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My professional experience and goals are too many to name, but I will list a few. Primarily my experience comes from customer service. I worked in restaurants and retail stores for 6 years and I have acquired leadership experience in the process, and have been promoted to supervisor in the past. I made the transition into the Technical field when I finished schooled at Total Technical Institute and received a degree as an Electrical Technician. Since then I have worked for small sized Electrical firms as an assistant to the lead engineer and have built working models from blueprints with the vice president at my last place of employment. My goals now include finishing school and receiving a degree in Business Management, finding full time employment, and finding additional streams of income.


To obtain a customer service position at a top-notch company and utilize the skills I have obtained through previous work experience.

Work experience

Sep 2009Present

Order Processor

Safety Technology

The number one wholesale distributor for self defense products and spy camera's online in America. I process orders into the company's delivery system which then ships the items to the customer.

Jul 2007Oct 2008

Panel Wireman

Acorn Technology

Privately Held; Information Technology and Services. Worked with various electrical meters, andprecise electrical equipment like PLCs, SLRs, transformers and reactors. Worked with high voltageas well as low voltage, AC circuits and DC circuits.

Oct 2005Mar 2006

Sales Supervisor

Office Max

As a sales supervisor I worked under and reported directly to the sales manager. We worked side by side to develop selling strategies for the employees. I also worked with the customer service supervisor in resolving customer complaints.

Nov 2004Oct 2005

Appliance Sales Representative

Best Buy

As a sales rep I worked in the appliances department assisting customers with special order items and scheduling delivery. I reported to the head of my department any customer complaints. Part of the duties of an appliance sales representative included follow up calls to customers, assisting with the sales and maintenance of the appliances on hand.




I am currently a Center for Online learning student in Saint Leo's distant learning program.



I obtained my degree as an electrical technician from Total Technical Institute. Since I havegraduated they have changed the name of the school to Kaplan Career Institute but kept the samecurriculum. They taught me to use various electrical meters, and precise electrical equipment likePLCs, SLRs, transformers and reactors. They taught us how to work with high voltage as well aslow voltage, AC circuits and DC circuits.

Jan 2004Oct 2004


Max S. Hayes

Max S. Hayes is a school for adults who wish to continue their education and develop a new trade. I learned the carpentry trade and gained 1040 hours of on the job training in carpentry while attending this school. We learned about various hand tools and power tools. In addition I learned about safety in the workplace, and upon completion of the course I received a OSHA safety awareness certificate.


Customer Service
I am able to handle customer interactions and perform daily duties such as cold calling, answering phones, and dealing with customer complaints.
I am able to work on construction sites and handle various power tools.
I am highly motivated in sales and I am a skilled negotiator.
Electrical wiring
I am able to read and follow AC and DC wiring schematics and diagrams.
I am able to read blurprints and use various hand tools and power tools to manufacture items from raw materials.
Business management
I am currently taking classes at Saint Leo University to obtain a Bachelors degree in business management.


Electrical Technician Diploma

Total Technical Institute

Carpentry Construction Trade

Max S. Hayes

OSHA Safety Awareness

Max S. Hayes