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Hello! My name is Monica Magdaleno. I aspire to attend my dream school for the next four years in order to fulfill my dream of becoming a pediatrician. Many hours of research have led me to decide which three colleges I have narrowed down as my top schools.  At the top of the list is UC Irvine. UC Irvine is the highest on the list (being my number one) because their medical program is one of the most prestigious and graduating from there would increase my chances of attaining a job over a graduate from other schools.  My second choice would be California State University, Dominguez Hills and my third would be the University of Southern California. Those are second and third because although both are good schools with excellent medical programs, they are not as well equipped to increase my chances of finding a decent job.  The reason I want to become a pediatrician is because I am profoundly passionate about caring for others, especially children. All my life I have loved caring for my younger sibling as well as caring for other children. Personally, I have always loved the doctors visits; every doctor I have encountered has only led me to dream about one day doing what they do. 


Sep 2015Jun 2016

Valhalla High School

Class Schedule:

AP Studio Art

AP Environmental Science

AP Government 

AP Literature and Composition

AP Statistics

Sep 2014Jun 2015

Valhalla High School

SAT Composite Score- 1620

Current Semester GPA- 3.5

Class Rank-107/ 469

Class Schedule: 

AP Spanish Language and Culture

AP Studio Art


AP United States History 

AP Language and Composition 


Sep 2014Jun 2015

Valhalla High School

Class Schedule: 

Aerobic Dance

Humanities 2/ Literature 1H

Spanish 5/6

Algebra 2

AP World History


Sep 2013Jun 2014

Valhalla High School

Class Schedule: 

Studio Art 1/2


Humanities 1/ English 1H 

Humanities 1 Geography H 

Physical Education 

Geometry H 

Extra-Curricular Activities

I have dedicated 3 years to the Valhalla Tennis team. Despite being on Junior Varsity, I work hard, training almost daily because I truly enjoy the sport. My second year in tennis I earned the "most improved" award in recognition of my rapid advancement in player placement. 

I also am in Link Crew. Link Crew is an organization in which upper class men guide upcoming freshman through their transition into high school. 

I am currently in Key Club which revolves around community service. 

Interests and Community Service 

For a few years I have devoted many hours in tutoring kinder and second graders at my former elementary school. For their first two weeks of school, I am there to comfort them as well as help them in areas in which they are struggling. I also volunteer at school festivals by setting up booths and working in them. 


"Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud"-Maya Angelou 



As a junior I participated in a student-guided program called Unity Days, a program in which upper-classmen lead a group of sophomores and share experiences to better connect with them. I also was chosen, due to my leadership skills, to lead a group of freshmen and orienting them in their new high school environment in a counsel-based guidance program called Link Crew. My ability to lead gave me the opportunity to qualify to be admitted to this program for two consecutive years.  


As a student who constantly has to respond to changing schedules, activities and surging opportunities to participate in other activities, I have developed the ability to become flexible and be able to fully embrace any changes with an optimistic point of view. 

Public Speaking 

Swallowing my nerves and gathering my courage has become an easier task as the years progress. I have been speaking in front of large crowds for a while now. I spoke for my eighth-grade promotion in front of hundreds of students and parents and I was able to represent the student body various times in front of authors such as Simon Silva and Ms. Fine and Ms. Josephson. 


Due to my approachability, communication has been an easy task. I am able to easily answer questions as well as ask them . I have developed communication skills which have facilitated my ability to get to know more people and express my ideas.