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Monica Seguin

Agribusiness & Animal Welfare Professional


Agribusiness professional with experience across Canada including experience in livestock and food production, animal health and welfare, teaching/research and governmental affairs.

I am driven to ensure efficient production of safe food & ethical treatment of livestock from farm to fork. 



MSc Animal Behaviour & Welfare

University of Guelph


BSc Animal Biology

University of Guelph




  • Dynamic interpersonal skills
  • French comprehension
  • Experienced Animal Welfare Auditor
  • Seasoned manager & strategic thinker
  • Effective diplomacy and professionalism
  • Experience with governmental affairs, budgeting and grant applications
  • Proficient technical writer with teaching/training experience
  • Proven organizational, analytical, and problem solving skills
  • Dedicated and results oriented individual with a strong work ethic
  • Self-motivated individual with ability to prioritize activities and lead continuous improvement
  • Strong leader that engages employees and has track record of improving department performance
  • Thorough knowledge of Regulatory/HACCP regulations, principles and standards
  • Exemplary observational, analytical and computer skills
  • Broad colloaboration with research, industry and government partners



Alberta Food Processors & Cargill Corporate

2010 - 2016
Train the Trainer (HACCP)                                                                                       HACCP Certification I-VII; HACCP Internal Auditor                                                   Root Cause Analysis/Six Sigma Techniques

Professional Organization of Animal Welfare Auditors

2009 - 2016
Meat Plant Welfare, Livestock Handling/Transportation Auditor

Work History

Work History

Beef Facility Food Safety Superintendent

2013 - 2016
Cargill Meat Solutions Est 93
  • Oversee and coordinate all Food Safety, FSEP, Sanitation, HACCP and Animal Welfare programs for federally inspected beef plant.
  • Manage team of HACCP and Quality Assurance supervisors & technicians (~25 employees) to ensure proper monitoring of food safety and quality programs.
  • Identify opportunities and implement changes to improve food safety performance of operation. Initiated use of data collection tools to collect, trend, analyse and act upon performance in pre-op, food safety, animal welfare etc.
  • Ensure that suppliers, haulers and staff are trained and adhere to Animal Welfare policies and expectations. Collaborate with suppliers to ensure integrity of our cattle and manufacturing supplies.
  • Interact with all levels of employees and management to ensure strong food safety culture and record.
  • Primary liaison with CFIA/Health Canada on regulatory, food safety and export matters. Developed weekly meeting to address concerns prior to regulatory action.
  • Manage and develop policies and procedures to meet indsutry, regulatory and global requirements
  • Conduct internal audits and third party audits
  • Coordinate and lead plant tours, audits, research projects

Beef Facility Food Safety Supervisor

2010 - 2013
Cargill Meat Solutions Est 93
  • 93-High River, Alberta Beef Facility Food Safety Supervisor Plan, coordinate and maintain all regulatory, food safety, sanitation and pest control programs
  • Develop and deliver training on food safety programs to all plant employees
  • Develop new programs to meet regulatory and/or customer requirements
  • Assist in food safety audits
  • Coordinate incident investigations, corrective actions and follow-up
  • Monitor CFIA regulatory activities and plant compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Act as liaison between CFIA and plant operations.
  • Lead continuous improvement of food safety and quality systems collaborating with various departments
  • Actively participate in project meetings/discussions including new installations, cost saving strategies, validation projects, food safety initiatives, quality improvement, complaints reduction etc.
  • Interface with corporate FSQR on regulatory, food safety and animal welfare issues
  • Assist with customer visits Collaborate with other facilities to standardize processes
  • Manage employees-Selection, training development, performance management, staff and department efficiencies
  • Maintain records


2007 - 2010
 Lakeland College & Northlands College 
  • Science & Agriculture Instructor Animal science and medical science lecturer for 1st and 2nd year college students
  • Prepared all teaching materials, audio visual aids, projects and evaluations
  • Managed Animal Husbandry & Animal Research Program; Animal Care Committee Coordinator


2004 - 2007
Sheep Industry
  • Assisted with management of on-farm food safety, traceability and animal welfare programs
  • Developed marketing material and assisted with promotional events 
  • Represented sheep industry at national level (i.e. National Farm Animal Care)
  • Government liaison and general administrative duties

Research Assistant

1999 - 2006
University of Guelph & Saskatchewan
  • Coordinated research projects assessing welfare and nutrition of dairy cattle, swine, poultry and beef cattle both on farm and in research facility. 
  • Involved in daily management of animals; collection & testing of biological samples; and outcome based animal welfare & behavioural assessments.
  • Observed animals to detect signs of illness or injury and treated minor injuries and illnesses; contacted veterinarian to treat serious illness or injury
  • Student member on Animal Care Committee
  • Scientific expert (swine behaviour) on Animal Care Committee and National Farm Animal Care advisory group


Séguin, M. J., Barney, D., & Widowski, T. M. (2006). Assessment of a group-housing system for gestating sows: Effects of space allowance and pen size on the incidence of superficial skin lesions, changes in body condition, and farrowing performance. Journal of Swine Health and Production, 14(2), 89.

Séguin, M. J., Friendship, R. M., Kirkwood, R. N., Zanella, A. J., & Widowski, T. M. (2006). Effects of boar presence on agonistic behavior, shoulder scratches, and stress response of bred sows at mixing. Journal of animal science, 84(5), 1227-1237.

Currah, J. M., Hendrick, S. H., & Stookey, J. M. (2009). The behavioral assessment and alleviation of pain associated with castration in beef calves treated with flunixin meglumine and caudal lidocaine epidural anesthesia with epinephrine. The Canadian Veterinary Journal, 50(4), 375.


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