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Award-winning Artistic Director, Curator, Arts Manager, Producer, Social Entrepreneur and CEO with 25 years of work experience in the Arts.

Special interests include: Interculturalism, Participatory Arts, Multidisciplinary Arts Programmes, Transnational Artistic Programmes and Collaborations, Artistic Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Arts Sector.

Strongly dedicated to developing and presenting artistic programmes that are inclusive, socially engaged, supporting integration of migrant, experimental and emerging artists as well increasing participation of disadvantaged members of society.

Other work experience in the Arts Sector includes: literature translation, theatre director’s assistant, own artistic practice, presentations of papers on conferences about Cultural Policy, Interculturalism, Cultural Integration and Artistic Entrepreneurship.

Co-founder and CEO of the Centre for Creative Practices (over 600 events, +16,000 audiences)
Founder of ArtPolonia, Lab for Intercultural Collaboration and Exchange (50 events, 10,000 audiences) and of ArtConnected, an online business platform to improve sustainability in the Arts Sector.

Work experience

Polnisches Institute

Theatre Director's Assistant

Theatre director's assistant and interpreter Berlin, Burgstr. 27, 10178 Berlin Theatre Festival“ Polski Express”, Berlin, Hebbel Theatre Facilitating the Polish performance of Albert Lux by Theatre Cinema at the Festival and interpreting of the panel discussion between the leading German theatre journalist-Renate Klett and Zbigniew Szumski, the founder and director of Theatre Cinema Polish programme supervisor, theatre director's assistant, rehearsals supervisor and interpreter Internationales Theaterfestival SpielArt, Munich, Ludwigstr. 8, 80539 Munich, Germany Play Dictionary of Situations-German-Polish cooperation Rehearsals supervisor, director's assistants for the German and Polish version of the play, PR supervisor. Also interpreter at the“ Polish Theatre in the Enlarged Europe” international conference organised by the Festival and the Goethe Institute Visual artist-preparation of a commissioned installation for the Munich Culture Night “

Co-Founder, CEO

  • Artistic Programming, Curating, Production of Programmes Strands and Festivals
  • Mentoring of artists selected for the programme
  • Programme and Audience Development Proposals Assessment, Risk assessment
  • Monitoring the delivery of projects Preparation and monitoring of the allocated budgets
  • Development of local and international partnerships and collaborations
  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Reporting on programme, impact and budgets to trustees
  • Contracting artists and technical suppliers
  • Festivals, Events and Venue Management
  • Curating of exhibitions
  • Developing relationships and network with individual artists, arts organisations, influencers, experts, funders and delivery organisations
  • Research & Advocacy
  • Staff supervision
  • Organisational Governance
  • Press contacts and conferences speaker
  • Artistic Entrepreneurship Programming and strategic partnerships
  • Fundraising and grants application

Artistic Programming examples:

  • New Voices of Ireland Series – yearly multidisciplinary and intercultural event series promoting migrant, experimental and emerging artists. 30 artists presented to over 5,000 audiences

Each Series is built around a selected theme like: 2015 - "Beyond the Obvious Beyond the Familiar - from producing things to nurturing the social capital”. 2013 - “Hybridisation of Social Identities and New Blends”; From 2016 the Series will include a price for the emerging, experimental and migrant artist of the year

  • Slovak Cultural Week – yearly, 1 week long multidisciplinary festival
  • Cultural Diversity Exhibitions - yearly programmes organised in collaboration with various New Communities Groups, their Embassies and local niche artist groups. Min 12 exhibitions per year
  • Cultural Diversity Screening Nights – yearly programmes. 24 screening night per year.
  • New Voices Concert Series – yearly programmes promoting Experimental, Improv Jazz, Electronic, Classical and World Music. Min 30 concerts per year
  • New Voices Performance Series – yearly programmes including: Staged readings, 1 act plays, improvised and spoken word performances; performed by migrant, emerging or experimental performers. Min. 10 performances per year
  • Artistic Workshop Seriesyearly programmes of artistic and crafts workshops for wide audiences. Min 15 workshops per year
Apr 2015Oct 2015

Cultural Programme Coordinator - Phase 1 bid book preparation


  • Co-designing the concept for the cultural programme for Dublin’s ECOC bid book. The process included wide range of consultations with over 3,000 citizens of Dublin
  • Researching and engaging artists and arts organisations to take part in the Cultural Programming Consultations;
  • Preparation, running and evaluation of the Cultural Programming Consultations;
  • Co- designing themes and strands for the artistic programme for Dublin2020
  • Co-designing the structure, budgets and yearly calendar for Dublin2020 cultural programme including flagship, ship and rowing boats type of events (refers to the size of the event and allocated budgets)
  • Researching, contacting and engaging the local and transnational partners for Dublin2020 cultural programme
  • Co-designing a wide range of cultural events to raise awareness about Dublin’s bid to host the ECOC in 2020. Working out the concepts for the events, identifying and engaging relevant artists
  • Responsible for writing the parts of the bid book related to European and transnational cultural collaborations.
  • Responsible for writing the parts of the bid book related to European themes: European Diversity, Intercultural Dialogue, Greater Mutual Understanding, Common Aspects of European Cultures, Heritage, History and Integration
  • Responsible for writing the parts of the bid book related to the question: How the planned artistic programme combines traditional local arts and artists with the contemporary artistic expressions.
  • Liaising with local and transnational artists, arts organisations
  • Researching and engaging socially and environmentally relevant cultural programmers, working out with them major scale projects with a strong social focus
Nov 2005Sep 2009

Project Management for international cooperation for MAVIS MA andAnimation BA Programmes

  • Coordination and managing IADT student's collaboration with Temasek Polytechnic related to an artistic programme based on Irish legends, presented at the Chingay Parade in Singapore.
  • Organising the visits and talks by international artistic to IADT, i.e.: M. Mokatimi-Lesotho leading painter and political activist, Krzysztof Zanussi-leading Polish film director.
  • Organisation and coordination of participation of IADT MAVIS(MA in Visual Arts Practices) students in the biacs2(2nd International biennial of Contemporary Art of Seville).


Duties as Artistic Director:

  • Designing the annual programme of events including festivals, concerts, exhibitions, literature readings, artistic workshops, film screenings, and conferences
  • Identifying and engaging appropriate performers, production companies, artists or other activities
  • Negotiating financial and other arrangements with acts
  • Manage the contract and relationships with performers and production companies
  • Confirming all technical and production requirements and acting as key liaison
  • Operate within the financial and administrative procedures
Managerial duties:
  • Promoting the activities and mission of Artpolonia
  • Building the core staff and volunteer network (2 contract staff members, 10 volunteers)
  • Fundraising and ensuring support-in-kind for the organisation(the Polish Embassy in Dublin, Arts Council, corporate sector, national embassies, partner organisations)
  • Developing partnerships with relevant creative organisations for long and short term cooperation on the project
  • Managing accounts, annual audits, applications and reports to the Arts Council and the Polish Embassy in Dublin
  • PR activities among the Polish and Irish media (RTÉ, Newstalk, Visual Arts Ireland, Sunday Tribune, Polski Herald, Polski Express, TV Polonia)
  • Designing and editing visual materials for the events
  • Initiating and enhancing exchange and co-operations between international artists abroad, artists resident in Ireland and local arts organisations
  • Introducing new, experimental art works and projects to international audiences in Dublin
  • Supporting and presenting interdisciplinary collaborations
  • Initiating commissions of new works in the context of international co-operations or relevant aesthetic and social topics
  • Advising Irish and international arts organisations and festivals regarding their programmes
  • Constantly expanding a network of contacts to local international artists, arts organisations and initiatives with the aim for new programme potential
  • Participating in conferences and consultation groups on the role of the arts in the society; artistic policies conferences with a focus on the arts as a way to effect social changes (Arts Council, Create, NCCRI, National Sculpture Factory.

Administrative duties:

  • Drawing up contracts and arrangements with artists, venues, technical staff, equipment providers, volunteers
  • Overseeing the payments
  • Organisation of itineraries for the artists
  • Maintaining email and mailing lists
  • Arranging and overseeing the website updates
  • Media and social media monitoring
Since September 2006 50 major festivals and events have been organised including 8 cooperative projects with other Irish, Polish and international arts organisations and artists. Over 10,000 people have attended these events.

Examples of Festivals and artistic programme:

- Audiovisual.Pl – Festival of Polish Documentaries from 1945 until 2004

- Polish p-Art-y Summer – Festival of Polish Artists in Ireland - multidisciplinary festival featuring 25 artists

- Polish events programme for St. Patrick’s Festival  including participation of Polish artists in the St. Patrick’s parade in Dublin, programme preparation for the parade – 10 week artistic workshop, rehearsals; Polish Yurt with Folk music programme from Eastern Europe for St. Patrick’s Festival, artistic workshops

- Everything is going to be fine – urban festival including urban embroidery exhibition, billboards, posters, postcards and slide shows in DART stations in Dublin, experienced by over 100,000 people

- Bruno Schulz Festival – multidisciplinary festival including Klezmer concert (PL), film screening (DE), reading (IE), animation screening (UK)

- Life is amusing at times - W. Szymborska festival





PROJECTS-VARIOUS RESPONSIBILITIES: Curator and artist Exhibition at Johannes University Mainz, FASK, An der Hochschule 2, 76726 Germersheim Designing, facilitating and supervising an art exhibition open to the students and inhabitants of Germersheim, Germany. Project title:“ Everybody needs a paradise; everybody has one or at least an image of it.”

Studiosus-Reisen GmbH, Riesstr.


Studiosus-Reisen GmbH, Riesstr.

Art installation project“ Il n'y a pas de hors texte”, commissioned by Munich Culture Department for the“ Long Night of Munich Museums”, Kulturreferat Landeshauptstadt München Polish section mentor and manager, programme and catalogue supervisor, educational travel guide 25, 81675 München Preparation of programmes of one-to two-week cultural/educational trips to Poland including the day-to-day scheduling the trip, the sights and lectures, coordinating with local partners. Budgeting, selection and education of guides. Lectures on Polish history, politics and culture aiming at the Polish-German reconciliation Working in a bilingual environment

Art Cinema



Manager Lupe 2, München Arts Cinema Programme design and coordination, supervision of the film renting, delivery, box office staff supervising, monthly accounts, films screening


Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany 


MA in Conference Interpreting and Intercultural Cooperation (Polish- German-English)

2nd class honours

Ludwig-Maximilian University, Munich, Germany


Higher Certificate in Philosophy, Specialisation – Aesthetics

1st class honours

Wrocław University, Poland


MA in German Specialisation: Literature Translation, specialisation - poetry

1st class honours

Centre for International Education and Cultural Exchange – Kreuzberg, Bonn, Germany


Higher Certificate in European Cultural Studies

1st class honours


  • - Main Winner of the Arthur Guinness Fund Award 2012
  • - Award to CFCP - MAMA Metro Éireann Media & Multicultural (MAMA) Awards winner 2011
  • - Award to CFCP - Dublin Living Awards – shortlisted for Dublin Gallery of the Year 2011
  • - Merit to Polish Culture – 2011
  • - Level 1 Awardee of the Social Entrepreneurs Ireland, 2007 for the positive impact of ArtPolonia on Irish society.