with examples of how you coped when living away from your support structure of family and friends.


Life/Health/Wealth Mastery

Tony Robbins Mastery University - Various locations around the globe

I started Mastery in 2007 and in doing so it enabled me to travel the world learning from some of the industries top speakers. It is known as an international opportunity. An opportunity I took on to condition my mind, my physical health, my relationships, my finances, my time, my business. In a life. 

I was first introduced to Tony Robbins by my Business Partner in 2006 and went to my first live event in California in 2007 called Unleash the Power Within. Tony Robbins is a Peak Performance Coach and a mentor to many. After this event I enrolled in Tony Robbin's Mastery University. This gave me the chance to learn from some of the finest speaker and industry leaders in the world. It was a personal goal to gain fulfillment in every area of my life by attending seminars all over the world. From Wealth Mastery in Scotland, Life Mastery in Fiji to Leadership Mastery in San Diego, to name a few. After completing Mastery I became a Senior Leader inside the company working with Tony Robbins. My last event as a Senior Leader was a few years ago as I have been focused on my travels and immersing myself in other studies.


Through my years studying with Tony Robbins I have had the opportunity to condition my mind and body to take control of my life in all areas. Not that I do not have challenges, I have my share but now I look at them as opportunities to learn and grow.

My studies and working with Tony was a key stepping stone for me in opening up my Wellness Spa. It was also though my studies that I became a vegetarian and a few months later a vegan. I have been living and loving a clean, plant based diet since 2007. 

Dogwood Diploma

Norkam Senior Secondary  Kamloops, BC CANADA

Graduated Grade 12 with honours

Grades 8-11 - I completed these grades at home with a private tutor and via correspondence. 

Trained Energy Worker

Oneness University - Chennai, India Oneness Advanced Training- Savusavu, Fiji
January 2008March 2008

Here I went through a process of 21 days of silence, mediation, and different yoga techniques with the focus on Kundalini Yoga and daily lectures with the Dasa's (Monks). I also studied and was initiated as a Blessing Giver (known as Deeksha) a form of energy healing in India.

I had learned of Oneness University through Peak Performance Coach and my personal Mentor, Tony Robbins. As a Senior Leader for many years with Tony Robbins, once I was trained in this form of energy work I was then able to give Deeksha at Tony Robbins Date With Destiny events held in the United States. 

A few months after I was trained in India I also had the opportunity to train in a more intimate group of 40 or so people, including Tony and wife Sage at his resort Namale in Fiji when he opened up a temple there. It was an amazing experience and I was trained alongside notable US Movie Actress Meg Ryan. Which was also a very cool experience in itself. 


Addition Skills

Great at building a solid rapport with people
Managing staff performance issues quickly and effectively
Creating a happy and positive work environment. If my team is happy my guests are happy
Leadership-supporting the growth of my team
Open communication to foster an environment to motivate, inspire and develop my team
Knowledge of budgets, ability to analyze a budget and take necessary actions to manage expenses and achieve revenue budgets. Creating targets/goals for my team.
Professional in personal appearance and conduct
Outgoing, positive and enthusiastic attitude
Passionate about guest service
Superior leadership and team-building skills
Always looking for better methods and means
Confident, assertive, well-organized and detail-oriented
Takes ownership and is accountable for outcomes
Strong ability to initiate and manage change
Maintains a high level of personal integrity and confidentiality
Having the attitude of CANI! Constant and Never-ending Improvement.
In the Spa world, making it a priority that your guest has a WOW factor experience and leaves 100% satisfied, is a must and the goal is always to make that happen!


Hardware- PC

Digital cameras/scanners

Applications- Microsoft Office, Microsoft Works

Spreadsheets (Excel)
Presentation software (PowerPoint)
Database/File Management (Access)
Graphics/Drawing/Painting tools (Photo Editor, Photoshop)
Communication tools (Outlook, MS Exchange)
Web Page Development (Dream Weaver, Weebly)
Blog (Word Press)

In this age of Social Media, I have also become very hands on with learning key tools needed for successful Social Media Marketing. Taking courses and webinars to assist me with growing my online presence when I had my businesses.