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·Leadership, exercising influence among the regions sales representatives to consolidate and communicate the importance of their commitment to productivity; and that such commitment will bring tangible benefits and personal development;

·Initiative by innovating projects and strategies that represent business solutions, keeping in mind that their own development is their responsibility;

·Innovation in the development of aggressive promotion campaigns and launching of new products to increase market share;

·Adaptability to changes in the region and in the marketplace, reacting in line with the needs of the organization and of the clients to make the necessary changes and obtain tangible results;

·Teamwork through the integration of people and departments to carry out the development of coordinating strategies with a common commitment and shared responsibilities to reach targets; and

·Results Orientation by identifying corporate targets, channeling efforts to maximize resources in executing drafted strategies.


·Administration of sales indicators such as P&L, Benchmarking, Promotions, Advertising, Cash flow, Inventory investment.

·Landed 14 new clients, covering the entire market with the launching of a new Air Springs product, consolidating the distribution network by region. In the first year, sales quota was surpassed by 20%, in the second by 40%, in the third by 70%, and in the fourth by 130%. Positioned the product, over the course of four years, in the first rank of market share nationwide, generating 30% of total company sales and contributing to 35% of profitability;

·Developed the “Automotive Applications” catalog to generate larger sales of parts not solicited because of lack of knowledge of their application. Increased quality of orders to 80% from 30% of total parts portfolio, boosting sales 40% in two years and duplicating sales in five years. Contained number of parts, reducing operating expenses 8%, bolstering profit 3%, and curbing upload errors 70% by indicating the code in the catalog; and

·Adjusted inventory in line with demand, optimizing warehouse space, reducing, in two months, working capital of slow turnover product 8%, increasing, in three months, the fill rate to 95%, curbing lost sales 50% in three months and 90% in six months, and bolstering profit 3%.

As part of the winning team at the firm you represent I would implement a strategy to increase sales in order to position the product, increasing market share and bolstering operating profit supported by an adequate inventory strategy, brand positioning, and expedited collections of accounts receivables.

This project would include the following initiatives:

·Integrate a data base, divided by segments with a support on associations, and benchmarking against competitive brands, using histograms to manipulate information. Furthermore, I would analyze the demand such that I would recommend adequate inventory of applications of the 80/20 relation, seeking to increase the fill rate to 98%, hence, reducing lost sales due to backorders, which should result in increased sales and profit;

·Develop and launch an innovative promotion to further brand awareness focused on technology, cero defect quality, integral service, and cost efficiency, offering products and services worldwide with the same quality levels, support on technical literature – graphs in specializated magazines with seminars for customers for each region and presence in expo trade shows. This initiative should open new clients, integrating a distribution network committed with the brand in order to further sales; and

·Design and develop a strategy to entice customers to advance pay in order to further liquidity through financial discounts that would enable a quick recovery of accounts receivables.

I look forward to meeting with you to further detail the multiple ways in which I can add value to the organization. Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me at your convenience. Thank you for your time and interest regarding this matter and I remain,

Work experience

Jan 2008Apr 2009

Sales Manger

Carpenter Aceros Fortuna

CARPENTER TECHNOLOGY Aceros Fortuna (Cutting Tools) - Sales Manger (Jan 2008 –April 2009)

.Negotiate with domestic and foreign supplier’s special price and conditions, discounts and support

.Complement core trade products with another brand, focused on different market segment, new sales generated

.Strategies implementation to be more aggressive in the market, alternative solution to the customers

.Decision maker focused on profitable business. I drop out a product line

Jun 1996Jan 2008

Sales & Marketing Mgr. Mexico and Central America

GOODYEAR Tire & Rubber Co. – Belts & Hoses

GOODYEAR Tire & Rubber Co. – Belts & Hoses –Sales & Marketing Mgr. Mexico and Central America (2002-Jan 2008)

·Negotiate original equipment accounts, adding to the sales quota 9% and to profitability 1%.

.Support the sales force on special negotiations to achieve new projects.

.Direct line to productive plants in order to manufacture the commercialized product at the region.

.Decision maker focused on profitable business, price increase, special discounts trough sales volume commitment.

·Integrated the bases for an auction, in two months, of a steel cable conveyor belt, negotiating five kilometers of belt, increasing monthly quota 80% and profitability 15%. Researched long distance high performance heavy duty product.

Marketing Manager (1996-2002)

·Launched the “Air Springs” product, landing 14 clients nationwide through a network of distributors, bolstering sales 130% over four years, obtaining market leadership nationwide for replacement parts and generating sales of 30% of total with a profitability of 35%. Researched market, training personnel and publishing in magazines with an annual investment per product launch the first year of 12% and the second year of 8%.

·Developed, in four months, an “Automotive Applications” catalog, optimizing the time to select product and increase quality of orders to 80% from 30% and sales 40% in two years. Downsized operating expenses 8% and upload errors 70%; increasing profit 30%. Hired two resources to execute market research.

·Optimized inventory with returns of low turnover material, increasing product availability of high turnover items and delivering orders more effectively. Reduced, in two months, working capital 8%, curbing loss sales 50% in three months and 90% in six months while increasing orders to 95% of fill rate and profit 3%.

Mar 1992Jun 1996

Spare Parts Sales Manager

Klöckner Holstein Saitz – Beverage Equipment

Klöckner Holstein Saitz – Beverage Equipment – Spare Parts Sales Manager (1994-1996)

·Negotiated with national suppliers, expanding credit to 30 days, reducing delivery time on spare parts and costs 35% and increasing national parts 15%.

·Coordinated installation of machinery at bottling company, organizing by catalog, equipment, and plant, reducing inventory 10% and backorder 60%, optimizing flows and ABC inventory, and boosting sales 10% and profit 8%.

National Accounts Executive (1992-1994)

·Negotiated the sale of the first washer manufactured in Toluca, with a filler, transporter, and encapsulator with a 30 day irrevocable letter of credit, coordinating the launching. Developed, in two months, commercial/financial quotes, maintaining ROIC of 15% with a delivery time of 90 days.



Executive Diploma in Business Management


Executive Diploma in Marketing (ITESM, Mexico Apr – Sep 1997)

Jan 1993Aug 1996

Master Business Administration

Universidad La Salle

B. Sc. In Mechanical Engineer